And I stood, lost in thoughts reminiscing about the past. The chattering of students during the lunch period. One could clearly see them running from poles to poles in the school premises from a distance. They looked like animals that had been released from a long time enclosure.

I walked down the stairs with my friends while we looked for Juniors to bully off their lunch. We were well known for our bad behaviors because we were always found defaulting of one thing or the other.

We were able to stop a young girl who seemed to be in the 9th or 10th grade. She had with her, her lunch. She turned pale immediately she saw me keenly staring at her, she had recognized me. As the head of the gang I ordered them to stop her and take her lunch and any cash she had on her. She gave in as she couldn fight back. There was something that seemed to bother me, she looked familiar. She just stared at me and left after my minions had emptied her. I could have sworn I had seen her before but that was the least of my problem now.

I knew I had issues remembering faces so I didn bother thinking much about the girl. But there was something about her that kept my spirit disturbed, I had to wave the thoughts aside because we had to feast.

”Bro! What have you been thinking about? Youve just been staring into space for a while now. We
e worried, are you sure you
e okay? ” Jack my right hand man asked.

I was a guy of few words. I believe that action speaks louder than words and I never hesitated in proving that.

”Yeah Im fine. You all ready to eat? ” I asked.

e ready. Should I share it or you want to do it yourself?

I nodded giving him the go-ahead signal to do it himself. He shared the food and I was given the lion share.

School closed and I walked down to a restaurant nearby with my friends. We ordered some food and ate. I brought up the topic of that girl again.

”Jack, Id love you to do something for me ” I said as the kept quiet to hear what I had to say.

”Go on Henry ” he said

”I want you to give me information about the girl whom we took her lunch today during recess ”

”Oh… okay, how quickly do you want it? ”

”As soon as possible, theres something odd about her ”

”I agree, I saw the way she glared at you. Not to worry my jobs always clean. ”

I smiled and began feasting on my food.

After eating I headed home alone. I had asked my friends not to tag along. I decided to walk down because a part of me was still bothered about the girl. I couldn explain the feeling, like a heavy load was on my chest. I was barely breathing. Was this what people called fear? I was scared of nobody and nothing so whats wrong with me?

Thoughts of different kind kept coming into my head. More questions upon questions and still no answers. It all came to a halt when I got to the street of my home. I could feel someone was watching but who. I stopped suddenly and turned to my right with speed: it was the little girl from school. She gave me that look again from the window of her room. I could still feel her watching as I went into my house.

I live with my mum: shes a single mother. I am one of those teenagers who never got to know their father. My mum was my world although we didn always get along. Mum would always tell me that my father left her when he found out she was pregnant for him. Sometimes her stories of my dad sounded so fake and Id get irritated. Well mum lies a lot and I know why I do it well. Mum worked two shifts to make sure I got everything I wanted so yes I spoilt. The only time I got to spend with mum was during the weekends or holidays. Mum did come back during the weekdays but immediately she was coming in, she was leaving again. It was kind of frustrating but I got used to being alone. Today I waited for mum to get back because I wanted to get some information from her.

Mum rushed in as always, I hurriedly followed her as she went about picking and dropping things.

”Mum, I want to ask you something ”

”Ok Hun, go on but make it quick Im In a hurry ”

”well, how bout I walk you to the bus stop to get a cab when you
e leaving? ”

She stopped and looked at me,

”Whats up with you? ” she said as she started touching me in fear ”are you okay sweetie? Are you sick? ” she paused for a second dropped her hands and looked at me keenly. ”what did you do this time, did you get yourself in trouble? You need cash… ”

”…Mum! ” I yelled, ”You
e not giving me a chance to speak ”

”Fine, whats up? ”

”I want to ask you something but its outside, Ill escort you to the bus stop and Ill show you okay?, I didn do anything I promise. ”

”If you say so then. Let me freshen up. ”

I went to sit down on the sofa and put my headset on listening to music. Mum watched me for some time and went to shower, she was running out of time. I paid no attention to her as usual.

I was almost asleep when mum tapped me and signaled me to remove the headset I had on.

”Im ready to leave ”

I stared at her like some one who had lost their memory, I jerked up when I remembered I asked to escort her. We walked out together and locked the door behind us. She seemed happy I decided to escort her.

We walked down chatting, she did most of the talking. On getting to the block of the young girl, I said:

”Mum, do you know who lives in this apartment? ”

” Oh yeah, an army personnel lives there with his wife and three kids, two girls and a boy. Pretty nice kids. ”

”I see. ”

”The eldest kid goes to your school, spoke to the mum bout putting her kids in the same school but she refused. Well thats her business, whyd you ask? ”

” Oh nothing mum, I thought one looked familiar and you just confirmed that. ”

”Okay, how was school today. ”

”Normal ”

”Well I wanted to ask you something Hun… ”

”Whats that? ”

”Do you have a girlfriend? ”

I looked at her and started laughing, nearly choking.

”What? Im just curious. ”

”Whyd you think that? ”

”Well I don know, everyone your age has a partner and you don talk much and Im barely at home so its only proper I ask. ”

”Well Ill clear you on that, Im not into those things ” I said still laughing.

”Oh come on sweetie, you can stop laughing at mummy now. ”

”Mum, Im not laughing at you, but howd you think that? Like how do I walk up to a girl and tell her that? Cmon now mum. ”

”Theres no harm in trying hun, I can prep you if you like. ”

”No I don need it. ”

”Not yet. ” She said with a smirk.

”But there must be a girl that catches your eyes… or else… ” she stopped walking and turned to look at me.

”… are you gay? ”

This time I hit a higher stage of laughter loud enough to wake the community.

”Mum! Whats all this? I said I said laughing hard amidst tears

”Cmon Hun, clear my doubts. ”

”Im straight mum but I haven seen any girl that reaches my taste. ”

”Now thats sad my boy ” she said as we got to the bus stop.

”Well continue from where we stopped when I get back from work. ”

”I highly doubt it but ok. Stay safe ”

A bus came to a halt, we were early.

”Alright, I love you. ” She said as she kissed my forehead.

”I love to you too mum, bye for now. ” I said as I turned back to leave.

She smiled as I walked back home.

”Mummys boy ” she said underneath her breath but I heard it and gave a short smile as I kept walking home.

I slowed down when I got to the young girl from school block, I turned and said In my head: ”Now I have little knowledge about you. ”

I increased the volume of the song I was listening to and walked quickly home, it was getting late and I had a ton of chores and assignment I had to do before it got late. I got home and prepared lunch to eat. After doing my chores and assignment I picked up the remote and tuned to my favorite channel. I sat down watching and didn know how late it had become. I had an urge to look out the window, it was dark late. The clock said 10:30. Mum wasn back yet. I laid on the sofa and fell asleep.

I woke up to the sound of my alarm. The Television was off, I didn remember putting it off. I got off of the sofa and walked quietly to mums room. I gently placed my ears on the door and I heard steps moving forth and back in the room. I pushed the door open and I saw mum getting her things together to leave for work.

”Mum, you
e already leaving? ” I asked in confusion. ”I didn hear you come in at night. I was hoping youd wake me up so wed have dinner together. I was waiting. ” I continued.

”Im sorry hunnie but you were far asleep peacefully and I didn want to disturb it. Well we can have breakfast together. ”

”Okay, is there food or I should go get something outside. ”

”No need for that sugar, lets make some pancakes together, been awhile since we last did that. ”

”Sounds fun, Ill just shower and brush and Ill be in the kitchen there with you in a jiffy. ” I turned to the door walking out and stopped at the door post, and said ”Lets walk down to the bus stop after that, shall we? ”

”Its a done deal! ” she said with gladness.

I walked to my room, showered and brushed like I told her I would. After that I walked down to the kitchen and saw her preparing the table to eat.

”You already made breakfast? ”

”No, I was waiting for you. ” I smiled slightly as I walked close and gave her a hug. She looked exhausted and I wanted to show her I really appreciated what shes been doing for me.

”Thanks mum… for everything. ”

”Aww, my baby. ” She hugged me tighter and gave me a kiss in the forehead.

”Lets quickly make breakfast before we run late. ”

I nodded. She brought the eggs, f

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