”Are you sure that the gates are well guarded ”

”Yes milord ”

”Good ”

*** a Few hours later***

”Master we have arrived at king Braylons palace ”

”Ugh I taught will stay on the road all day, ” Sebastian said lazily getting down from the carriage and adjusting his pants.

”Welcome to our humble home my prince ”

”No need for the formalities Braylon lets get to business and get it over with, ” Sebastian said with a straight face.

”Well ok then. Why don the maids take your bags to the guest room while I can give you a tour around the castle ” Braylon asked still keeping his patience and closing his fist into a tight ball

” That won be necessary Ill take the tour myself ”

So cocky I wish I was the prince of the seven kingdoms instead of this little…. ugh itll soon be over and Ill be back at you hard Braylon said within himself.

”Its like you want to say something didn you Braylon ”

”Umm no Im just thinking of how happy my daughter is, ” Braylon said faking a small smile.

”Oh really well in that case Ill take my leave, ” Sebastian said looking and walking away.

”You brat better watch your back cause Ill get you somehow ” Braylon muttered under his breath before ordering the servants to take Sebastians luggage inside the castle.

As I walked through the palace, something caught my eye. I saw someone playing by the fountain and I decided to check it out. As I neared the fountain my eyes met with a blue pair and within a split second I averted my gaze and I heard a small shout I wanted to help but I just walked back to my room.

”Your majesty ” I heard a servant calling and then I stepped out of the bathroom.

”I hope I am not disturbing but dinner is ready and the king wishes for you to join us at the table ” I didn answer I just proceed with wearing my clothes. When she kept on calling I opened the door making the maid jump in fright

”Can you see I am busy? ” I asked about slamming the door in her face.

”One more thing you tell the king that unless he doesn want me to come naked to the dining room he should at least give me the time I need. ” I just slammed the door and continue to dress. When I was done I went to the dining room.

”Welcome, now if youll have your seat while we wait for your soon-to-be wife, ” Braylon said and I just rolled my eyes.

”Its a pleasure to meet you, ” I said looking at Felicia (Annabelles stepmother )

”Its a pleasure to meet you my prince and I am honored to have dinner with you ”

I just nodded and picked up a napkin to start eating when I looked up from what I was doing familiar blue eyes, caught mine. The girl from the fountain.

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