1.An Lonely Assasin

(In a lonely bar)

Barman: ”This is your drink right here sir! ”

The barman who looks to be in his forties says to the lonely younger man after he puts his beer on the table.

???: ”Thank you… ”

The younger man dressed like a lunatic saluted the older man with a charming smile.

Barman: ”Hope you like it, its one of our best brews! ”

The man takes a little taste from the brew.

???: Isn it just beer?..And what does he mean by ”our ”?…Whatever…

The barman leaves the younger man to his drink and goes back to his counter and sits on a chair while opening up some kind of boring book before starting reading it.

???: ….Takes a taste from his beer once again.

???:Yeah…Just beer…Puts the beer back on the table.

???:…What a boring life i have…The man nods affirmatively to his own thoughts.

He takes a pack of cigarettes from the right pocket of his jeans and lights one up.

???:Truly…Takes a puff from the cigarette.

The young man puts his back more comfortably against the chair he was in while taking multiple puffs from his cigarette and lets out a refreshed sigh.

???:Ugh… Nothing compares to this…

The mans attention goes to the only tv that is put up against the front wall of the bar right in his sight of vision.

???:Humm… ”The man exclamated interested then thrashed up his cigarette.

TV:*Warning Citizens of City-A!*

A woman in a suit is seen talking while a picture of a monster like wolf was right near her head.

???:…?The mans attention was now fully taken by the sight of the monster.

TV:*A Bloodlusted Mythological Werewolf was seen roaming the dark streets of 23*

???:A Werewolf?…Interesting…Takes one more sip from his beer.

???: ”This beer is actually very good… ”

The barman heard him and smiled in his direction.

Barman: ”Thank y

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