Summoner’s pact

Ch.3 Caputa city, city of changes (Part 2)

Early in the morning of the next day we set for the continuation of our journey. Once again we were crammed inside the carriage with other people… for three days stright.

”Ladies and gentlemen, in one hour time we will arrive at gates of Caputa city. From there we will be heading north to Almarion and the capital. We will be staying in Caputa for the day. Also allow me to inform you about Founding festival of Caputa city that is held during this week, ” our driver informed us from the front of the carriage.

”Is there something you want to try in Caputa Flake? ” Mika asked me while hugging my arm.

”I want to try summon those goblins and kobolds. You never saw ritual for contracts without bodies right? ”

”I didn afer all, when you contracted Aku and Mossy, I was in the guild already. ”

”Well, I will try to explain it in an easy manner. When I do summoning with the living monster, I only need to subdue it with magical power alone. That makes the monster docile with me, but when anyone else tries to touch it, they snap into their usual wild self. ”

”And when you use body parts its different? ”

”Yes, thats becouse you summon same kind of monster, but different being. Basicaly, only monster that is atracted by your mana will be summoned. ”

”And thats how you summoned Void right? ”

”Back then I used Noir crow feather… Bron wasn really pleased with my summoning, but he saw the potencial so he let it slide… not like with Kuro… ” I shuddered at the memory of how Dire wolf I summoned ended up.

”Hey, its okay, Flake. Im here now kay? ” Mika hugged me tightly and let my head sink into her chest. ”It will be fine, I promise. ”


After the death of warrior Lucas was confirmed by the guild, the Lotus party was put on temporary stand by.

The reason for that was that every party of more then ten people needed to have at least four frontliners. Currently, the team could only work as party of five with Baron, a Holy knight and Roro, a rapier user. Additionaly, Ruru, Roros twin sister, was enchanting everyones weapons.

Usually, the repairs were done by Flake and his summoned monsters, but now she had to work as blacksmith in addition to her Enchanter crest. Said crest gave people power to strenghten existing items by imbuing them with magic. That being said, she had no idea how to repair damaged weapons so she just added additional magic strenghtening and durability increase while trying to fill the gaps with whatever metal she found. The final member of the party was the mage girl, Lucille.

This first group was naled Red lotus and the other party was named Green lotus, The green lotus had six members and was tasked with scouting new members.

”What do you mean no one wants to join?! We are legendary Lotus! ” baron barked at Wilemina, a mage user, just slightly weaker then Licille.

”The town is full of rumors. Apparently we threatened Flake into leaving under threat of death. Also its whispered around that when Flake left, the scales of Light god will return to their even state for Lotus. ”

”Whos spreading such baseless accusations?! Find them and give them good explanation of things!! ”

”Sir, that will be impossible. Im nothing but punching bag to them, if I don leave the town they will kill me. Now, I have nothing to loose. Are words overheard by adventurers from discussion of Flake with one of the guild employees. ”

”That bastard! He runs away and spreads bad rumors about us! No… I can loose my cool over this. Im leader of Lotus… if rumors are what he wants to spread, then we shall spread or own! ”

”I thought you would say that, here. ”

”Whats that? ”

”This is place where he apparently went. Its in west on the kingoms borders. the second list is my resignation. Ive already packed my things so you don have to worry about me staying here too long. It was good experience… mostly. ” Wilemina bowed lightly and left the room, before Baron could say anything back.

When she closed the doors behind her, she saw Ruru and Roro.

”I think it would be best for the two of you to leave too. ”

”We still have things we need to take care here, ” Roro said darkly.

”Your mother? ”

”Passed away the dame day as Lucas. ”

”Sorry to hear. Im going to Caputa city after this. I will contact you from there. ”

”The carriages leave every day to Caputa right? We will come after you after we finnish all the paperwork. ”

”I understand. Lets search for our goal together when the time comes. ”

”Yes, ” Ruru smiled happily and gently carrased pendant on leather skin string in her hand.

”She got that from him right? ” Wilemina asked.

”Yeah, and she almost never let it leave her hands. ”

The two smiled as they watched over the budding romantic feelings of their good friend and dear little sister.


Shortly before lunchtime we arrived in Caputa city.

”Ah! It feels so good to stretch my legs again after so long! ” Mika streched out before the carriage and looked back at me, ”Lets go find some good inn! ”

”Y-yeah… ” I got little red in face, seeing Mikas cute smile.

We left the gate stop where the carriages were stationed, and entered the city. The streets had colorful flags hanging from roof to roof and stalls with all king of interesting items.

”Wanna buy something reall quick? ”

”No… I just thought I should look for a everyday magic Grimoire or something like that. ”

”What are you trying to be powerful house mage? ” Mika giggled.

”I just though it may be useful during long trips, ” I pouted a little.

”Haha, yeah, you
e right. ”

We walked around the place until we found ourselves in front of Moon rabbit inn.

”This place looks decent, what do you think? ” Mika asked me while holding my hand.

”I-I guess. ”

”Lets get ourselves a room then! ”

Before I could even say a word, Mika run into the inn and booked rooms for us.

”Lets go! ” Before I even knew it, she was back and was pulling me into the inn.

The main hall was neatly constructed canteen with bar on side and lobby in center of the room. Mika pulled me all the way to the second floor, where our rooms were.

”Wait… why is it only one room?! ”

”No need to be so shy with me Flake, it will be like when we were little. ”

Well, we did took afternoon naps together when we were little, but now its different!

”No running away Flake! ” Mikas grip tighten.

”I-I get it! Kay? I will sleep on the floor. ”

”Not happening! ”

”Wh-what do you mean? ”

”For last five nights we were right next to each other and you didn even try to scoop a feel! ”

”H-hows that a bad thing?? ”

”Try to think a little idiot! ” she screamed at me with tears in corners of her eyes.

Wait… does she, have feelings… for me? No, not possible, she always tease me… but… this face…

”I see, sorry for not noticing. ”

”You can be so dense at times… although one could say that its part of your charm… ”

”Im sorry, Mika, ” I hugged her.

I always liked her, even though she was getting on my nerves a lot. But, I can say that I dislike being with her…

”From now on, lets be together for real. ”

”Uh? Ah, yes! ” Mika burrowed her face into my chest.

Shes warm… how long has it been, since I felt the warmness of another human being last time?

After that we unpacked our things and headed to the festival, while holding each others hand.

”Flake, Ive been thinking… and I think we need a frontliner. ”

”Yeah, Im good at rearguard management, but frontlines are beyond me. ”

”Well, Im basicaly only useful with my bow so a swordsman of sorts would be ideal. ”

”So you want to post a party recruitment note? ”

”Nah, we can easily trust people from recruitment posts, ” Mika waved her hand in dennial, ”What we need is to buy muscle. In other words, a slave. ”

Slave trafficking is normal standard whenever you go nowadays, but about two hundread years ago it was still forbiden.

”The kingdom was in war few months back so we could buy some war slaves. If they were strong enough to fight in a war, then going in the dungeon should be easy task! ” Mika smiled happily.

”Well, lets first buy some neccesities okay? ”

”Well… the slave could carry our things around don you think? After all your item box isn infinite. ”

”Well, thats true enough… lets get ourselves a slave, ” I nodded and followed Mika.

”My friend told me about this one place that handles slaves from the capital. ”

”Im little interested about a friend who would tell you about this place. ”

”Oh, you mean Lemi? She was bastard of a noble family, but becouse of her crest she was accepted into the family. But later, she run away and became adventurer. ”

”Thats almost like a story of a main character in a novel, ” I laughed drily.

”I also though that when she told me that for the first time, ” Mika smiled and her grip tighten lightly.

Soon we got in front of the slave company called Albain company. Albain, had branches all around the kingdom with capital citys building being the main one.

Even in Harlen, the city we just came from, had a branch, although only criminal slaves were handed there.

When we entered the lobby, we were instantly taken away by the fact that almost everything there was from marble or coated with it. The desk of the receptionist was made from one solid black colored piece.

”Welcome to Albain company, Caputa branch. Whatever slave you look for we can provide, ” the receptionist smiled and gave me a piece of paper with information written on it, ”After you write all your preferences, we will introduce you to slave with the best match. ”

”Thank you, ” i gave her polite bow and we sit on prepared chairs which practically screamed their insanely high price.

”Well, Im not really interested in specific race or gender anyway… age should be around ours right? Yeah, lets go with that. And combat related skills. Anything to add? ”

”What about house chore duties? Im… not really good with them… ”

”Yeah, I remember. Thats nothing new, your mom never wanted to let you go until youve cleaned your room. ”

”It took away my time playing with you… ” Mika pouted a little.

”Well, we will be staying at inns in the begining anyway so we could also buy slave just for house chores when we settle in, don you think? ”

”Y-yeah! Thats true! ” Mika turned bright red and went over the paper. ”We can use these requirements. ”

I handed the paper to gnome and we waited in special room with something as a podium. Soon the gnome returned with group of slaves. seeing the slaves, Mika stood up walked to the gnome, lifted that little man to her eyesight and yelled.

”Why are they all girls?! You want to tell me you don have a single warrior here huh?! ”

”Mika calm down! ” I took the suprised gnome from her hands and placed him back on the ground.

”Im sorry for her, she can be a little handful sometimes, ” I bowed deeply to the gnome, but by doing it I accidentaly placed my head in his eyesight.

”Um, its fine. Ive seen wives act like this before… but this was the first time someone managed to lift me even with my weights. You
e forgiven miss. Now, to answear you. These fine young slaves girls are former members of Silver knights. As you may know, they used to be quite popular in Green kingdom. After the war, most of them were bought back by their families and these girls are the leftover. But I belive those you choose to serve you will do good as frontline fighters. ”

”Can I take a look? ”

”Of course sir, ” the gnome bowed.

The five girls before me were all from different races. One elf, one wolfkin, one shadow walker, which are easy to recognize by their pure white full facial masks, and finally two catkins.

”I should tell you sir that all of them are still untouch– ”

His words were cut short my noise of grinding teeths, which put even the girls on edge.

”The white catkin and the wolfkin, tell me your names. ”

”My name is Shiro, ” the catkin girl answeared timidly.

”Im Ricca! ” the wolfkin girl with golden hairs answeared energically.

I looked over to Mika and gave her signal we agreed on beforehand.

After recieving OK from her, I continued ”You two will be comming with us. Sir Jule lets prepare the contract. ”

”Good bye sis… ” weak voice sniffed from the row of girls.

”No… I don wanna… no… ”

”What are you two whispering about?! ” Mika walked before the two catkin girls and stared down at them.

Meanwhile the elf girl and shadow walker girl left the room.

”Sir, ” Ricca tugged on my sleeve without Mikas notice, ”Could I swich with Tama? The second cat I mean. ”

”Why should I? ”

”They are sisters, even though they don look that way, my heart won be able to see another of our families split like that, ” Riccas hand was trembling.

”You have big heart you know miss Ricca? ”

”Huh? ”

”Oy! You little black cat! ” I walked up to stand next to Mika and looked down on her. ”I will give you one chance to make me want to buy you. Let me be frank I chose your sister and Ricca becouse I can see your statuses. You are a [Sword mage] which means you will have hard time leveling up to be on part with the rest of the team, making you a liability. So tell me, what can you do for me. ”

”I… I… ”

”Tamaa… ”

”This is your only chance girl, ” Mika looked down on her.

”Tama… Tama studied to become merchant before her crest appeared! So Tama can be useful in guilds and in markets! Plus Tama have better ears then Shiro so she can spot monsters and get her hands on rumors faster then anyone else! ”

”Well, well, well. It seems like you really have some worth on top of your muscles. ”

”Okay girls, we will be taking all three of you with us. But remember that I AM the frist one here! ” Mika hugged my arm and it got burried in softness.

”We understood maam! ” the three slave girls saluted in perfect union.

After that we signed the contract and I payed 150 gold coins for all three of them.

”Flake? You okay? ” Mika helped me stood stright when we walked out on the street.

”Mika… something is weird… like when skill unlocks… ”

”What? Now? We need to find some shade! You three! First order, find shaded empty bench! ”

”On it maam ”

[System message: All requirements have been met: Abandoned, betrayed, found love and saved life. By clearing all requirements under the time limit, unique skill (Sumoner king) has been unlocked. All abilities will be adjusted to make (Summoner king) usable. All subordinates will recive minimal strenghtening to be useful to (Summoner king)]

[System message: All requirements have been met: [???] Unique skill (Diligence king) has been unlocked. All abilities will be adjusted to make (Diligence king) usable. Due to unique structure of the users body all basic limitations have been lifted]

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