lour and other ingredients while I mixed everything together. She just smiled as she watched me.

”Thanks for joining me make breakfast. Im sorry if Im not always around, you know everything I do, I do to secure your education. I only want the best for you so please continue to help me ok sweetie? ” she said while we had our breakfast.

I nodded and kept eating to avoid choking on the food as I rushed it down.

I dapped my mouth with the napkin on the table.

”Thank you. ” I always say that to mum after eating. I took my dishes to the kitchen and washed it.

”You ready to leave now? ” she asked as she arranged her bag in the living room.

”Yeah I am. ” I said as I rushed to get my bag. I was running late.

”Lets go Im running late! ” I said as mum brought out something squeezed in her palms and stretched it out to give me.

I looked at her sternly and confused.

”Whats that? ”

”Take it and check ”

I took it and opened it. She gave me 50 bucks. That was 30 bucks higher than my normal weekly allowance. I looked at her in joy and hugged her.

”Thank you ”

” Anything for my baby, now lets go. ”

We walked to bus stop and ordered an Uber. I usually took the school bus but mom had just gotten her pay cheque and she wanted to take me to school. Felt great though because its been ages since she last took me to school.

Im in my final years in high school so yes Im a legal adult. Im 19 of age already and I still know nothing about my dad.

I stepped out of the car few seconds as we arrived at the gate of our school building.

”Henry ” mum called out to me as I walked towards the main building of the school.

”Yes mum? ” I said as I walked back to the Uber. She held my hand and kissed it.

”Be good okay ”

”Okay, bye. Have a great day ahead ” I said with a little smile on my face.

I walked quietly down to the main building of the school. I met with my friends and as we walked to our class I heard the Uber drive away.

It was half way to recess when I got called to the principals office with my friends. We reluctantly went to her office. I thought of what might had made her summon us but nothing came to my head because I was fully aware I had done a lot and still had numerous more. I vowed torment the principal due to the public humiliation she gave me when I was in the 10th grade. We had a class presentation on sex education. In as much as I was a quiet person, I really found it hard coming to talk in public. During the class, I was called on by the science teacher to give my presentation when the principal walked in. She was still new on the duty then and decided to go around inspecting and getting to know the school properly when she walked into our classroom. I immediately grew cold feet. I had already made my way to the front of the classroom when she walked in. I tried signaling the teacher for me to take permission to leave but she refused because everybody was scared of the principal. She was strict and had no tolerance for indiscipline. I on the other hand found nothing scary about the woman. But I found it weird presenting such a topic with the new principal watching me keenly. The principal gave me a go-ahead signal and I started.

”Umm… good day class, like yall know Im Henry Maxwell McAnthony-Ann by name. Err… well… Im here… to… err… talk about… the… ” I paused as I realized that my classmates were already laughing. Damn! I hated them. I slammed the book I was reading from and stormed out of the class in anger. I was called back to class by the principal after the presentation had ended.

As I walked back into the class, I saw her with my book smiling from ear to ear.

”Your research is splendid and elaborate Mr. Henry, I love it. But you couldn present it to your classmates and teacher because of your stage fright. Ill help you get over it ” she paused and was thinking for what seemed like forever.

”Lets make a public presentation on the graduation of the 12th graders. Thats in like a months time, plus or minus. I want you to be there Mr. Henry, no surprises. Now that theyd be going to college they need this information as it is vital. I strongly believe we should also enlighten the younger ones coming up. ” She still with the smile on her face. I turned to look at our science teacher, she also was smiling and nodded in agreement to what the principal said.

”Well I also have a say in this ” I said as I was already angry with the principal. ”Youve successfully embarrassed me in the presence of my classmates now you want to do it to me in the presence of the whole school? No way maam, Im not going to play that game with yalls no! ”

”Mr. Henry please be calm and listen to the principal. Im sure theres a way we can resolve this issue to benefit everybody ”

”Well then, tell me cause I have stated whats in my mind. I won sit and cross my arms while you play me a fool. ”

”Hah! Mr. Henry, nobodys playing you a fool here. We just want whats best for the students. ”

” For the students? What about me? ”

”Well you get to get over your stage fright ”

” Well if getting over it is by doing what I don want to, then Im out. Im not going to satisfy your need by doing that. Plus its my work and my research thats enough benefit to you. Forcing me to come and present it publicly is a total no from me. Itll I best you get someone else to present it and I give you my work. Its not fair but its okay for me. ”

”Mr. Henry ”

” Maam, the ball is in your court now ”

She thought for a while and then gave in.

”umm, one more thing ”

”Whats that Mr. Henry? ”

”I take the acknowledgment for the work. Im not going to the stage by the way. ”

”If thats all I will take my leave. ”

”You haven agreed to my condition yet ”

”Mr. Henry ”

”Will you do it or not? ”

”I will ”

”Well then, you can take the book with you ”

She walked out of the class and I had my seat. All my classmates started cheering me for standing up to her.

Another incident I had with her was when I put rotten egg in the bag of our gym teacher. She was always being partial. That particular day I was ill and she had forced me to going in the relay race. I landed in the hospital for a week and my come back was sweet. I gathered some boys to beat her up on her way home. When she came back to school we put rotten egg in her bag and locker. A snitch ranted me out after the principal promised a slash on school camp payment. I got detention for a month.

”Mr. Henry a report came to my desk today that you and your gang of friends bullied a 7th grader yesterday of her lunch ”

I just stared at her sternly.

”Is that true Mr. Henry? ”

”I don know ”

” Mr. Henry can you concentrate here ”

”It seems like you
e accusing me already because of the way you
e staring at me. ”

”Im just asking harmless question here*

”It would have been harmless if it was just between us and you or with a teacher, I don see why there are five teachers here and you claim not to be accusing us? ”

”Well I can send them out now since they are already here ”

I looked at her and the teachers there Im complete silence.

”Wont you say something Mr. Henry? ”

”I have nothing to say because it seems like you have made your decision already ”

She whispered into one of the teachers there. The woman got up and left. I remained silent until she came back with a girl. I looked at her with no facial expressions.

”Do you know him? ” the principal asked

”Yes ma ” the girl replied with a tiny voice.

I looked at her and she got frightened.

”Can you tell us what happened yesterday? ”

The girl narrated everything.

”Thank you Margaret, you may leave now ”

”So Margaret is her name ” I whispered to myself

”What do you have to say for yourself Mr. Henry? ”

”Like I said before you were accusing me, now its her word against mine. I mean everyone knows me shes making a mistake probably ”

She remained silent for a while.

”You may leave now Margaret ” and the girl walked out of the office.

”Mr. Henry I am trying to protect you here but you
e not helping. Her father is commander in the force and it would be very bad if you got on the wrong side if her father, and that goes to you boys too. Let this be a warning to you, don mess with that girl or her siblings. Moreover I can let this slide because you all are fond of doing this. Its not the first time Im hearing this but I can over look this one not only because of the girl you bullied in person or her father but I want this to be a lesson to you all. No crime goes unpunished. Therefore we have all agreed that you boys will have detention for a month ”

”Pardon me but what we did does not deserve a month detention ”

The teachers started to mummer amongst themselves, one sprang to his feet and yelled

”You don have a say here boy! Show we the teachers and the principal some respect here. We have made our decision don question us ”

”With all due respect sir, I didn speak rudely Im just stating a fact. A month is too much ”

”Please calm down Mr. Jude ” the principal said.

”I think the fact that the principal calls you with Mr. Is intoxicating you ”

I smirked at him.

”Can you look at him, no atom of remorse! ”

”Please have your seat Mr. Jude, we can resolve things with shouting and hes not wrong, Ill reduce your detention to 2 weeks starting from tomorrow any more act like this and you get suspended ”

I looked at my boys and back at the teachers and principal in silence.

”You may leave now ”

We all matched out. Leaving teachers and the principal to commute.

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