What Would Happen After I Have Had My Revenge?

” Turns out , we are the same. Huh… ”

A medium height person chuckled, scrolling through their smartphone, after the statement they made.

The person was standing in front of an ocean. It was a female. She wore a black skin tight jeans, and a black baggy hoodie. The hoodie reached below her waist, hiding her figure. She wore ankle black boots, which made her a little bit taller than her original height. She dropped her right hand to her side, which was holding her phone , and looked ahead.

The wind blew, carrying with it , the salty smell of the ocean. Her moon-shadow black , waist length hair flowed behind her, as her pencil -thin eyelashes trembled slightly, as the wind blew.Her delicate ears framed a button nose. Her eyes were as black as ink, as the ocean reflected in her eyes. It was foggy. Her face was glossy smooth, and devoid of blemishes.

” Ahhhh….. ” As she breathed out the fresh air she breathed in , her shoulders relaxed in comfort. She excuded an elegant atmosphere. Anyone who sees her would be mesmerized. She was a beauty, that could outpass top models and Film Empresses.

” You had your revenge, but I haven . You always thought no one cared about you, but it wasn true. By the time you realized it, it was already too late. ”

” Ahh… Its a pity, I didn get to see your ending. ”

” Maybe thats what will happen to me . Maybe not. Theres one thing I am certainly sure of, I would get my revenge, even if it costs my life. I have come so far, I can fail now. ”

” We both experienced different situations, but our ending is the same. ”

” Your ending would determine mine. What will happen after I have had my revenge…..? ”

” Three years ago, huh? This author should be crowned The Queen Of Suspense . Unfortunately for her , she had an accident and lost her memory. Maybe if the accident had not happened, I would know how my ending would be . ”

” All that has happened…. Destiny? Yeah….. ” She broke into a smile. Her thin pink lips opened like a blooming flower, presenting her luminous, pearly white teeth.


The peaceful atmosphere was ruined by a notification. She raised her phone up and saw a message sent by an unknown number. It read:

[ Preparations for the Masters birthday is ongoing. Be here in three hours.]

” I have waited a long time for this. I didn expect you to invite death itself. Well… I was expecting not to expect something, anyways. ”

”Huhn. Three hours? Well played. Your brains are only used for scheming . I must say, you are good at it. But unfortunately for you, I am unrivaled at it. ”

Her smile vanished into thin air, as she pocketed her phone. She turned around, and walked away from the ocean. After thirty steps, she was standing in front of a furnished bungalow.

It was painted in black, and gave out an eerie feeling. It looked more like a hunted house, except that it was newly made. She walked towards the front porch, and stood in front of a patch of rose flowers. They were mature. She bent down on her knees, and plucked them with her bare

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