Super Harem In the Parallel Dimension

Bonus Chapter: The News Report!

Xander sighed and pointed his hands at the shadow. They glowed in purple.

[What are you doing?] The shadow asked.

The shadow was raised high and smashed into the rocky top part of the tunnel. Xander exerted more force and smashed the shadow back into the ground. The shadow deformed but soon reformed again. Two big black hands shot out of its back and headed to Xander. Xander dodged them.

Xander found out that he was faster than before. In fact, He had Super speed.

Xander ran and punched the shadow but passed through it.

”Huh? ” Xander muttered.

[You forgot, I am not a human like you. I am a shadow, the shadow that is feared…] The shadow said and stopped. This time 5 large black hands came out of it and were heading to Xander but they all stopped.

[What?] The shadow said.

Xander used Telekinesis to split all of its body parts apart and throw them to different parts of the cave.

The Shadow laughed. A large black arm which was about to punch Xander appeared. Xander looked at the girl, He saw the look of desperation on the girls face and this made the rage inside him to burst. He jumped on the Shadows hand and ran towards it.

Xander gave it an uppercut and it flew into the air.

[Impossible! You are not supposed to be able to touch me.] The shadow said. Xander flew into the air and smashed it on the rocky ceiling, then he threw it down to the ground.

Xander breathed and landed. He was slowly gaining control of himself again. Suddenly, Out of nowhere several arms tied him down. He was being drained of his life force.

[Now, Once i drain your life force down to zero, You will die and become a Ghost like this girl.] The shadow said.

Xander cast a glance at the girls sad look. He was able to read her thoughts.

The hero i was waiting for all these years to save me from this tyrant is here. If there is a supernatural being or deity out there, Please help him win this. The ghost thought.

Xanders rage overcame him. His body began to spark with Red Electricity and his hair turned red and they were standing, He had red aura. Xander broke out of the Demons grip.

”AAHHHHHHH!!!!!! ” Xander shouted and unleashed all his rage on the demon. The surroundings razed and were completely obliterated.


Xander was floating in the sky, His rage had completely ceased and now he was shirtless.

”My school clothes got torn. Ill buy new ones. ” Xander said to himself. Since the ghost had lost its original owner, which it was bounded to by soul. She was bound to Xander and stayed inside of him but Xander didn know that.

Xander pulled out his phone.

”Damn….. Its 6:12. I hope Mom is running late. Thank goodness its a weekend. ” Xander said. He sighed then flew home at full speed.

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