Summoner’s pact

Ch.1 We are done with you

”Flake Flameburst, we talked it over and decided that you are no longer needed in our esteemed group. Pack your things and leave, ” said Baron, leader of adventurer group called Lotus.

”What? But, but I still- ”

”Its already been decided Flake. Pack your things and leave this house or we will make you, ” Magician girl, Lucille said with cold eyes.

”We are done with you. Get out, ” warrior Lucas said as he run his finger on edge of his sword.

If, if I don leave… they will kill me don they…

”Fine… I understand… I will cause no more trouble to you guys. I will leave. ”

”At least you can listen to a reason, good boy, ” Baron laughed.

I left the meeting room and returned to my own room, which was in an underground cell.

”Fuu, seems like I will have to get going. ”

I looked over things Ive collected over last two years. Most of them were pieces of monsters weve slained.

Summoners, like me, makes pacts with monsters by supressing them by using their magical power. Also, every summoner have power to summon powerful monsters, but I can only summon F rank monsters due to my unique crest.

Crests are said to be gifts from gods which gave people power to survive in world full of powerful monsters. Speaking of crests, normal summoners crests are diamond shaped, but mine is heart shaped.

”Kruuu ” weak voice came from my bedsite. It was my summoned beast, Red lizard named Aku.

”Hey there Aku, done with boiling water in bathroom? ”

”Ruu! ” Aku let out happy voice as he enjoyed getting petted.

”Well, we got thrown out so you will not have to do it anymore. Come help me pack those things here, [Item box] ”

Item box is one of few spells I could learn during my time here, even with help of grimoire. Truth is, I was able to only learn five spells apart from this one for total of six spells.

”Well, I should summon some extra hands for this. [Summon: Moss golem] ”

As I finished chanting, little humanoid creature around sixty centimeters tall appeared from magic circle.

”Hey there Mossy, could you help us with packing all of this? ”

”Mos, Mos! ”

The three of us finished packing all things in two hours and after canceling their summoning, I closed the door to my room and left the house.

Hm? They are celebrating already? Those jerks…

”Usually I would say Good bye or See you again but for you guys I have only these words, [Curse] you ”

I left the house without looking back. The sky was dark and murky as it was about to rain.

”Ah, I should get on carriage to another town before rumors start to spread… ”

As I was aimlessly walking around town I noticed that the adventurers guild was weirdly quiet. I walked in and realized that there was uproar due to sudden monster going on a rampage just outside the city.

”Miss Mika, could you tell me whats going on? ” I asked receptionist I was familiar with.

”Oh, Flake! Perfect timing! I would like to ask Lotus to take this mission, it seems like another Death knight appeared in the forest to the north. ”

”Another one? But we just subjucated one in the Westfall graveyard… that is weird, but who cares. ”

”Flake? What is the meaning of this? ”

”Im no longer part of the Lotus party so it doesn concern me anymore. ”

”I-I see. So thats how it is… sorry to hear, ” Mika bowed her head, ”to think that the group I introduced you to would do such a thing. ”

”No, no! Its not your fault miss Mika! They just got tired of me so I kinda get why they would do that, ” I quickly hushed Mika so I woudn get such harsh looks from fellow Adventurers.

”If they failed to notice your qualities it just means I didn do proper job when I introduced you! ”

”Mika please rise your head, you didn do anything wrong, ” as I said that, I lowered my head to her and silently added: ”But I would like to leave the city before it gets public. ”

Mika suddenly rised her head and smiled smugly: ”I understand, leave it to me. ”

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