Chapter 1: New Leaves

”Nar abe? ”

”Duruthkath, Tanakh rethan. ”

(Speak, my cub.)

”Tell me a story. ”

”Which one, miru gisho rethan? ”

A ginger haired cub sat up in the nest she and her litter mates shared with her parents

”The one about how the world began. ”

One by one, her siblings all begged their dam to tell them the story.

The beautiful orc chuckled, red locs falling neatly about her shoulders, and quieted down her unruly litter.

”Settle down, then. ”

The cubs snuggled closer excitedly, their dam wrapping them in her loving arms.

”Long ago, a pregnant goddess named Aura was abandoned by her mate, Kolis. Alone and heartbroken, she beseeched her parents, Palikos and Parádeisos to give her a quick death. Not wanting to condemn the child within her to an untimely demise, Palikos told Aura to give life to another. Only then could she perish.

”Shortly after, she went into labor. Parádeisos tended to Aura, and as tears rolled down their daughters anguished face, the cries of a child rang throughout the universe.

”The babe was known as Muth. As Aura faded away, three parts of her remained: Her eyes, Bestos and Hais, and her soul, Sirim. These three turned into the moons who watch over and protect Auras daughter, till she can protect herself.

”Parádeisos realized the child needed others to tend to it, and thus they created the four: Elves, Humans, Oni, and Orcs. However, the elves and humans were confined to their nature and thus, could not see as they did.

”So Parádeisos created us with the gift of seeing as they did. The orcs were divided into three. Omegas were gifted with the ability to birth and the power to love. I am such. Betas were given the ability of movement, being neither or all within themselves. They were also blessed with the power of mediation, to bridge all sides. Finally, they created the Alphas. They were given the duty of protection as well as the power of providence. Your Narube is such. ”

The dam turned to look at her litter who lay fast asleep, carried away by the soft cadence of their mothers voice weaving them in and out of slumber.

”Ragon than brunkath, gisho rethan. ”

(Sleep well, my stars)

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