Cause of his death.

They sat in silence for a while, gazing at the scenery before them with different thoughts running through their minds.

”Mother used to love this, the peace and quietness that comes from this kind of scenery. ” Genevieve voiced breaking the silence, her voice came out as a whisper. She took a deep breath with closed eyes after which she exhaled and opened her eye once more. ”She was the definition of nature itself, calm and soothing to the soul like a breath of fresh air. ”

Rome stayed silent as he listened to her talk, they rarely spoke of their mother after her death, not because they detested the memories of her but because it became a touchy subject, maybe he had gotten used to it but that wasn the case for Genevieve. She suffered the most after the death of their mother, he almost thought he was going to lose her too but he was glad he didn , and from that moment she became sensitive to the subject and he knew she still is.

What he didn understand is why she consciously brought up a topic about their mother.

” She was always nice to every single person she met, Her kindness was always to a fault ”. She paused and then continued. ” Do you remember how she would say she was okay even when she wasn , just to save everyone from worrying about her? her charisma was so liberal that it carried a light that would light up wherever she went like a thousand lanterns…I loved how much she made an impact on the lives of people that I wanted to be just like her. ”

Genevieve chuckled slightly while still looking forward. ”People would call me her little apprentice but you know what, it all changed when she died. ”

She closed her eye briefly and a tear rolled down her eye, when she opened them once more she gazed toward her brother only to notice he was already scrutinizing her face with his hazel eye. she noted that his almost always stoic facial countenance had softened slightly.

The expression on his face was very apparent.

He is worried, she thought.

” Eve ” He called, in a low calm voice that was barely audible, it still had its monotone texture but it displayed a glimmer of concern.

She couldn look at his worried expression, she is angry at him and still is, but she couldn bring herself to express her anger, especially with how worried he seemed. He is just like their mother she thought.

She moved her gaze away from him after which she stood up and walked towards the fountain.

She loves her mother so much but there was something about her that she had come to dislike, which was the fact that she had a habit of saying she is okay even when she isn , those were the words she said until her death and now its her brother, he would keep her in the dark about everything concerning himself but expect her to be candid about herself. There were too many hidden secrets already.

”Eve ” He called out again but this time with more concern observable in his voice. He approached her slowly with his hand stretched out to hold her by the shoulders.

” How long do you intend to keep me in the dark? ” She asked calmly whilst still gazing at the fountain.

He froze on his steps with his hand nonetheless stretched out and almost touching her shoulders.

He was taken aback by her words, what did she mean by saying he kept her in the dark? Did she know something? if she did how much did she know? and who told her?

Everything he had done thus far is to keep her away from it all, but what was he supposed to do if she had already found out? or knew something about it, Did he break his promise, No he couldn have, they had an agreement.

He didn care if his life is the price he had to pay, she deserved better.

”How long were you planning to hide it all from me? ”Genevieve asked this time her voice void of emotion.

” I don understand, and you should know that I won understand until you make it clear to me ”Rome conveyed with his eye focused on her back, he brought back his hands to his side He didn want to lie to his sister but it is better that way he reasoned.

”How do you rationalize the wounds on your back and hand, … do you explain being locked up for days without a word? ” Genevieve inquired with her face now turned towards him.

Romes eyes widened at Genevieves words, a part of him is happy that it isn what he had thought it is but on the other hand, how did she know of his wounds perhaps she might have heard about him being locked as news don take time to fly but that didn explain how she knew of the bruises, it is not something many knew about, he had thought he had been good at concealing his pain, no he is sure he hid his pain properly, is it evident on his face? but the nobles would have noticed.

”Are you wondering how I noticed and the nobles didn ? ” Genevieve asked with hurt noticeable on her face. ” You know brother is very good at acting unlike me, I wouldn have known brother is in hurting if I didn witness the infliction myself. ”

Did that mean she had seen him being castigated by their father? No, he didn want her to see that because he knew how she would react. Why did she have to come to the office at that time?

The pain had become something he is used to, he had already accepted his fate. ”

”I witnessed it with my eye brother, how you were brutally whipped by father a few hours earlier before the party, I had wished and hoped that you would have said something about it, but you kept the pain all to yourself ”. Genevieve uttered with misty eyes ” Who knows what else you have kept hidden from me, you will tell me that you want to protect me but you should know I also have something that I want to protect. ”

Rome couldn say a word to all she had said, he could only gaze at her with a calm and expressionless profile but his eye held care in them, he had always thought ever since the death of their mother that he had to be the one to step up and protect her because he is the older twin, he never cared about himself, the goal had always been secure the best for his sister, so at the same time he deprived himself of a lot of things so he wouldn become greedy and selfish he thought that would be enough for him but what he didn know was that also wanted to be cared for.


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