4.What are you?

The teenage boy runs as fast as he can while trying to escape the raging monster that is running after him.

The boy dodges a slash from the overgrown wolf and runs even faster.

???: ”This thing is not playing!! ”

The boy tries to escape the monster by going throughout the abandoned buildings.

???: ”Ugh!Why did I have to steal so many lunches from the canteen?!My backpack is slowing me down!! ”

The humanoid wolf almost slashes him in half but it only got his backpack and all the food inside it was destroyed.

???: ”NO!!My FOOD!! ”

Suddenly the boy hears a man voice inside his head.

??? 2: ”Young boy!Are you okay?Because Im here to help! ”

The boy looked around like a mad man while running from the monster trying to find from where the voice was coming.

The mysterious said man flies through a window from one of the abandoned buildings and grabs the wall with his hand at the last second slowing his fall.

Immediately the man is behind the monster and punches it strongly in the head.

The boy is still running as fast as he can not knowing what is happening behind him and just trying to get out of the abandoned alley.


While he is running he trips on a *rock* and falls on his butt.

???: ”Ugh,I think i hurt my wrist- ”

The boy now sees the scene behind him fully unfolding.

???:What the..-

??? 2: ”Don worry,this guy can defeat me…! ”

The mysterious man who looks like a lunatic in a sweater with his hood on saw how the monster was now dazed from his first attack,so he jumped up to the monsters height and kicked the heck out of the werewolf in the face almost breaking some of its sharp teeth.

The impact of the kick was so strong that the monster was flung in a wall that now has lots of cracks in the part where the monster was flung into.

??? 2:…

The mysterious hooded man grabs a rock from the floor and flungs it into the monsters chest making a hole in its chest that could house two babies.

??? 2:Its never that easy..

The boy gets shocked as he sees the power of the hooded man but gets even more of a shocker when he sees the monsters chest healing up almost instantly .

The werewolf who now is back to new like it never had a hole in Its chest dashes at the hooded man and throws a furry of raging slashes in hope that one of them could hit the man.

Hiro:That thing is so fricking fast!!

The hooded man dodges each slash easily while looking in the eyes of the shocked monster with a grin.

??? 2: ”Strength is not my forte actually…! ”

The boy gets a pale face when he sees how precised and fast the man was dodging the monsters furry of attacks.

???: ”. . . That guy is not human…. ”

The hooded man dodges again one of the monster slashes at the last second.

??? 2: ”Your to slow… ”

The monster rage got up to even higher levels after hearing the mans cocky voice and threw even faster and stronger physical attacks at him.

The man uses the monsters now weak mind to dodge its attacks even more easily and gets behind its back before the monster even knew it.

The man plunges his hand from its back inside the shocked monsters stomach.

Akumu:We need to do that….And…. Finnaly…

The man now has a crystal like ball that glows a pure red in the hand that he plunged the monsters back with.

???:What just happened?!

The boy has a face that screams of ”Wtf ”.

The monster looks in shock at the hand of the hooded man.

??? 2: ”It will be sad to break this, don you think the same? ”

The monster is paralyzed like a stone statue while looking in fear at the grinning hooded man.

???: ”Is that its heart or something?! ”

The hooded man looks at him.

???: ”…I-im just curios! ”

The boy smiles fearfully at the man.

The man ignores the boy and gets his old phone from the back pocket of his jeans and puts it to his ear.

??? 2: ”The job is done. ”

The man crushes the red crystal ball in his bloody hand and the monster explodes in a rain of blood instantly.

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