I ran to my room with hot tears streaming down my face. As soon as I entered my room I slammed the door shut and sank to the floor.


I didn know how long I lay on my bed crying my eyes out till there were no more tears. I lay on my bed motionlessly thinking of what to do. I can just get married to a stranger no this can be happening to me.

”Mom why did you leave me in this world why ”. I said as fresh tears started to fall from my eyes. I never taught that I will get married to a stranger no not even in my wildest dreams. I always dreamed of finding romance feeling what is like to be loved, having a first romantic kiss like I always read in books and so much more. But all of my dreams have been put to an end, not all my dreams were shattered. I wished I could run away from this mess but I couldn . As I taught about what to do I heard a soft tap on my door.

#knock, #knock, #knock

”Go away I don feel like seeing anyone right now ” I mumbled weakly, but the knocks were persistent. I ignored it with the hope that after a while the person will eventually go away but when the knocks didn stop I slowly dragged myself out of bed and went to open the door. When I opened the door my maid Alicia walked in with a cheerful look on her face.

”Good evening milady ” she greeted smiling brightly but when she saw how my eyes were swollen her cheerful looks dropped to a worried one.


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