The Abysmal love

He is a Mafia Boss

Characters :

Shawn. (Hero)

Manda. (Heroin)

Lauren (Mandas sister)

Adward. (Shawns best friend)

I will add the other characters later.


Shawn is a tall, dark haired boy who has a sc

ulptured body and well defined features. He is the CEO of Meteor Enterprises, one of the leading companies in Europe . Shawn is a workaholic person and thats why he often feel stress also,which leads him towards the bar where he tries to chill and calm himself. He has a best friend known as Adward whos his childhood best friend . He often hang out with him on weekends. Hero goes to club on every weekend but never hooked up with anyone because for him it will be a cheating for his future wife. (Quite stereotype but he is what he is)

It passed 1 Oclock and his friend was fully drunk . He took him with himself and rode him off to his house . On his way back home,he saw a girl running after a puppy . He got mesmarised because she was looking very adorable and beautiful . She has long hair rosey lips, puffy cheeks and beautiful pair of eyes. She was wearing a pink hoodie which is covering half of her face as well.

He stopped the car because the heroin was in front of his car.

”Are you mad? Who are you and what are you doing here at this time? Don you have your parents to taught you that girls should not roam In the streets at this time? ” The dark haired guy burst out all the questions.

”Sorry for bothering you sir, I was sleeping in my room . Suddenly I felt like someone is about to snatch my dog away from me so I slowly slowly came downstairs and when I went to the garden, he was nowhere so I started searching for him and came here. ”Manda replied politely while lowing her head

Her voice was a melody for the Shawn. He felt something in his heart but don know what it was. He passed a smile to her and said

”Its OK but never roam around like this again, what if someone harm you? Now come inside the car Ill drop you to your home. ”

”Why would I trust you? You are also a stranger for me? ” Manda asked with a pouty lips which hero can resist but smile at her.

”OK than don trust, I have a hacking team behind me Ill get your fathers number and than will tell him that your daughter roam around in the streets at midnight everyday. ” The Muscular boy said teasingly and Instantly captured a picture of Manda and said while smiling

”see now I have the evidence as well ”

”Its not fair sir and its a lie as well, I only came out to find my dog and because of you he ran away from me now. Im not a person who roam around in the streets at midnight ”. She started crying.

”Hey,hey I was just joking, I won tell your father about it . just stop crying baby girl ”. He said and cleaned her tears. One thing which Shawn understand till now that the girl in front her is too innocent for this dangerous world and a sudden urge to protect her, cumming out of him.

”Now come inside the car its also very cold outside, first well find your dog and than Ill drop you at your house . Shawn said excitedly .

After listening the mentioning of her dog she nodded happily which was very adorable for Shawn and he smiled whole heartily.

It passed 3 Oclock and they didn find the dog, suddenly Manda pointed towards the bushes of someones garden and said here he is. She was about to move out of the car but stopped because of the strong grip of Shawn on her wrist.

”Wait inside I told you already that its cold outside, Ill bring you your dog . ” The dark haired guy said with his dominating aura and Manda nodded while smiling.

The CEO of Meteor enterprises is now chasing a dog in someones yard very quietly so that the owners won wake up. He took the dog in his hands and walking his way towards the car. On his way, he saw that Manda was laughing hardly ,while seeing the gentleman with the suite and boots chasing the dog in strangers garden.

Shawn can help but felt something for her, Something which is strange but yet so beautiful.


this is my first book so please guys support me as much as you can. You can share your thoughts about t hi is book and specially about this chapter in comment section.

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