Summoner’s pact

Ch.6 Road to Almarion (Part 2: The long night)

I want you to go to the front lines. ”

”Kuu! ”

”Mos! ”

”Alright, lets get into position, ” I nodded to Mika and took Aku on my shoulder. I also withdraw my bow and arrows from the Item box.

We made out way to the walls and I got to see what was in front of the gates. Head on head of skeletons, zombies, ghost, Wraiths and many more types of undead.

”Well, this is little… nauseating. Okay, Im gonna use (Grand Hallow arrow) before the battle even starts. ”

Mika started chanting and magic power swirled around her bow. As she placed her delicate fingers on the bowstring an arrow made from pure light illuminated the walls.

”Destroy my enemies! (Grand Hallow arrow)!! ”

The massive wave of energy was released in split second. The arrow hit the undead horde approximately in the middle, making giant circle of ashes in their formation.

”Did you see that? That mustve been a Sacred archer no doubt about it! ” one of the more knowledgeble knights shout out.

”There might not be so much for me to do in the end, ” I laughed drily, ”Gotta show what we can do, right Aku? ”

”Kuu! ” Aku got all fired up with me and let out two rows of flames from his back.

”Lets do this: [Beast assimilation]! ”

[Beast assimilation] is ability simmilar to Monster fusion except that it fuses Summoner with his monster for only ten minutes. This ability is unusable afterwards for six hours.

”Complete. Lets use (Flare cannon)! ”

I extended my hand and accumulated magical energy. As I did a flickering ball of flames started to grow utill it was bigger then my body. In that moment I released it and hit the left flank of the undead horde, burning it to cinders.

”What the hack is that? That kid with lizzard on his back mixed together?! ”

Truth is, in the Beast assimilation, I take on visual appearence of the beast I assimilate with. So right now, I had horns, tail and even wings, my face stayed same though.

”Whoa, what is this Flake? ” Mika got surprised and the gates started to open bellow us.

”This? Its just a ability of summoners called [Beast assimilation], kinda cool isn it? ” I smiled at her.

”No, no, no, this isn normal. Summoners can merge with their summons, thats impossible. Impossible! ”

”But, isn this like one of the basic combat abilities of a summoner? ”

”No, definitely not. Every summoner I know, was able to summon B rank monster at best and none could do something like this. ”

”Ah, I see. Well, I better get back to work before this wears off. (Flare accel) (Fireball barricade) ”

I jumped of the walls while slowing down my fall with (Flare accel) and aiding the fighting knights with (Fireball barricade).

The hordes numbers started diminishing quickly thanks to our cooperation.

When we slay the last zombie, we started cheering and wanted to throw a celebration right away.

”Why. Why. Why. Why. Why. Why. Why. Why. Why. Why. Why. Why. Why. Why. Why. WHY?! ” an eerie voice cried out of the forest just as my assimilation with Aku ended. I looked around.

What was free-floating in shade of tree was a figure of young woman in her late teens.

”WHY DiD yOU LivE??!!! ” She screamed out with blood dripping from her eye sockets, where was just black holes.

This was my first meeting with Death spirit, an S ranked monster even the most heroic people fear.

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