Tama: The little dragon

Entry 4: Enter Frisa; A troublesome Neighbour

Now that I have decided that I will take care of Tama from now on until it grows big enough to take care of itself….it wasn as easy as I thought it might have been

Now don get me wrong I knew it wouldn have been easy to take care of a baby dragon and train it so it doesn destroy my house on its wake, but the main problem I was facing was…..money…..

I had very limited amount of money. Because I am a commoner and I run my own store….needless to say I don have enough money to take care of myself AND a dragon

My second problem was that I have no idea how to take care of a dragon….I have no idea what it eats, what it means, how to train it and its various evolutions….I was not knowledgeable on dragons I admit it….

So to tackle these 2 problems I have to think of something…and very soon because this dragon definitely eats alot

* * * * * *

Now what can I do for my 2 main problems….for the first one I can perhaps go for door-to-door services in other areas so that I can get some money but that would mean I would have to go outside this town leaving Tama alone and that isn a good idea….perhaps I can work somewhere else for a change but that would mean I can be a veterinary all time and I can see out my store AND do other job at the same time….perhaps I can hire someone to look for this clinic but that would be extra expense for now and I don have the luxury to afford it…..that are 3 ways for now I thought of but my second problem is about Tama itself….I have to know what it eats and trains….that definitely comes first but I can go on houses to houses and ask for tips how to take care of magical beasts now can I?

So for this problem I decided that I would go to the public library at the main capital to issue some books about dragons….

Because the second problem looks affordable and given time I could read the books if they are available…I can definitely know perhaps what a dragon eats and nutrients necessary for its growth and perhaps a book like How To Train Your Dragon so that it doesn get THAT dependent on me and never even leaves….that is not an ideal situation in any way I see it…perhaps I have to train Tama how to NOT destroy a House because I am losing money left and right on repairs…

”This is such a hassle ” I sighed looking at Tama…..

Well I still had to do something so today I decided to close the clinic and go to the library to research about dragons

Now I can take Tama with me so I had to research quickly so thats why this time I locked all my windows, threw curtains with it, locked all the doors and kept some food in front of Tama so it doesn go hungry

”Now listen Tama, I have to go to library today so that I can know what you need alright. So I won be able to play with you so please stay still and don destroy anything ” I said it to Tama which he replied with his usual ”Kyuu ” in its high pitched voice. Now I have no idea if Tama understood me or not but leaving it home alone was worrisome. Still praying to God that nothing bad happens to Tama and my previous house I set off to the library….on my way I saw a new shop opening here…well alright I hope the new shopkeeper also finds a success here and thus I set off.

* * * * * *

Now the main capital from my town is only 30 minutes ride away so I took a lift from a trader who seemed to be heading towards the capital itself

He dropped me in the front gate and I thanked him for it and so I checked myself in the entry gate and entered the main capital.

It was a huge place and you could see the kings castle just by entering only…its on top of a mountain with all the noble residents residing there too

Now onto my left and right was the main Street where all kinds of shops are available…theres a say here If you are looking for a particular item…the main Street will surely have it and its actually true

People here sell all kinds of stuff for a profit and when I mean all kinds of stuff I mean everything…theres a reason its called the main street you know, the roads were big and well maintained, the infrastructures were properly built, the stores itself was well maintained. People here take business seriously. Look at me getting all distracted, I have to go to the library now and so I set off for the library.

After 4 minutes walk I found the library

It was as massive as ever with a big globe of a ball at its top and the whole building made of yellow bricks and a spherical glass at its top. And so without worries I entered the library

”Welcome to the Paldia library! ” The attendant greeted me once I entered it with a smile

”Um, excuse me. Can you please tell me where can I find books about dragons? ”

”Its to the right corner of the second shelf..there you will find all the books about dragons and all other magical beasts. ”

”Thank you! ” and I started moving

”Excuse me Sir! You have to sign the log book here before you can go! ” the attendant suddenly stopped me

How silly of me and so I signed my name, received my card and moved on to search for the books.

”Thank you very much Sir, please enjoy your time here! ” The attendent set me off with a smile

I smiled back and so I went to the right corner of the second shelf….there I found various books about magical beasts like Griffins, Kappa, Ogres, Tengus and after searching for a while I found the book I am looking for Introduction to the dragons and How can you train a dragon these are the two books I need currently so I picked it up…found a seat and began reading the first book….

And soon I found about various stuff about dragons…..

Dragons are mythical creatures which are very hard to find and they mostly live in mountain regions where the the land reaches clouds. They are fast learners and start learning about things at the moment they are born. They can understand the human languages and other languages with other mythical beasts, for this reason they are at the apex of the world…dragons are very strong and they have the ability to wreck natural disasters so if you ever encounter one….just don let it notice you and run for your life…..

I gulped reading this

I also learned that dragons can grow at a very fast rate if given proper food, they mostly eat meat and it seems that any proper meat is nutritious for them…well that saves some trouble for food but meat is costly so I still need to think about the money…..

I also learned about the differences about male baby dragon and female baby dragon

The male baby dragon is already born with rough scales on its stomach and sharp claws while the female baby dragon is born with sharp teeth and a rough wings on their back

It seemed that Tama was a male baby dragon because it had sharp claws and it had rough scales on its stomach.

Alright that solves first half of my second problem…now that I know what Tama eats, how fast it grows, how smart they are, etc.

It seemed my time was already up and so I memorized the books name, kept back the books back from where I picked it up from and went out of the library

”Thank you very much!Please visit us again! ” The attendant said it to me as I was leaving with a smile.

And so it was evening time so I quickly went to a bookstore and tried to buy How Can You Train A Dragon….it seemed it was not available currently and it can only come here by next 3 days so he told me to come later.

Well I guess I have to come back 3 days later.

Now I had to go back and so I picked up a caravan and set off for home

It wasn until night time that I finally managed to reach home.

I was pretty nervous to enter my house currently because what would be the condition of the house Tama kept it in…still I had to enter it and to my surprise…..nothing happened…No really nothing happened. The house was perfectly fine and so I entered my room and to my surprise there were no scratches in my room this time around..And then I remembered about what the book had said that how dragons start learning the moment they are born…..So Tama understood me, ate its dinner and caused no trouble….wow

So satisfied by today I went to kitchen to cook my dinner and perhaps what I thought earlier was too soon….

the door to the cellar in my house and the walls surrounding it was completely scratched.

It seems Tama got a bit hungry and went to eat himself but because he is a child he couldn open the door and scratched it instead…..there goes my repair costs

I couldn help but laugh at it ”Oh Tama ” I chuckled a bit

And so I prepared my dinner and went to sleep thinking what I will do for tomorrow!

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