Tama: The little dragon

Entry 1: A strange stone

It was a day just like any other….I woke up at morning at 6:00 am and was greeted by birds in the early morning.

I had a good feeling today was going to be a special day. This is the region of Paldia…a magical world where we humans with magic and magical beasts live comfortably. Its a time of peace and I am Gale Krount…a 24 year-old man who was handsome and had orange hair for its head had a wonderful morning like something interesting might happen today…..and so I declared

”Today I, Gale Krount, will make the best use of this day today ” just outside my window

Its the year 849 DC and I can already see all those travelling horses and people opening up their stores

”Well…time to open my store too ”

I run a clinic of treating magical beasts while also selling medicinal herbs and treatments to my patients…

This world is a peaceful and magical

We are dependent on using magic for our daily lives

I have no troubles with my shop and also I am well respected commoner here

And so I woke up, got ready, ate my breakfast and went down to open the clinic…

* * * * * *

It was 10:00 am in the morning and then someone entered my store-

”Hello there Gale, Good morning!! ”

”Oh, good morning Aunt Lina ”

The woman who just greeted me was my neighbour who went by the name Lina Evans

She was in her 50s and was really sweet. She had a round face and was really sweet

”Im sorry to disturb you in early of the morning but it seems we ran out of our Freecon herbs. Can you give us some? ”

Aunt Lina requested it….and of course how could I refuse my customer

I went back to the clinic to find the herbs only to find out I hadn restocked them…

looks like I need to go to the forest to collect it again

”Im sorry Aunt Lina..it seems I have ran out of them as well..Can you please wait for 30 minutes while I go to the Eclypse forest and collect them ”? I was rather angry and irritated at my clumsiness of how did I not restocked my herbs

”Oh dear, you don have to trouble yourself…how do you think we both should go and collect it? ” she suggested it while smiling

”N-No Aunt Lina you don have to trouble yourself ”- I said it rather hurriedly- ”It will take me 20 minutes to restock them without any trouble…besides I can take care of myself ”

Aunt Lina thought for a while and said ”Okay dear, I will be waiting at my house! ”

And so I got ready with a basket and set off to the Eclypse forest just at the outskirts of this town.

I lived at a commoner town called Hiburg town…it was just a few kilometres away from the royal capital where all the nobles and the current king lived!

Us commoners had it easy because we were almost never in trouble whenever something happened in royal capital due to us living outskirts of the capital and our business always boomed whenever there was a festival…

Even so I set off to Eclypse to find the Freecon herbs which are located at deep inside the forest…

* * * * * *

I entered the forest and started searching for the herbs.

It isn too hard to find it once you get used to it.

I always come he

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