5.Whats inside your brain?

. . .

The boy looks fearfully at the man with thoughts like.

???:Is he gonna do the same to me?!Or is he gonna make me cry my brains out until i die?!Or even worse…Is he going to cut my…?!!?

The boy gets up and gets some dust off his uniform.

???:M-Maybe if I just go he will forget about me…heh!

The boy tip toes further from the man that is still talking on his phone.

The man looks at the boy curiously but doesn say anything.

??? 2: ”Yeah,that was all sir! …Yes sir! ”

The man hungs up and puts his phone back on to his back pocket.

The man looks at the boy that is hiding with the trees and acting like one too.

??? 2: ”Hey boy! ”

Said boy jumps up and his body shivers a bit but immediately goes back onto his final form… ”tree like position ”…

???: ”What?Me?Im just a little tree!! ”

The man walks in the other side of the alley where the said ”tree ” resides in while standing beside actual trees.

???: ”I-i mean. ”


The man now got right infront of said ”tree ”.

???:Oh no…Hes right infront of me

The hide and seek god admits his defeat and drops the branches from his hands…

??? 2: ”Whats your name boy? ”

The boy gets surprised by the mans question but still tries to answer it.

??? 2: ”My name is…My name is what?!My name is who!?…I mean H-hiro…sir. ”

The man drops his hood and we see the same man from the bar not long ago.

??? 2:Good.

The man lights up another cigarette that maggicaly appeared in his right hand and takes a puff out of it.

??? 2: ”You now go with me. ”

Hiro:What. . .?!?!… ”Sorry sir but I can ,i haven eaten in like hours! ”

Hiro looks at his backpack with comically funny tears in his eyes.

Hiro: ”I have to go eat something!…So Im just gonna take my leave here and let you do whatever you do..! ”

Tries to tip-toe out of the alley but the man grabs him by the shoulder.

Hiro turns his head at a 240* degree angle at the man showing his pale face.

??? 2: ”Your going to eat at the association….. ”

He looks at the younger boy with a pokerface.

Above Hiros head appear a question mark.

Hiro: ”Association…?What are you talking about? ”…Really!What is this creep even trying to say?!

Akumu: ”Doesn matter. just shut up and come with me. ”

The man drags the boy out of the alley.

Hiro looks at the dog beside him in a leash while being dragged by his owner.

Hiro:So this is how you all feel huh?I now sympathize all dogs in this world….Endure little man…Endure…

Both the dog and Hiro salute eachother like true soldiers that have been through years and years of war.

??? 2:…Weirdo… Actually….Im not gonna even think about it..

The man and the boy immediately vanish out of anyone sight.The dog was the only one who had his attention on them and was surprised after they just vanished into pure nothingness and air.

The dog sheds a tear for his new found friend and just go back to his walking trip.


Hiro is being dragged by the man throught a lonely hallway that seems to hold nothing but….Well,nothing.Just yellow walls and different doors on each side of the wall with different numbers on them.

Hiro:Why is he so strong?!More like how??And where even are we???

He is still getting dragged by the lunatic even though he already said to him that he can walk himself multiple times.

??? 2: ”Just come here… Bastard. ”

Hiro looks at the man indifferent face surprised.

Hiro: ”Did I make you mad somehow? ”…Even tho it looks like this guy hasn showed emotions in a long time… ”I didn even do a thing!You just took me out of there like a weirdo! ”

The man looks back at the boy with the same unreadable face.

??? 2: ”You are the weirdo.Who the ** would even stay outside when that monster is roaming around the city. ”

A tickmark grows out of Hiros forehead.

Hiro:…How would I even know a monster or whatever it was roams around the fricking city?!Im just an 18 year student!Not some Ghost Buster!…Forget it…This guy is gonna kill me if I said that…… ”Where are you even taking me anyway?? ”

??? 2: ”Just shut the ** up. ”

The man looks in the eyes of the boy like staring into his soul for some seconds before going back to dragging him.

Hiro: ”O-ok… ” Man this guy is scary…

They both stop to a door that has the number ”1 ” painted with black on it.

Hiro:Why did we stop??

Hiro gets up from the floor because the man dropped him after they stopped.

??? 2: ”We are here. ”

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