The Adventures of the Reincarnated Vampire

Chapter 1: The Vampire\'s Ride to the Academy

Hi, Hi, its your one and only fluffy cuddly vampire princess Lily here, as a special treat the author is letting me tell all dear readers about the day after I saved Lucy and she became my wife/blood servant. We will going into details about the meeting with my mothers at a later date, this chapter is going to be all heartwarming fluff.

When I was waking up after saving Lucy, I found myself tasting something sweet and warm on lips. I want more of the taste and feeling. I wonder what it is? I open my eyes to see what it was, and it turns out it was Lucy waking me up with a kiss.

”Nyaaa…goo…good morning, Lucy ”. (Lily)

”Good Moring, Princess, your finally awake. Are you ok? Do you feel bad anywhere ”? (Lucy)

Lucy asks me while pulling away from the kiss. Huh, what is this feeling, I remember making Lucy my wife and blood servant after confirming with her. I know I was already in love with Lucy when I did so. But, now I feel as though I don ever to leave my side. I want more of that warm feeling from the kiss, I wonder if she will do it again, if I ask….

”I feel a little weaker than I used to, but more than that I feel lonely without you by me…can…can you ki…kiss me again ”? (Lily)

I can feel my facing turning red and getting hot when I ask Lucy for another kiss.

”…Im…not…su..sure ”? (Lucy)

Lucy seems to be unsure on what to do, maybe she is starting regret becoming my wife, maybe that was just a thank you and good bye kiss. What is this wh…why am I crying?

”Princess Lily, whats wrong why are you crying ”? (Lucy)

Lucy asks me while trying to wipe my tears.

”sniff…hic..sniff…I…thought maybe you don like me no more and was regretting becoming my wife and that was a bye-bye kiss ”. (Lily)

”No, no Princess Lily, you have it wrong, I won ever regret becoming your wife, I love you very much, I was just worried about overstimulating you now that you have become weaker, but if you wish for me to, I will hug and kiss you as much as want. So please don cry Princess. I won ever leave you ”. (Lucy)

”Kehehe, thank you Lucy, please let me be clingy for the next few days, I promise I will try to be back to normal soon. So…twitch..twitch…can you kiss me again pwease ”? (Lily)

”Fufufu very well, my princess. I will kiss and cuddle with all day for the next few days ”. (Lucy)

Lucy states as such before picking me up in princess carry and giving me a light kiss after sitting back down in her lap.

”Mmmh, hehehe, thank you Lucy, Im starting to get hungry for something sweet, can we maybe play the say aaahhhh game ”? (Lily)

”Very well, your wish is my command, my Princess. Let me guess, that something sweet you are hungry is pudding correct ”? (Lucy)

Lucy asks me as such before opening a tray beside us with butterscotch pudding inside. Im glad it was already prepared now I don have to stop hugging Lucy and get up from her lap which is my favorite my seat in the world now.

”Kehehe…you know me very well Lucy, thank you ”. (Lily)

”Well of course I would, Im your wife now after all. Now say aaahhh, my princess ”.

”Aaamm, so sweet, kehehe, I love you, Lucy ”.

”I love you too, Lily. ” (Lucy)

These events that supposed to last for a few days never stopped, and continued daily for the next three years and are still continuing every three days even in the present.

Author: WeebWrites96

Author Notes: I decided to post a extra fluffy chapter in between Lily and Lucys date and Lily and Yamis date. I hope you enjoyed the heartwarming fluff. I am currently planning on making a another extra chapter about the daily lives of Lily and Yami after they get together. Stay tuned, Lily and Lucy say Bye-Bye!

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