Summoner’s pact

Ch.5 Road to Almarion (Part 1: Fort Dullahan)

ey Full assist. Can you tell me about the sub skills of Summoner king and abilities of Diligence king?

So when I fuse Aku with Mossy, Akus personality will remain?

Okay now tell me about the [Diligence king]

Does that mean, that I can use magic, grow rank of my skills, and activate special abilities much faster?

”Those skills are awsome, ” I smiled to myself and let Mika snuggle with me.

Ability activation shortening reminded me that when I use Blacksmithing special ability (Triple hit) there is short time lag due to charging of mana into my hand and hammer.

The first day of traveling felt suprisingly short as we were arriving in fort Dullahan while the sun was still few hours from setting.

”Anyway, can I ask why is this fort named Dullahan? It doesn seem like a much undead are appearing here. ” I asked one of the soldiers who allowed me to look over the forest and fort from walls.

”Its becouse of last lord of the city that used to be standing in this location many years ago. Its said that his daughter was unparalleled beauty, which could charm any man. She hated the fact that she was seen as nothing more then a pretty face and decided to run away, but her father and fianceé didn liked that and run after her. But when they finaly found her, she was already dead. The fianceé, unable to let go used dark magic ritual on her and brought her back to life. ”

”Something tells me it didn went well. ”

”Indeed. He sacrificed half of the city population just to bring her back. But, she went wild as she lost her mind during the process. That night the girl massacred entire city. She killed her father and fianceé. When all was done, her mind finaly cleared up, but at that time she was already one of the undead. She rised some of those dead as undead and ruled the ruins of the city for two hundread years. ”

”What happened after that? ”

”A hero came and defeated her, putting her soul to rest. Its said that the girls sword is still in this forest though, ”

”Does it have any special abilities? I can imagine somehing as just a plain sword would be mentioned in stories. ”

e right. Its said that the sword she wielded was a magic sword her fianceé used to kill those people in the ritual. ”

”So its a cursed sword, I see. ”

”Yes. I really hope it will never be found, and if it does, that some high ranked priest would purify it, ” the guard laughed and I decided to leave for the time being.

”Oh, come on girl, we can give you some real fun time. Not like that whimpy kid, ” an adventurer was hitting on Mika.

”[Summon Mossy and Ruth] ”

I summoned Mossy and had him appear before Mika. And while I was at it, I cut of their escape route with Ruth.

”What the hell is a golem doing here?! ” The adventurers jumped back.

”I would recommend you to leave my woman, sir. ” My blood was boiling hot and I felt like just one straw was keeping my sences intact.

”Huh?! Is this your doing kid? Get lost if you don want to look at your girl feeling the real pleasure. ”


”Alright, ” I smiled ”Now Im mad. [Summon Void], use (dark hold). ”

”Kuureee! ” Void screamed out and Dark hold spell made them unable to move.

”You bastard! ” one of the more resiliant adventurers broke off the restraint and unsheathe his sword.

”Ah, crap, I should have bought that equipment when I could, ” I hit my forehead in exaggerated manner as I took out my hammer, ”I will have to take you on myself it seems. ”

”Oh no, he snaped… ” Mika hold her forehead as she understood that this adventurer, even with superrior crest of swordmaster had no chance against Flake who regained some confidence last night.

”Don die on me too quickly okay? (Triple hit) ” I activated the blacksmithing special ability and met the attackers sword head on.

I was used to do maintenance on magic swords so spotting weak point on regular iron sword was a piece of cake. My aim was so precise that the sword snaped after single hit.

”You **er! That was a mithril blade! ”

”You should check your eyes, that was an ordinary iron, no matter how you look at it mithril wouldn snap that easily, ” I shrugged and activated my (Triple hit) again. This time, I targeted his abdomen.

”Ugah! ” The adventurer fell to the ground, after flying few meters away from us, with a heavy thud.

”Ruth take them hostage. ”

As Ruth was cleaning the garbage, several people were driven out of their rooms by the noice. Luckily there were some people who saw the entire thing happening so I was set free with legitimate self-deffence.

On the other hand, the five adventurer were forced to pay a fine for disturbing the night peace. Additionaly the group will be held here until another carriage came to this fort.

”You were so cool back there, ” Mika smiled and hugged me tightly, which reminded me that she is crazy strong.

”If anyone tries to touch my woman, I will show no mercy, ” I smiled at her and kissed her on her soft and warm lips.

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