The person lying on the bed was a male. He had lush lode black hair, that had a rippling quality, a sign of his rude health. His aquiline nose , he sported, complemented his prominent cheekbones. His crescent-of-moon eyebrows were thin and narrow.

Handsome in an understated way, his basalt jaw and spartan shoulders spoke of strength. He wasn a male model , but he might have been. He was around the age of twenty five.

His eyes were closed, and his face was slightly pale. An oxygen mask covered his nose, keeping him breathing. The heart monitor sounded with every beat of his heart.

Miss Bai brought out the bouquet of rose flowers and placed it inside the half filled flower vase with water. The piece of paper was placed under the vase.

She took the vial , and uncorked it. She tore the paper protecting the injection, and removed the injection. She placed the needle into the vial , and pulled. The blue liquid was sucked into the injection. She turned around and looked at the IV stand. The drip was finished. She injected the drip, and watched as the liquid slowly entered the tube .

Soon , the blue liquid had entered the mans body. Slowly, the mans complexion became rosy. Seeing that his condition got better, she turned around and walked away.

” This is what I should do, since I am the reason why you are on this bed. ” She muttered before leaving the room.

” An hour to go. ” She entered her car, and left the hospital premises.

She stopped at a mall , selling clothes. She picked up a black pants and white shirt without checking the tags. The female attendant smiled widely at her.

The clothes she picked were one of the most expensive in the mall.

” Here, maam. You are always welcomed here. Thank you for your patronage. ” The female attendant handed her the clothes in a bag. She tried to sweet talk her, telling her about the clothes they had in stock and the ones that would be brought later, but she didn have time for that. She nodded her head at her , and walked out.

” Hehehe…I can finally get a raise in my salary. This is the kind of customer that should be coming here. Beautiful, elegant, reserved, and modest. I hope she comes here next time. ” The smile on the female attendants face made the other attendants cringe.

Miss Bai drove to a quiet alleyway. She got down from the car with the bag and a black purse in hand.

” Deca, disassemble the car. ”

” Commencing command. ”

In the dark alleyway, something that could become a big hit in the science world was happening. The car disintegrated at the speed of light into a piece of metal.

Miss Bai picked it up and pocketed it. She pressed the upper button of her jacket. Instantly, the suit changed into a long sleeved black dress.

The dress fits at the hips and gradually flares out towards the hem, which makes the dress look like an A . It was an A-line dress. It brought out the femininity in her . Her thigh high boots changed into black ballet flats. She was all black. It was like she was dressed for a funeral. Well….. it might be what would happen. Everyone was going to a birthday, while she was going there to pay them back for what they did to her family in the past.

She walked out of the alleyway, and hailed a cab.

” Where to ? ” The driver asked.

” B Estate. ” She answered as she entered and made herself comfortable on the seat.

The driver nodded his head, and pressed the accelerator.

She is a worker there. She earns more than I do . My salary for a month is equal to her salary for two days. Ahhhhhhhhh… I shouldn lament. Its my destiny. The driver thought in melancholy, as he watched her from the rearview mirror.

Slowly, the scenery changed as they entered a less crowded highway. The cab arrived in front of a big gate.

Miss Bai paid the driver, and alighted from the car. She walked up to the gate, and the security opened the gate. Without considering him, she walked into the estate. The security also didn bother to acknowledge her presence.

She walked along the driveway. The distance from the gate to the mansion was long. No wonder its called an estate, even though it was only a mansion that was on the property.

Soon , a magnificent mansion came into view. A mansion that looked like a palatial. Painted in sky blue . It was surrounded by a garden of rare flowers. Every perimeter of the ground was patrolled by armed security and every inch of the property was wired with cameras, security lightning, and motion sensors.

Miss Bai walked up to the door that could accommodate a family of seven to see a middle aged woman with her hair packed in a bun , scowling at her with her arms akimbo.

” You are late. ” She sneered at Miss Bai.

” I arrived here exactly after three hours. If you would excuse me , I have something urgently to do. ” She answered with a straight face , and walked past her.

The middle aged woman was fuming in anger as she watched how Miss Bai walked out of her. She couldn stop her , because Miss Bai served someone with a higher authority to her. And most importantly, she wasn ready to lose her job.

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