Destroyer Of Happiness

Hope Hospital, VVIP room


A female nurse was changing the empty drip on the IV stand , when she noticed something. She thought she saw the man on the bed moving his fingers.

She came near him to confirm she wasn hallucinating. The mans eyelashes trembled and his fingers moved again. She was stunned.

” Ahh… ” A hoarse voice came out of his mouth. The man felt as if his whole body was paralyzed, with great difficulty he slowly opened his eyes.

” Where……I….? ” His vision was blurry. He saw a white ceiling, and he could hear some noise from medical equipment.

The nurse was rooted to the spot. She even forgot how to breathe for a second, as she heard him speak.

Suddenly, the man clutched his head, and groaned in pain. Hearing his cry, the nurse came back to her senses. She quickly pressed the intercom nearby, and called the doctor.

Soon, the doctor arrived with a middle-aged woman.

” What happened? ” The doctor asked.

” The patient regained consciousness. ” The nurse said in excitement.

” What..?!!! ” The doctor asked, surprised.

” Is…It….true…my….s…on.has regained his consciousness? ” The middle-aged woman asked in tears with a smile on. Her voice showed happiness and expectation.

She looked at her unconscious son, seeing him without movement made her smile disappear. She turned to face the nurse with suspicion in her eyes. Her face was expressionless.

The nurse was nervous and flustered. She knows what this woman can do when she is angry. Afterall, she was the matriarch of Shen Family. A military family. And she came from a powerful business family.

” Its true. The patient was conscious a few moments ago. ”

The doctor moved forward, and examined the man on the bed.

” The nurse is right, madam. He has escaped from coma. Now, he is just sleeping. He will open his eyes within a day. ”

The doctor also didn believe what he was saying, but that was the truth. They all knew there was no way for him to survive. He had been in a very serious accident. For him to be able to survive it was a miracle. But he would only be able to live on oxygen, and forever be in coma. Now he was awake. It was too much for the doctor, that he had to take a deep breath.

Hearing what the doctor said, the middle-aged woman smiled brightly.

” Finally….. after three years… ” She muttered as she stroked his hair.

The doctor administered new medication for him with the help of the nurse. They removed the oxygen mask, since he could now breathe by himself.

” When he wakes up , these are his medications. He shouldn take anything solid for now. After we have watched his condition for a few days, he will be discharged. You would need to get a physiotherapist for him, since he has been on this bed for three years. His neurons have forgotten how to give command for his legs to move. ” The doctor explained some other things to her. The Dos and Don s.

The middle-aged woman listened to everything he said with rapt attention. After making sure that there was nothing out of place, the doctor finally left with the nurse.

The middle-aged woman sat down on the couch in the room. She couldn hold her excitement any longer and picked her phone.

On the second ring, the phone was answered.

” Wife..? Did something happen? ” A deep masculine voice asked.

” No..He ….is… awake. Our son is awake. ” She said the last sentence without stuttering. She was smiling happily. Her smile was radiant, that it brought out her beauty despite the fact that she was in her forties.

” Hahaha….I would be there now. ” The man on the other side was happy. Finally his son was awake.

After hanging up with him, the middle-aged woman dialed another number.

On the first ring, the phone was answered.

” Yes , Mrs. Shen ? ” A melodious voice asked. It was calming and soothing to the ears.

” He….He is awake. Hahahahaha…. Thank you. Thank you so much. ” She cried in happiness.

” Its nothing. It was my job, anyway. I am glad he is awake. ”

” Thank you, so much. My family will forever be grateful to you. ”

” Its no problem, ma. I got to go. ”

The middle-aged woman hung up , and watched her son.


At B Estate Mansion

Immediately the middle-aged woman hung up , Miss Bai smiled. She was in a disguise. Her face was ordinary, and her hair was packed in a bun. She picked up the tray of snacks and went out of the enormous kitchen. So many maids were moving around, decorating and preparing the mansion for the event that was going to take place soon.

Decorating for a funeral, huh? She thought while smiling devilishly.

She quickly made her way through the crowd of servants, and reached the staircase in no time. She climbed the spiral white staircase, keeping her head down.

Soon , she was standing in front of a door.


She knocked gently on the door, three times.

” Come in. ” A sweet voice said.

She opened the door, entered, and closed the door behind her. It was a giant room, painted in gold. It had a queen sized bed at the center. A walk-in closet at one side. A door to the bathroom at another side. A dressing table at one side.

At the dressing table, a woman was sitting with her back to her. She had blonde hair. Miss Bai walked up to the table, and placed the tray on it.

She was about to turn around and leave when a voice stopped her.

” Where are you going ? Did I ask you to leave? ” The woman spoke in a condescending tone.

Miss Bai turned around to face her. The woman was pretty, getting eight out of ten , if that was the range they would use in a beauty competition. She had blue eyes, and pink lips. Her skin was smooth and fair. She was not fat or thin. She was fit, and endowed in all important places. She was dressed in a white bathrobe. Her long fair legs complemented the white bathrobe. She was the woman of every mans dream.

But that pretty face was now ugly. She stared at Miss Bai with disgust. She was the second young miss of the Wu family. Wu Ling. A twenty year old girl in her third year in the university. She was mean to everyone below her status, arrogant, and selfish.

” Young miss, you didn . But if I remember correctly, you asked me to pick the clothes you would wear tonight as soon as I brought your snacks. ” Miss Bai answered professionally. She was not angry or displeased with the way Wu Ling spoke to her.

” Then , what are you waiting for? Go, already. It will start in the next two hours and I must be ready. ” She shooed Miss Bai away, and turned her attention back to her phone.

Miss Bai turned away to do as she asked.

This is the last time I will do this. I am going to make you pay for all the things you did to me all these years. I don let my enemies go scot-free. I make them suffer ten times what they did to me. Thats how I got my nickname ” Rose ” .

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