A Deadly Temptress

” Turns out , we are the same. Huh… ”

A medium height person chuckled, scrolling through their smartphone, after the statement they made.

The person was standing in front of an ocean. It was a female. She wore a black skin tight jeans, and a black baggy hoodie. The hoodie reached below her waist, hiding her figure. She wore ankle black boots, which made her a little bit taller than her original height. She dropped her right hand to her side, which was holding her phone , and looked ahead.

The wind blew, carrying with it , the salty smell of the ocean. Her moon-shadow black , waist length hair flowed behind her, as her pencil -thin eyelashes trembled slightly, as the wind blew.Her delicate ears framed a button nose. Her eyes were as black as ink, as the ocean reflected in her eyes. It was foggy. Her face was glossy smooth, and devoid of blemishes.

” Ahhhh….. ” As she breathed out the fresh air she breathed in , her shoulders relaxed in comfort. She excuded an elegant atmosphere. Anyone who sees her would be mesmerized. She was a beauty, that could outpass top models and Film Empresses.

” You had your revenge, but I haven . You always thought no one cared about you, but it wasn true. By the time you realized it, it was already too late. ”

” Ahh… Its a pity, I didn get to see your ending. ”

” Maybe thats what will happen to me . Maybe not. Theres one thing I am certainly sure of, I would get my revenge, even if it costs my life. I have come so far, I can fail now. ”

” We both experienced different situations, but our ending is the same. ”

” Your ending would determine mine. What will happen after I have had my revenge…..? ”

” Three years ago, huh? This author should be crowned The Queen Of Suspense . Unfortunately for her , she had an accident and lost her memory. Maybe if the accident had not happened, I would know how my ending would be . ”

” All that has happened…. Destiny? Yeah….. ” She broke into a smile. Her thin pink lips opened like a blooming flower, presenting her luminous, pearly white teeth.


The peaceful atmosphere was ruined by a notification. She raised her phone up and saw a message sent by an unknown number. It read:

[ Preparations for the Masters birthday is ongoing. Be here in three hours.]

” I have waited a long time for this. I didn expect you to invite death itself. Well… I was expecting not to expect something, anyways. ”

”Huhn. Three hours? Well played. Your brains are only used for scheming . I must say, you are good at it. But unfortunately for you, I am unrivaled at it. ”

Her smile vanished into thin air, as she pocketed her phone. She turned around, and walked away from the ocean. After thirty steps, she was standing in front of a furnished bungalow.

It was painted in black, and gave out an eerie feeling. It looked more like a hunted house, except that it was newly made. She walked towards the front porch, and stood in front of a patch of rose flowers. They were mature. She bent down on her knees, and plucked them with her bare hands.

” Enchanting but dangerous. ” She commented.

Soon, there was a pile of Rose flowers on the ground. She pulled them together, getting her finger pricked instantaneously.

Blood…..? No. There was no blood dripping from her finger. It was spotless . There was no sign of a cut. She wasn a little bit concerned. Maybe thats because it wasn the first time it happened.

She tied the bunch of rose flowers with a red string, and packaged it in a transparent bag.

With that done, she turned around and walked towards the house with the bag in her hand. She slowly turned the knob of the black door, and it opened after scanning her eyes. It opened to reveal darkness. Nothing could be seen, no matter how one strains their eyes.

She entered the house, her boots making tapping sounds. The door closed on its own after her entry. Her vision plunged into darkness.

” Deca, unlock underground basement. ”

” Issuing Command. ”


The lights came to life, brightening the entire house. She was standing in the sitting room. There was only three black sofas, and a large flat screen Tv on the wall. Surprisingly the inside of the house was painted in white.

At the centre of the sofas, the floor board opened to reveal an underground stairs made of Nippon Steel. She walked towards the centre of the sofas, elegantly.

Getting to the entrance of the underground basement, the lights went out. The only source of light was the one aligned on the walls to the underground basement. She took a step forward, with a small smile etched on her lips.


The sound of her boots echoed as she descended down from the stairs. Descending the last stair, she was now in the basement.

The basement was a large laboratory with expensive, rare equipments. There was a black sports car at the end of the basement. It was so cool. It was an SUV with a blistering speed of 249mph. Maybe thats why she wasn in a hurry to leave.

She walked up to the chair present and sat down. There were different experiments going on. It was happening on its own , without external interferance. She picked up a pen , and wrote on a piece of white paper before putting it inside the transparent bag.

” Deca, bring out my suit. ”


Slowly a glass box came out from the ground. Inside it was a black elastic suit. She placed her palm on the glass, which opened after scanning it.

Her clothes were removed by a robot, and the black suit was replaced. It was fitting, and had a shiny luster. All the parts of her body was covered except her face and hair.

A compartment opened to reveal different clothing accessories.

She changed her ankle boots to a thigh high black boot, which made her taller. She picked a black ribbon and tied her waist length hair, letting it flow behind her back. She picked up a silver shining locket, and opened it. Inside, was the picture of a happy family.

” Mom, Dad, the day is finally here. Watch me as I make them pay for what they did to us. ” She closed the locket and wore it around her neck.

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