t hair was braided into two backwards to show off his perfectly chiseled face.

”Please! ” The old man yelled once more, this time sobbing childishly.

”Please. ” A soothing, deep voice resounded sinisterly in the throne room. A defenseless old man was wailing in front of him, and his crimson wolf-like eyes narrowed at him.

He continued calmly, his crimson eyes glistening ominously, ”You are crying, you are begging, you doing all this indicates that you are announcing me as a wicked person. ”

The elderly man struggled to rise up while shivering with terror. ”Please! I will do anything you ask of me! Instead of my daughter, take me! ” The elderly man begged.

He smiled as if he had just overheard a terrible joke, ”Oh very sweet, you are so eager to lay up your life for your daughter since she is your own flesh and blood, your life source, your heart and soul, your daughter. ”

The ethereal being rose from his throne, displaying his height and perfect, muscular physique as the quivering old man watched in terror.

”Pl…please! ” Again, the elderly man yelled.

When another soothing deep voice said, ”Stop saying that, ” the elderly man wailed and fell to the ground once more.

”Are you mistreating this elderly man, Zeus? ” With a deep chuckle, the speaker inquired.

Zeus rolled his eyes and reclined on his throne, putting one leg on top of the other and letting his body sink into the plush cushion.

A man who looked exactly like him entered the throne room. The mans hair was free and ruffled, while Zeuss was braided, and that was the only difference between them.

Zeus and Zamiel Novikov, who were also the Alphas of Celestia, were twins.

Zamiel smiled with pure satisfaction as his crimson wolf-like eyes narrowed at the old man who was staring at him like he was a ghost. His hands appeared to have been soaked in a pool of blood, and his lips and jaw were covered in blood.

”Do I appear to be a ghost? ” He questioned the elderly man while widening his red eyes to appear innocent.

”You ate dinner without me, right? ” Zeus scoffed as he asked his brother.

With a glare at his brother, Zamiel muttered, ”You know I never share anything with you. ”

”My daughter, please! ” The man charged at Zamiel while screaming hysterically. The man suddenly froze, coughing, and his head twisted strangely to face Zeus, who was firmly holding his neck.

As Zamiel saw his brother take out the old mans head, spitting blood all over him in the process, he took his time licking the blood from his blood-soaked fingers.

”Hey! I dislike old blood. ” Zeus scoffed and threw the old mans head and body to the ground as Zamiel hissed at him.

Zeus remarked in a low voice, ”You should be grateful to me, you have eaten your food. ” Then he put his bloody hands in his coats pocket.

”But I need desert, ” Zamiel grinned at him, and in an instant, he was seated on the throne.

Zamiel moaned, ”I feel a little full but not satisfied, ” as he licked his bloodied fingers.

Zeus yawned while showing off his fangs, then sighed deeply.

At his brother, Zamiel laughed. ”You should eat your food since, as usual, you will cause more destruction than I do. ” His mischievous, wolf-like red eyes twinkled.

”Your Majesties, ” A grizzled voice called, glistening with respect and fear.

Zeus and Zamiel turned to face the head elder, who they saw as a motherly figure. She had been caring for them ever since they had awakened from their seemingly endless sleep.

Zeus calmly called ”Lucy, ” nodded, and then strode passed her and out of the throne room.

Lucy gave a faint smile before turning to face Zamiel, who was sitting on the throne and merely gazing at her. She then continued to look at the headless body, head, and the blood on the floor.

”You seem disturbed; whats wrong? ” Zamiel enquired.

Lucy responded with a heavy sigh, ”Im sure you have heard about stories of vampires attacking the city. ”

Zamiel calmly assured her, assuaging her concerns, ”I have and you should be resting instead of getting involved, the warriors will take care of it and if it becomes severe, I and Zeus will take care of it. ”

”However, I heard… ” Zamiel cut her off right away.

”I know youve heard they
e not typical vampires because of the scales on their backs and the unusual colors in their eyes. ”

When she looked up, he was standing in front of her. Lucy was intimidated by him because of his height.

He moved past her out of the throne room, whispering, ”Some bodies were brought in earlier, don get involved in this, Raul will, after all, he is your son. ”

Lucy murmured ”Of course ” in a low voice before closing her eyes.

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