Supreme Warrior

Chapter 2: Longevity Ceremony.

The city of Los Angeles…

– Mr. Henry, I beg you to accept the marriage!

In the lobby of the Palace Lotus Flower, an old, harsh figure kneels on the ground, constantly begging the young man in front.

At the top, his tall, fierce but majestic silhouette seemed to radiate a tremendous power flow, filling the entire Palace Lotus Flower.

Henry Richard sat cross-legged on the jade chair, the corner of his lips bent up:

– As Walters son-in-law, you
e asking me to drown myself in a **ing hole?

The older man heard that, and his face immediately changed, shaking his head in a hurry.

– Before the old master died, he made a will. The will requires Sir Henry to go down the mountain and be Walters son-in-law for three years. Mr. Henry, you can resist. Consider it, sir.

As soon as the older man finished speaking, all the officials at God of Electricity bowed down and begged simultaneously.

Until now, Henry Richard hated to see people kneeling and begging. Right now, they
e putting him in a tight spot. Hes the master of the entire Lotus Flower empire, and now they want him to hide his identity, flatter tail, as Walters son-in-law.

Henry Richard sighed, then waved his hand to signal everyone to get up. All right, three years with him is like a snap, and theres nothing he can do.

At Walters in-laws, its like a bit of experience in his life!


The Walter family is one of the most prominent families!

– Henry Richard, what are you doing so slow you can even get your feet up?

Clara Walter, the eldest daughter of Walters family, is also Henry Richards current wife, crossing her legs for breakfast, bending her lips toward her husband, and scolding him.

Although married, Clara Walter despises Henry Richards inferiority complex. Shes the lady of the Walter family, and yet she has to bite her teeth and marry a cheap cook just because the father of her is so grateful for Richards family saving Walters host of a house life.

Hearing Clara Walter screaming in the living room, Henry Richard was cleaning the house with his eyes glued to his eyes. He gripped the broomstick so tightly that the plastic body slowly squeaked and soon broke.

”Mr. Henry, as Walters son-in-law, I beg you to remain calm. Calm is the key to making a good king. ”

Henry Richard took a deep breath, quickly cleaned up the wreckage he had just caused, and hurried upstairs.

Clara Walter saw his slovenly figure pouting, threw the melon shell directly to the ground, his lips snorted:

– Your eyes and nose on your head? See this shit right under my feet?

Henry Richard didn respond, gently bending over to clean up the melon shells that Clara Walter just threw out. Waiting for the expiration of three years, he will teach her how to live correctly!

A loud bell rang suddenly from outside the door.

Henry Richard took out the melon peel and ran to open the door. The guest is Raymond Vincent, Clara Walters childhood boyfriend. Raymond Vincent used to think, wait for him and Clara Walter to be husband and wife sooner or later. And yet, one night, Clara Walter had to marry Henry Richard.

So in Raymond Vincents heart, Henry Richard is the thorn in the eye.

– Shit, get out of here!

Raymond Vincent lifts his foot and stomps hard on Henry Richards bare feet, his arrogant face.

Henry Richards hands clenched into fists, his heart was boiling with anger, but his face was still very calm.

Trying to make a joke out of him, Raymond Vincent made a big mistake.

Raymond Vincent pushed Henry Richard to a corner of the wall, calmly walked toward Clara Walter, and wrapped his arms around her neck. These two peoples intimate posture made Henry Richard feel highly despised. He shrugged, snorted, and walked up to the dressing room.

– Clara Walter, its time for me to go to the restaurant. Ill be home in five hours.

Henry Richards words were like the wind in Clara Walters ear. She smiled and said to Raymond Vincent, then glared at Henry Richard.

He took a taxi and stretched out his shoulder for one. The feeling of comfort spread from head to toe, making Henry Richard extremely satisfied. The air in Walters house smells like money, and its not a pleasant time like this.

The restaurant where Henry Richard works is not far from here. He walked into the kitchen, quickly changed his apron, and started working. Henry Richard is one of the five talented chefs here. Although he has only been working for two months, Henry Richards talent satisfies the restaurant manager.

Chef Felix Kenneth, twenty years older than Henry Richard, always looked at him with an evil eye. He said that as long as Henry Richard worked here for a few more months, he would surely be a threat, replacing his chefs post at any time.

– Henry, whats wrong with your mind these days? Look, did you slice the salmon this thick?

Felix Kenneth flung his hand into his fist, striking suddenly hard on the top of Henry Richards head. His cold eyes suddenly squinted, holding a thin, sticky piece of salmon just one millimeter thick, sticking it close to Felix Kenneths face and asking:

– You
e telling me, what other units of measure are more minor than millimeters?

Felix Kenneth was startled by his question, his single eyes blazing with anger. The rest of the chefs couldn help but smile with their hands covering their mouths. Before Henry Richard appeared, Felix Kenneths arrogant attitude made them feel itchy.

His face soon stiffened. He turned and kicked Edward Jason, the youngest cook standing next to him, with his teeth clenched and swore:

– Shit! Are you laughing at me?

Edward Jason was stomped hard by Felix Kenneth, and the young face immediately swollen and bruised one cheek. Felix Kenneths shot gave him a sharp pain, rolling around on the ground, moaning.

Seeing this brutal scene, the rest did not dare to laugh up half a word and quickly put their eyes down on who did that persons work.

Felix Kenneth gets cockier and cockier. He walked to the side of chef Jacob Steven, reached out his hand to pinch Jacob Stevens ears red, and cursed:

– Listen carefully to those who oppose me. Youll be crushed to death!

He glanced at Henry Richard as he spoke, and his cruel gaze relentlessly darted at him threateningly.

Henry Richard wiped the oiled hand, and the corners of his lips suddenly bent up. This man is strong enough to do anything, bully and beat his colleagues without pity. What a nerve!

Henry Richard took off his apron and threw it directly on the nearby wall camera. His actions surprised everyone in the kitchen, glaring at him curiously.

– You… What do you want to do?

Felix Kenneth suddenly felt an ominous premonition about to happen. The cold air suddenly ran along Felix Kenneths back, shaking him three steps back.

Henry Richard shook his head, his hands intertwined, his lips snorted:

– How many times have you hit them? Ill teach you that again!

Felix Kenneth was a little shaken up in his heart. He retreated to the kitchen frame, with his hands behind him, holding a machete, pointing straight at Henry Richard, warning him:

– Get out of here. Do you think Im scared of you?

Henry Richard leaned his head against the sky and laughed like crazy. Its been a long time since hes had his hands and feet touched, and his body feels itchy. Not good, just when Felix Kenneth got into trouble. If he doesn teach him a lesson this time, his conscience will be sore.


Henry Richard swung his leg and directly kicked Felix Kenneths knife in his hand. The sound of the knife crashing into the ground was like tearing through the eardrums of the rest. Everyone rolled their eyes, stood in a corner, and watched quietly.

Felix Kenneth opened his mouth, spit, rolled up his sleeves, and rushed towards Henry Richard. He swung his fist straight across his face. However, with that quick movement, Henry Richard gently slips to the side, conveniently dodging the attack.

– Stupid!

He raised his lips, giggling sarcastically.

His words have drowned Felix Kenneths pride in a few layers of hell. Anger flared up inside him. Felix Kenneth turned around and continued to pick up the knife to Henry Richards side-by-side.

– Henry, be careful!

Jacob Steven hastened to remind him.

Henry Richard nodded lightly, then did not shy away, reached out directly, and seized the opportunity to grab Felix Kenneths knife-handling arm. Felix Kenneth struggled to close his hand, but Henry Richards extreme strength made him unable to resist. Each finger was quickly snapped by Henry Richard conveniently.

Sprinkle… sprinkle…

The sound of broken bones in two constantly rang out, making everyone here shiver with horror.

– Aaaaaaaaa…

Felix Kenneth was in a cold sweat, struggling desperately. However, Henry Richard still had no intention of sparing him. He put Felix Kenneth on the ground, calmly sitting on his back. His arrogant yet dignified posture is like a unique ruler, one by one.

Despite Felix Kenneths struggle, he still couldn get over Henry Richard. He lifted his other hand, cruelly breaking each finger. At this rate, the ten fingertips of Felix Kenneth were cracked by Henry Richard.

His methods are ruthless, without any respect. The Jacob Steven people turned blind to it as if they didn see anything.

Felix Kenneth held his broken hands before his eyes, trembling with pain. The cold sweat on his forehead flowed like water, fluttering for a moment, and then he fainted.

Because the camera was covered during the incident, plus those present in the kitchen confirmed at the same time that Felix Kenneth was not careful, so Henry Richard suddenly escaped.

– Henry, thank you!

Edward Jason and Jacob Steven embraced Henry Richards shoulder with great laughter. They had hated Felix Kenneths arrogant attitude until now, but no one dared to stand up. If he plays tricks, this fine job will be fired.

Felix Kenneths broken arm means the replacement chef will be Henry Richard. He took off his apron, changed his clothes, and returned to Walters mansion.

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