A Deadly Temptress

he transparent bag, and picked her phone.

This time, she opened the door herself to avoid being the center of attraction. She was the only one present in the garage. The only living thing there. There were about thirty cars present, counting hers among.

Well….., this was a hospital, not a restaurant.

She walked out of the garage into the hospital. She was now in the reception, her heels making clicking sounds as she walked forward. All eyes turned to see who entered. Everywhere became silent, immediately they saw her. A beauty!!!! The receptionist was concerned and looked up to see the cause of decorum.

” Miss….Miss Bai. ” The receptionist stuttered. The receptionist was a woman. She had a cute face . Her hair had a blunt, chin-length bob brown hair. She was nervous as she saw the way the people in the reception were looking at the woman who just entered. She wanted to cry.

Why are you looking at her like this? Do you all have a death wish….? She thought as she smiled professionally at her. The last time someone couldn keep their hands to themselves and attempted to touch her. That day, Miss Bai made the person get admitted into ICU. Since then, everyone in the hospital feared her. She was the definition of a deadly temptress.

” Good day to you. Is there anyone visiting him currently? ” Miss Bai nodded her head in greeting, and asked the receptionist.

” No, maam. You are free to see him. ”

” Ok. ” With that said she turned around and walked away.

After she left, the enchanted people became sane. They didn know what happened to them. The receptionist couldn help but shake her head as she returned to her work.

Miss Bai walked down the hallway. All the hospital workers she encountered greeted her with respect and …..fear. Afterall, she was the Chief Executive of the Hospital.

She walked into a room filled with drugs, and equipment. She directly went forward and opened a drawer. Inside it were injections. She took one , and threw it into the bag she was holding. With a smile, she turned around and walked out. She arrived in front of an elevator. A man was standing there.

Seeing who it was , the man swiped a card on a small protruded screen next to him. The elevator opened.

” Maam… ” With his head bowed in greeting, he gestured for her to enter.

” Good day. ” She said and entered the elevator. She pressed the button for the fifth floor. The elevator closed, and moved up.

Soon it arrived at its destination, and opened. Miss Bai walked into a silent hallway with only ten doors in total. She walked up to the last door, and turned the knob. The door opened, and she entered, closing the door behind her.

The faint noise from medical equipment resounded in the room. The whole room was filled with the strong smell of medicine. She walked forward, slowly. Her heels were not making any sound as she moved. She appeared near the bed , and looked at the person lying on it with a sincere happy smile. The person lying flat on the bed, face up , was a male.

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