Supreme Warrior

Chapter 6: Punishment!


He had just finished speaking. A tremendous amount of power knocked down the warehouse door, and the smoke flew around.

Henry Richard stared at the people in front of him, his face cold and cold:

– Lets see how long you can laugh!

Henry Richard looked at the waste bucket that was still right next to Leighton Mark, stepped directly up to the barrier in front of him, then grabbed the waste bucket and collapsed on Leighton Marks head.

– Damn it, Henry Richard! What are you doing?

Leighton Mark had just finished speaking, and before he could be determined, he was immediately punched hard in the stomach by Henry Richards stiff feet. The pain immediately spread, causing him to get dizzy and fall flat.

– Thats the question I should be asking you. How was it? Not a horrible taste of waste, is it?

The people next to me didn dare to speak up. They couldn believe Henry Richard was so weak, so weak, so insignificant, and now he knows martial arts, and hes become a completely different person.


Not stopping there, he flung his body high, using the same strength on both sides of his arms to clamp Leighton Marks neck. Leighton Mark is also a talented bodyguard, definitely not weak. Although Henry Richard clasped his neck tightly, he struggled fiercely, waving his hand at a brick scattered on the ground, hitting Henry Richards head hard.

However, this hit by Leighton Mark is like scratching an itch for him. Henry Richard clasped his hands, mercilessly attacking Leighton Marks temples directly.

Leighton Marks mind immediately felt like it was going to explode, and severe pain invaded his entire body. Leighton Marks scalp went numb, his eyes rolled up, and he fell to the ground, foaming at the mouth.

– Hurry up and save Mark!

Leighton Marks subordinates immediately jumped up and attacked Henry Richard with guns. Now, they no longer respect Henry Richard as the bosss son-in-law. They want to take him to a hundred pieces.

The gunshot holds out, and the same target is Henry Richard. He rolled around on the ground, quickly hiding behind the peeling wall to avoid the harsh lines of bullets.

Bullets are splashing, dirt on the ground, but Henry Richard was easy to avoid. His movements are incredibly agile, running like a squirrel. Just looking at every move, Henry Richard can see this is not a mediocre martial art.

The more crazy people feel, the more they want to put Henry Richard to death. They surrounded the warehouse, forming a big circle, gradually narrowing the gap, including Henry Richard inside.

Uri, one of Leighton Marks closest bodyguards, stood near him. He constantly opened his mouth and scolded Henry Richard, raising a gun to pull the trigger.

– Go to hell!

This time, Uri thought the winning part was his. However, Henry Richard got faster, reached out to grab him by the collar, and locked Uri`s gun hand.

– What? Do you think I will make it easy for you to kill me?

Henry Richard bent his lips to smile, tugged at the pistol, and pointed the gun directly at Uris head. Uri trembled with fear. He didn think Henry Richard was crueler than he was. Moreover, his moves are mighty and perfect. Hard to resist!

– Tell the others to throw out their guns. Otherwise, this piece of copper will be yours!

Henry Richard had just finished speaking, and Uris belt suddenly conveyed a sharp pain. As it turns out, hes been pulling a little knife in his pants tube, stabbing him directly in the waist.

Cold sweat ran down Uris face one by one. He clenched his lips, his mouth constantly moaning:

– Remove… Put the gun down! Put the gun down!

Under Uris order, the group quickly threw guns to the ground, then pulled back about two meters from Henry Richard.

He walked along with Uri, a cold face, without any effort. Just outside the gate, suddenly, a loud car horn sounded. The shiny Lamborghini rushed inside, stopping in front of Henry Richards eyes.

The men did not dare to disdain anymore, obediently backing away from the house. Before releasing Uri, Henry Richard didn forget to give him an extra kick through the air.

The car door was opened, hitting Henry Richards eyes first with a pair of long white thighs. The black eight-centimeter high-heeled sandals hug the whole beautiful little foot, proving that its owner is lovely.

– Hello, Mr. Henry Richard!

A familiar voice rang in his ear. That girl, its Layla Smith!

Layla Smith pulled down her black glasses, smiling brightly:

– Its incredible.

Henry Richard was silent, speechless. Of course, she knows he is Walters son-in-law and even found an address to come here.

Seeing Henry Richards slovenly appearance and the stench constantly coming into her face, Layla Smith suddenly snorted, her eyebrows frowned.

– You… Falling into a maintenance hole?

To her question, Henry Richard could only laugh except:

– Well, I just bathed those rats!

Layla Smith wouldn believe what he said: of course. She smiled softly, pointed at Uri with her hand, and answered briefly:

– Looks like a giant rat!

The two stood face to face, silent at the same time. Whats Layla Smiths purpose here? Henry Richard was curious, too.

He sat down in the rocking chair beside him, crossed his legs, and asked Layla Smith:

– Why did you come to me?

Layla Smith did not answer him directly, and she just shook her head in a very uncomfortable way:

– Are you going to entertain guests with your body covered with waste like this? I can even see some rotten vegetables still wringing your hair!

At this point, Henry Richard was startled, giving a knock on the head. He left Layla Smith standing face to face outside the gate and rushed into the bathroom. After using almost all a bottle of shampoo and shower milk, Henry Richard gasped out of the living room. Layla Smith was not hospitable, sitting in front of her tea table.

– You
e so pretty because you have nice clothes. Handsome for bathing milk!

Realizing Layla Smiths teasing implications, Henry Richard did not feel uncomfortable. On the contrary, he burst into laughter, watching her probe:

– Tell me! What is your purpose?

Layla Smith was deeply interested in his straightforward attitude. She pushed the tea towards Henry Richard and said:

– I know you
e no ordinary person. Mr. Henry Richard, head of the powerful Lotus Flower empire. In front of me, you don have to hide your identity.

Henry Richard was shocked, temporarily silent, not knowing what to say. As far as he is concerned, only Mr. Conal and the official in Lotus Flower know. Henry Richard quietly went down the mountain and became a mediocre man, yet a stranger revealed his identity.

Seeing his naive attitude, Layla Smith was delighted. She tapped the table with her hand, her eyes glistening with laughter:

– Im the only daughter of Barrett William, a healer under Lotus Flower. I want to talk to you about something this time. Henry Richard, can you do a big job with me?


Seven oclock in the evening…

Walters family is finally back.

After hearing the butler presenting the whole horrifying fight in the morning, Walter was furious, immediately summoning the people present at the event in the morning to the living room. Henry Richard was also called.

– Henry, whats going on?

Mr. Walters voice had become murky, his eyes staring at him, the fire burning on all sides. Since he constantly scornshis daughter and wife, his affection for Henry Richard gradually fades. He no longer felt this son-in-law was as gentle and simple as he had thought.


– Tell me, why are you fighting with these bodyguards?

Walters asking questions.

Henry Richard did not respond in a hurry, gently pointing his finger at the camera, slowly speaking clearly, clearly saying every word:

– If you don believe it, you can extract the camera to get to the bottom.

However, the villas cameras failed to capture the situation. An information technology officer in the Walter family reported that, at that time, all electrical systems were shut down.

So Henry Richard has no evidence to prove his innocence. Everyone working in the house blamed all the charges on his head, saying that Henry Richard smashed the warehouse for harassment because he was frustrated not attending the party.

– You see, your beloved son-in-law is treasonous. Guilty of one crime!

Clara Walter had just washed up and walked down the stairs with her hands in front of her chin, making a contemptuous gesture.

As she intended, success incited her father, increasingly antagonizing Henry Richard.

Uri hugged the injured abdomen and looked at Walter, unjustly saying:

– The master smashed his things in the warehouse, scolded his parents for being ”the old man without eyes, ” and satirized the lady,… Our servant was so angry that he couldn help it, so he had to take it out.

Walter and his wife nodded, constantly throwing their evil eyes at Henry Richard. He was tired of this house, so he didn clear it up anymore to see how Walter would handle him.

Mrs. Walter pulled her daughter down beside her, pouting contemptuously:

– What do you think if your parents let your husband quit his job at the restaurant, working as a maid instead of someone else?

Is this the punishment?

Henry Richard snorted quietly. He want to let him work as a housekeeper. Thats too profitable?

Of course, Clara Walter won say no, immediately nodding her head.

Before she left, she even had time to glare at the Leighton Marks, the corners of her lips slightly bent. Everything that happened today was instigated by Clara Walter and plotted. The Leighton Marks, Uris just a bunch of men trying to listen. Who knew it would be more successful than expected?

Clara Walter almost jumped for joy, gloating with tears in her eyes.

However, as soon as she turned around, Henry Richard promptly called Clara Walter back. He drew from his pocket a folded paper in half, and above it was a pen written with his hand, calmly brought to her.

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