Summoner’s pact

Ch.4 Caputa city, city of changes (Part 2)

My head hurts I thought as I was getting my consciousness back.

My eyelids felt heavy, but I was able make up what happened.

Ï felt sleepy and unique skill got activated

Huh? What was that monotone voice just now?

Sub skill? I belive I heard about something like that… Barons unique skill [Holy sword Caburn] had two if I recall. Well, lets ask about the rest later.

I tried to look up and saw two shaders above me… Is Mika giving me a lap pillow?!

I shot up almost instantly looking around.

”Huh? What happened? Where… ah, yeah, we bought those girls… then I… ”

”Flake! ” Mika suddenly hugged me from behind.

”Eh? Mika? How long have I been out? ”

”Flake… You woudn woke up for two hours! ” Mika was sobbing on my shoulder. I looked around and saw that the three slave girls were sitting next to us in one back alley.

”Master, I can be wrong, but… have you unlocked your unique skill? ”

”Yes… I think… How could you tell? ”

”When you fell asleep, my crest glowed and got a little warmer. It was when I heard a monotone voice Is what it said. ”

”Cone to think of it, what are your crests? ”

”Im currently a [Knight]. As for the other two, Shiro became [Swashbuckler] and Tama became [Tracker], ” Ricca answeared honestly.

”Currently? Did your crest changed? ”

”Yes, you could say it strenghten itself. Until just hour ago I was just [Heavy swordsman]. ”

Hey, Full assist, whats this Summoner King skill?

What?! Humanoids are summonable now? Does that mean those three girls?

Wait, but where will the monsters go if I do that?

Is it possible to open that [My world] other ways?

I pointed my finger to other side of the alley and said: ”Summon Ricca ”

With that, Ricca disappeared where she stood and appeared in place I pointed my finger at.

”Wha?! ”

”Interesting… it seems my unique skill treats slaves same way as summons. Which means you will get to see my other summons soon. [My world] ”

I stood up and opened a portal as Full assist instructed me. As I did, a white framed black vortex appeared.

”Lets see if it works… ”

”Wait! What do you mean? That was a spell just now right? When did you learn it? I thought that the grimoire I gave you only had Item box from space magic! ”

”It certainly did, but this is a spell that connects this place to place where my summons are. ”

”Wait such a spell exist?! ” Mika was completly blown away.

I gave her a confident smile and entered the portal.

On the other side, I found myself standing on a grassy field. For as far as I could see, nothing but grass. The air felt fresh and full of Mana, unlike with highly populated areas where Miasma gathers. I somehow could feel presence of all my monsters living here. Aku was sleeping nearby on shoulder of Mossy… wait since when is Mossy big enough for Aku to sleep on his shoulder?

”Karooo! ” I heard voice of one of my monsters, the Vox bird Void, as he flew over my head. The Night hawk Tana was following closely behind him, albeit on foot.

”Whoa! This places so big! ” Tama, the younger sister peeked through the portal and was followed closely by her sister. They are holding hands, like Roro and Ruru. Wonder if they are still in Lotus… they said they had sick mother, I hope she gets better soon…

”Wh-what is this place? How did you create such a weird thing? ” Mika peeked in and Ricca pushed her in.

”Master, if I may ask, this place is for your summons right? Is it okay for us to be here? ”

”I belive so, ” I nodded to her question and called everyone over. Soon, a massive humanoid figure appeared.

”H-hey, Flake… wasn Mossy smaller? Why is he the size of a human? ”

”He evolved due to my skill awakening… Hes [Moss knight golem] now. And thats not all. Aku became [Small salamander lizard], Void became [Redeye Crow] and Ruth became [Big slime] Everyone, except for Tana, evolved. I think its the same thing as when your crests suddenly changed. ”

”This is… so amazing… ” Mika smiled as she patted Void standing next to her and the rest of the girls nodded with her.

”This place, I think we can make it livable, ” I pondered.

”Huh? ” the girls tilted their heads.

”I mean, I can connect this place with that portal to any place I visited before, so we can use it for living quarters too. ”

”If we got a farmer crest… we could tilt the land… harvest crops… make big profits, ” Tamas black eyes sparkled.

”Im glad that at least someone is interested, ” I smiled and opened my Item box, ”Lets start by buliding something for you girls to sleep. I will hand you materials for making beds and some simple tents. ”

I took out many different items from the item box and handed them to Ricca and Shiro.

”Flake? How did you get such fine materials? I belive this is Treant wood right? A B ranked monster material. ” Mika looked at the planks interestedly.

”Yeah, when I was on missions with Lotus, I was tasked with disposal of trash items we couldn use. So I used my production skills to make them usable. But then we got another mission, that Death knight. And after that… ”

”So thats how it is… Wait, Flake do you have some fragment of the Death knight? ” Mikas eyes sparkled as she moved closer to me.

”No, they took it all, even the broke of tip if his sword… ”

”Ah, I see… ” Mikas shoulders slumped.

”Were you planing something? ”

”I just thought that you could use it for summoning. ”

”I probably could. But lets not think about unneeded topics. ”

We continued building beds and when we had frames finished, I filled it with a lot of straws and covered them with blankets.

”I can prepare more for now, Im sorry for that. But when we start adventuring in Almarion dungeon, we will make enough for comfortable beds in no time. ”

”Please theres no need to look like that master! Getting to sleep in beds like this is for slaves like us dream come true! Even when we were in military, getting so much as a blanket to lie on was considered good luck! ” Ricca waved her hands before her face.

”Such soft blanket… is it okay? ” Shiro looked up from bedside where she was touching the blanket with one finger.

”That blanket have sleep sheeps wool woven into it. So you should sleep soundly entire night. Tama hows the tent looking? ” I looked over my shoulder and I saw Tama standing there, with perfectly prepared tent behind her, looking smugly.

”All done! ”

”Thats a great job. Okay, Mika we need to return to city and buy all what we need. One set of hands would be welcomed. Any volunteer? ”

”Ill go. I think that these two would like to get to know your summons. ”

We left the two catkins where they were and exited the [My world]. We appeared in the back alley where we were just moments ago and went to the stalls.

”So what do we need to buy anyway? ” Mika asked.

”Since we have more people with us now. We will need daily necesities, clothes, food, some fabrics, maintenance sets, equipment for everyone can be bought in Almerion. Can any of you three use some magic? ”

”I can use body strenghtening to some degree and taunts. Tama can use spells to makeherself invisible and locate anything living around her. Shiro on other hand can only use body strenghtening. ”

”I see. ”

We went around and we bought pretty much everything. The sun started to set and everything got tinted with fiery colors.

”It was such a long day… ” I stretched my back and looked around. All the stalls were already closing.

”Should we return to our inn? ” Mika asked while eating her apple.

”Yeah, I already droped Ricca back in the [My world] with food for the rest of our group. ”

As we were strolling down the main street side by side, our hands interwined on their own accord.

”Hehehe, this is first time we got to go out like this right. ”

”Yeah… its still little embarassing though, ” I scratched my cheek.

”You better get used to this, cause we will be walking like this from now on, ” Mika smiled at me.

Somehow, I feel like I have no chance against her. Well, its not like its a bad thing anyway

We walked down the street, when I noticed a stall still standing like it was not going to close.

”Welcome, sir adventurer, anything you would like? ” the friendly looking shopowner smiled.

”Maybe. I see you have quite a lot of magic items here. Were you not able to sell them? ”

”I did sell some, but as you can imagine, not all magic items are that easy to use. Take for example these skill rings, they won work unless more then two people wears them. ”

”I see, that really is troubling when parties aren fixed for too long. Do you have any other items? ”

”Well, I have some items for tamers, like collars and monster parts used by summoners. Some spell books and such. ”

”Alright, I will take the summoner monster parts and I will take a look at the spell books you have, ” Mika smiled as she answeared in my stead.

”I have these spell books here missy. One from each of the basic elements, Light magic, Dark magic and Original magic guidebook. ”

”Original magic? ” I remembered Baron saying that its the most useless thing he ever come across and Lucille forbid me from learning its spells even though I had skill for it.

”Original magic reffers to a rare magic skill that is only learnable to selected few people. Its more powerful then normal magic, but using any other spells from other classes will be harder for other people. ”

So they just wanted to criple me… I should really [Curse] them.

”How much for all of it? ”

”It will be ten gold and eight silvers sir, ” the shopowner smiled as I paid him.

I will show you how good mage I can become!

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