3.A wolf and it\'s hunter.

The Pokerface man points a finger to the door Infront of them.

Hiro looks at the door curiously.

Hiro: ”Is there any food inside …..? ”

The white haired man sighs at the younger mans question.

???: ”Is your brain there?… ”

The man points at the young boys head.

Hiro: ”Of cours-…Wait …My brain?! ”

Puts a hand on his forehead in panic.

Hiro: ”Its still there…Oh god,I thought this guy just took my brain… ”

The man in the sweater opens the door ignoring Hiros antics.

Hiro:..Wait . . . Im being left behind!

Goes after him and closes the door behind him.

An old man dressed in a black military like clothes with golden ornaments is standing like a noble at a table while reading the book.

The air of the room had an even higher respect and nobility after Hiro took a look around.

Trophies, documents,masters and many other things that we
e put perfectly in place surprised Hiro as both him and the lunatic man are closing in on the older man.

The old man breaks his attention on the book and now looks at the both of them

??? 2: ”Your here my new captain aye? ”

The old man smiles at the other man,this smile almost ended Hiros eyes from how perfect,shiny and kind it was.

???: ”Yes, I appreciate the rank up sir …And oh yeah I got a stupid ass here. ”

Points at Hiro and the boy looks at him with a pokerface.

??? 2: ”Bahaha- You bringed a civilian in here…?Is he a witness? ”

Hiro looks at the old man with curiousity after he finnaly fully observed the room and admired it as much as he can.

Hiro: Who the hell is this old man?…How is that white hair and beard so perfect anyway…

Looks at the shelf with all the trophies that is in the back of the room.

Hiro:My man has more medals and trophies then I can count in here …

???: ”This guy had some fun time with a monster before we got here. ”

The old man looks at the both of them with a question mark above his head.

??? 2: ”…Thank you for the inconvenience ….Your now dismissed. ”

The man nods at his superior words.

???:Im free to go sooo…. Young boy, bye bye!

Hiro: ”W-wait!- ”

Before Hiro could do anything else the white haired man closes the door behind him and now he is alone with the old man.

Hiro looks back at the old man who smiles at him then takes a seat because the man made him a sign to seat.

???: ”Akumu has find something interesting right here… ”

Hiro: ”that guy name is Akumu? ”

The old man raises a brown at the question.

???: ”He didn say it to you …? What a tough child… ”

Hiro: ”…He was silent…atleast from most of the time Ive seen of him. ”

The man rubs his temples.

???: ”He just is like that… ”

Hiro looks at the older man that is still rubbing his temples with a bit of anxiety and fear.

Hiro: ”So…Why am I here?… ”

The old man stops rubbing his temples and looks back at the younger man with a grin.

???: ”I have two questions for you. ”

The boy raises both his eyebrows in question.

Hiro: ”What are they? ”

Commander: ”Ya want to be a monster hunter? ”

The boy raises both his eyebrows in surprise at the question of the older man.

Hiro:Want to be a what?

The old man looks at the boy with a funny poker face.

Commander: ”Do I really have to repeat myself? ”

Hiro flungs his hands in the air while sweating

trying to deny the mans words.

Hiro:… ”N-no sir..!.But what even is a monster hunter anyway?? ”

Commander looks at him abit before opening his mouth again.

Commander: ”You don know what a monster hunter is?… ” ”Maybe we we
e hiding too much from the normal society… I shouldve anticipated this kind of question coming from a student … ”

Hiro looks surprised at him.

Hiro:How does he know I am a student?And what is he talking about..? Society,monster hunters…And me become one? Whats going on???

Commander: ”Well let me explain it simply to you.A monster hunter is- ”

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