Tama: The little dragon

Entry 5: Evolutions?

Another new day has come to the land of Paldia. I, Gale Krount am struggling right now….it seems that Tama has caused another trouble

He seems to have taken a like to a stick which I use to open the shudder outside my clinic and if it broke that could end up in a disaster

”Give….it…back Tama!! ” I tried pulling the stick from Tama who was not ready to give it back

And so first thing in the morning….I was in a middle of a tug-of-war with a little dragon…..what a great start to a morning am I right!!

And so I managed to wrestle the stick out of Tama, gave him some milk while throwing a ball at him so that he plays with it and I opened the clinic peacefully.

Because I had not opened the clinic yesterday I can go to the Main street today. Also having financial problems I decided to just stay at the clinic, earn enough money to buy the book 2 days later.

”And off we go..haah! ” and so I opened the clinic and then someone greeted me from behind ”Good morning Gale! ” I looked behind to see it was Aunt Lisa who greeted me

”Oh good morning Aunt Lisa! How have you been this morning? ”

”Oh nothing its fine here… ” she continued ”By the way it seems you weren here yesterday did something happened? ” She asked me seeming concerned

”Oh, yesterday I went to the main capitals library for some research purposes… ” I can tell anyone that I have a baby dragon at my house currently.

”Oh, was it regarding herbs and other beasts? ”

”….yeah I had to learn more about a certain magical beast and some herbs that I am planning to put in on my store. ”

”Oh good luck then…by the way, did you noticed that someone bought the empty spot right around the entrance? ”

Hmm? Oh the store which was being rebuilt

”Yeah I noticed it yesterday. Is someone opening a shop here? ”

”Probably..we will learn what shop it is opening later on.. ” and so by saying this Aunt Lisa went her way

Now we have a new neighbour coming soon so it seems the towns gonna be busy to welcome our new neighbour

We have made a tradition here that whenever a new shop opens or a new resident comes to live here we give those new people or shops a welcome party as they receive blessings from the heaven for peace and prosperity…

It seems today was going to be a celebration…I am definitely gonna bring some meat back for Tama

* * * * * *

It was 12 noon currently. No customer was coming for now and it seems the street was empty which rarely happens here

Tama was sitting on the table behind the counter playing with the ball. I was afraid he might fall from it since he doesn know how to fly so I went towards him to get him down

”Tama lets get you down from here…you don wanna get hurt now do you? ”

It might seem that I am a bit overprotective but I can help it…he is only a week old you know….

The dragon still replied with its ”kyuu ” it seems I am getting used to this cute voice

and then suddenly a customer appeared

I was flustered for a second that I hid Tama behind my back in a hurry….

I quickly went towards the counter and welcomed the customer

”Welcome to the Krount Clinic and Herbs shops, how can I help you? ”

It seems that my customer was a young lady who had to be 23 years old with big eyes and long straight maroon hair. This lady seemed to be a commoner as well because of the apron she seems to be wearing but you can tell she looked like a commoner but more of a noble because she had such a pretty face…

She looked at me and said with a smile ”Oh hello there, are you perhaps the owner of this shop? ”

That smile perhaps and voice perhaps was the most beautiful thing I had heard

Now it wouldn be a stretch to say that she perhaps was a singer or a model because she had all the qualities to become one

Still I had to maintain my composure around her so that I don make a fool out of myself

”Yes, can I help you with something? ”

”Oh its nothing, you see I am moving here today and so I was introducing myself to everyone here. ”

Ah so she is the new neighbour moving here

I greeted her and welcomed her to this down

”Oh, so you are the new neighbour moving huh…its a pleasure to meet you. I am Gale Krount and I am the owner of this clinic! ”

”Nice to meet you too! I am Frisa Greese and pleasure to make your acquaintance. I recently moved here from the next town so I don know much about so I hope you can help me…I am a bit clumsy you see and I tend to get lost so please don feel irritated if I make some mistakes here. ”

It seems that she is quiet too energetic….

”Well we don tend to antagonise any of our neighbours here so if you need any help we are ready to help you anytime ” I reassured her calmly

”Thank you! ” she said it smiling and she continued ”By the way what shop do you run? ”

”Oh I run a medicinal herb shop and a clinic for magical beasts if they ever get ill. ” I answered her question

It seemed that hearing the word clinic made her lose her smile and she said this

”…..oh a clinic I see…you see Mr. Gale, I seem to be opening a clinic for magical beasts and humans alike you know….with a bakery as a side shop ” she continued, ”….so it might seem we are business rivals! ” She finished her sentence with a smile

Wait what? Huh? Eh? What did she just? HUH?!

”WAIT So you are going to open a clinic TOO!! ” Perhaps I said it too loudly because she seemed to be taken aback

”Uhhh yes! I actually learned alot of medical stuff from the Royal academy so I was hoping it to apply it in this town…. ”

”Wait! You studied in THE ROYAL ACADEMY?! ”

Royal academy is one of the prestigious schools here in the Paldia region, only nobles with huge sum of money seemed to enter there and the admission test there is one of the hardest tests out there so if a commoner or a peasant class managed to enter it…its like a miracle and it seems I am meeting with such a person currently….

”Sorry if it comes out rude, but you are a commoner right? ”

”Umm yeah? Why do you ask it? ”

”Oh nothing really…I just wanted to confirm some things

It seems a prodigy has entered this town and I might actually be in trouble because if a alumni from Royal Academy is opening a clinic here she might be better than me too!!

And that means I might incur some losses and will not be able to take care of Tama!!!!

Oh this isn good….not good at all!!

”Umm if you don mind I would like to take my leave now. I would like to introduce myself to other residents as well! ”

”Oh alright then, you may go. ”

”Thankyou very much ” she bowed her head and before leaving she said one thing

”I hope both of our businesses flourish and we don get closed ” with a smile and she took her leave….

…..THE AUDACITY…Is she really trying to pick a fight because we run the same business? Is she looking down on me!?!?

Well no worries thinking about it now…Now I know there will be a party tonight so I might just prepare for that…..

* * * * * *

And so the night time came and as expected

I prepared myself to go and told Tama

”Tama, tonight I will bring you some meat for dinner so please don do anything while I am out okay!! ” Tama responded to me with its usual ”Kyuu ”. Thinking he understood me I set off to the towns square which is in the middle of the town just 5 minutes walk away

”And so for this ceremony I would like to invite Miss Frisa Greese to say some words on the stage!! ” It was the closing ceremony

After some drinking and dancing with music it seems we are are the closing ceremony

I managed to pack some cow beef from the stalls for Tama so I hope he likes it….

And so Frisa went towards the stage

I don know why but it seemed she was about to trip….perhaps my imagination and so she finished this party with the words she said to me AND to everyone she visited today

And then we went to our home

I managed to return home and give Tama that cow beef which he seemed to enjoy it alot and ate it rather quickly…..

And so I had few more troubles with me

First regarding the book and second with Frisa in the same business field as me so I had to worry about it….

Suddenly I heard some knocking outside my house. I went to check and it was Frisa who came to talk to me

I had to ask what was she doing here to which she replied ”Ummm you see I am opening my clinic 2 days but….you see I have no idea how to run a clinic…it was always my dream to heal people and magic beasts alike so I was hoping you could help me with some of the stuff about how to deal with customers…. ”

”Is it the first clinic you opened here? ”

”Yes it is the first one. ” she continued but this time she bowed her head ”SO PLEASE!I hope you can help me!! ”

Now how can I refuse a young lady asking for help and so I replied that I will help to which she thanked me and sighed a sigh of relief

It seems she isn as bad as I thought but was way too kind-hearted and innocent for her own good.

She then decided to take her hand out for a handshake as a symbol of our friendship and I accepted it.

It seems my life in this town is going to be more fun from now on and I am looking forward for new things what fate might bring us so I took her to her house and went to sleep….

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