3.A wolf and it\'s hunter.

(A teenage boy with blonde hair is walking lonely on the street.)

???: ”Man how did I even fail my science project? ”

Hits a rock with his leg intentionally while still walking.

???: ”..I thought I did it all good.. ”

The boy turns to the right and enters a dark out alley.

???: ”Never been through here bef- ”

The boy hears a growling and the sound of someone or something eating…in a very rude way.

He immediately goes behind a trashcan and hides,he puts a hand on his mouth so he wouldn scream,he already made enough noise with his ninja level skill in his very smooth hiding.

The boy takes another peek at the gross scene.

???:W-what the?…

What the boy really sees is a wolf like monster that is at least two times the size of a human .The monster had sharp claws, impenetrable fur and some very menacing eyes.

The monster right now was eating a human corpse in broad daylight like it was nothing.

…The sound of an eating animal… something our boy has only heard at the zoo or at TV…

Its much,much worse then you think.

The Monster grins happily at his catch while showing his big sharp teeth dumped in blood like a ferocious beast.

???:…What…: … ”WHAT THE DUCK IS THAT?! ”

But ofcourse…our boy is a dumbass too…

(Scene Change)

(A group of mysterious people stay around the table talking with each other)

???: ”Maybe it was a bad idea to report it to the Tv and make it public,the monster is a high-ranked one. ”

Puts an exasperated hand on his head .

??? 2: ”A Mythological High-Ranked Bloodlusted Werewolf…They are very rare to see…so why did…..We need to neutralize that thing…fast. ”

Said seriously while looking serious at a screen with the monsters ferocious face on it.

???: ”What military is at our disposal at the moment? ”

Everyone put their attention on the person the man is looking at.

???3: ”..Well our elites are over the seas…doing whatever,our veterans locations are actually unknown and our high,mid and low level hunters are a busy with their own missions….Soo, we don really have anyone that can take care of that thing… ”

Everyone got slumped back in their seats when they heard what their comrade said.

??? 4: ”Captain…what do we do??… ”

Said an anxious feminine voice looking with anxiety at the scene of her superiors looking so defeated.

Someone smashes a strong hand on the table and almost breaks it.

??? 5: ”I shouldve known things will get like this…Im going to go there myself! ”

Everyone got shocked at the persons actions.

Commander: ”Sit down!! ”

An old and wise looking man in a military black suit with lots of medals on it looks with intensity at the person and they immediately sit back down.

Another one gets up and tries to say something.

??? 1: ”But si- ”

The Aura of the old man and his killer instinct immediately flew back the questioner in his chair.

Commander: ”Do not worry,our captain of the 3rd division is on his way to be taking care of the monster! ”

Everyone had different reactions and emotions at their boss response.

??? 2: ”Wait…You talking about that guy?The guy you said had huge potential …? ”

The person scratched the back of their head in question.

Commander: ”Yes!The captain of the 3rd division.Akumu of the shadow!

No one claps at hearing the name. ”

??? 4: ”But isn he just a lazy young man that just walks around and does pretty much nothing?How is he even gonna do something, when he is that lazy?! ”

The Commander furrows his brows at all the questions and just smashes his hand on the table.

Commander: ”Do not judge a book by its cover!Dont underestimate him!….His perfect for killing… ”

Other people just either ignore the Commanders words or just were in straight up shock.

??? 2:If you say so….

Commander: ”All of you are now dismissed! ”

(Scene Change back)

The boy remained in place while looking in shock at the beast that was right infront of him


The monster stopped eating his meal and turned its head at the boy…Looking straight into his soul.

Hiro: ”Oh heck naw!? Hes onto me now!! ”

The monster shows its tongue and his sharp teeth painted with blood.

Monster: ”Blood… Humans…. Give it to me!! ”

???:It can fricking talkThe boy was still shocked but still had some half-assed courage inside of him ”Im not going to give you shit you half assed puppy! ”

The monster was abit taken a back by his words but still maintained his monstrous image.

Monster: ”Just…DIE! ”

The Werewolf lunges at the boy and then starts running after him.

???: ”Maybe i calculated everything wrong! ”

The monster is right behind him trying to get his sorry dumbass.

???: ”AAAA!!?! ”….How did i get into this situation?!?!

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