Xander looked at her and saw she was smirking.

”What do you mean by You wish? ” Xander asked.

”I mean you are not the type of boy id kiss. ” Riana said.

Xander face-palmed himself and stood up.

”I guess i better head back to school now. ” Xander said. He walked away, Riana left some minutes after Xander left.

Xander arrived at school and began the school day. It was boring like every other school day but something weird happened at lunch time. Xander saw a fight going on in the cafateria.

”Two of the schools most biggest bullies. Terry and Jacob. ” Xander muttered. They faced him with frowned faces.

”What do you want? ” Terry asked. He clenched his fist.

Xander didn want any problems. He smiled and bowed then turned to head out. Jacob was already at the door.

”Oh Come on! Can you guys give a guy some peace? ” Xander asked.

”He wants peace, Terry. Maybe he should rest in peace. ” Terry asked.

”Wait, weren you guys fighting each other just now. ” Xander said.

”You mentioned our names without any respect, You douche-bag now pay the ultimate price. ” Jacob said and tried to ram Xander down. Xander dodged him with a side step.

”Where are the teachers when you need them? ” Xander asked himself.

The teachers were having a staff room meeting in the lounge. News of the fight hadn reached them yet.

This time Jacob and Terry tried to grab Xander but he was too slick for them. Xander wasn actually moving, His body was acting and dodging on its own, Xanders mind was redirected to another thing. But to the Boys and the crowd which included every student in the high school, It looked as if Xander was toying with them.

Suddenly, Xander swung his fist at Terry. Of course, It didn touch him but the force behind the attack sent Terry to the ground.

Jacob backed off. He was scared out of his mind. Jacob ran away. It was then Xanders consciousness returned to him. He saw Terry on the ground and shrugged. He still hadn realized his Super Strength.

”Someone must have dealt with him. Maybe a Teacher. ” He muttered. The lunch bell rang and Lunch was over. Everyone was leaving but Terry was still on the ground, Xander dragged him to a chair and sat him down.

After some few hours, School was over. Xander didn leave School with Riana. He went on an Investigation, What he was thinking about while his Body was fighting against Terry; Why was the Tunnel Abandoned?

”Of course, I could easily research that with the internet but wheres the fun in that. ” Xander said to himself and made sure he was alone. He took into the sky and after some minutes landed at the Abandoned tunnel.

He stared into the Tunnel. Then his brain suddenly began to ring, warning his entire body that something was coming.

”What is this strange feeling, I think something is coming. ” Xander said and he was right. A huge black hand was heading out of the tunnel to Xander. Xander jumped and dodged it.

He had developed the Power of Super Sense. An ability that enables the person to know if Danger is near or it is coming.

[It seems like you are not a normal human. Come in.] A voice said from the tunnel.

Xander entered the cave and met a very beautiful girl. Her face was fair but she had a lifeless look on her face. Still she was very pretty.

Xander saw a sinister shadow behind her. It was black.

”What are you? ” Xander asked, with a disgusted look on his face.

[I am the Angel of Light!] The shadow said.

”Whatever you are, You look as ugly as the newborn of a goat, cat and dog combined ” Xander said.

[You will soon become a ghost like this girl here and you will serve me and only me] The shadow said and took a humanoid form.

Xander face-palmed himself.

”And you call yourself an Angel. ” Xander said.

The shadow grumbled and Xander smirked.

”I will kill you and take this innocent ghost away. ” Xander said.

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