The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten Compete Edition

The Angel and the Great Cleaning Campaign

”Ah. ”

Amane heard a beautiful voice ring out like a bell from behind him.

Recently, hed grown accustomed to hearing that voice, but only around his apartment

building. Now he heard it while he was standing in the sweets aisle at the neighborhood


Amane had never expected Mahiru to acknowledge him in public, so he turned around

with some bewilderment to see her standing there, eyes wide.

A supermarket basket hung from her arm, and inside it sat a daikon radish and some

tofu, as well as a package of chicken thighs and a carton of milk. These were likely the

ingredients for her dinner tonight.

This was nothing special. Amane had coincidentally stopped by the candy aisle at the

same time. That was all.

”Just so you know, this is merely a coincidence, ” Amane asserted. ”Its not like Im

stalking you or anything. ”

”I know, I know. ” Mahiru nodded. ”We
e both just here because its the closest

supermarket. ” Before Amane had a chance to agree, he heard the girl mutter, ”Really,

though, thats the first thing that came to mind…? ” She stared down at a notebook that

she was carrying.

It was just like the meticulous Mahiru to dutifully record everything she needed.

Ignoring Amane in favor of her flower-patterned notebook, Mahiru brushed past the

sweets and began searching the condiments on display in the next aisle.

Something about Mahiru searching the shelves for kitchen staples and murmuring

things like soy sauce and mirin in her lovely voice seemed cute to Amane. It was clear

that the girl was in a strange kind of mood, however.

”Mirin is right here. Look, ” Amane said, pointing it out.

”Ah, not that—Im looking for the low-alcohol kind. I can buy that, since Im underage, ”

Mahiru replied.

”This is considered alcohol? ”

”Mirin is sweet rice wine, after all. The ones that are specifically for cooking still have

alcohol, but they add in salt to make it gross to drink, so even underage people can buy

it. ”

Amane had been about to hand her a bottle of mirin when she suddenly refused it,

shook her head, and instead placed the low-alcohol alternative in her basket.

”Learn something every day… ” This was all new to Amane, who did so little housework

that even these simple tidbits seemed revelatory. He watched Mahiru as she moved

quickly on down the aisle, stopping in front of a shelf full of soy sauce.

Mahiru frowned, as if she had only just noticed the price labels. ”…Bargain price, limit

one bottle per person… ” She had apparently been intending to buy a spare. Mahiru

grumbled in disappointment and turned to glance at Amane.

”Maybe… I could buy one, too? ” Amane quickly sensed what Mahiru had been trying

to convey with her eyes, and with a wry smile, he picked up a bottle of soy sauce. When

he did, her lips formed a satisfied arch.

”Its helpful to have someone who understands, ” she said.

e more economical than I expected, ” Amane commented.

”Well, I don see why I shouldn find the best prices when I can. Cut down on needless

expense, right? ”

”I wonder if thats what they call a thrifty mentality. Well, as long as you
e living on

an allowance from your parents, I guess thats for the best. ”

Amane may have technically lived alone, but in reality, his parents still supported him.

His family was fairly rich, and they covered the rent of his clean, safe apartment, took

care of his school fees, and provided him with a more-than-fair allowance. Amane had

never had to worry about his expenses, but he was grateful for everything his parents

did for him, so he tried not to waste money.

”…Thats right. We depend on their support, so its important to be frugal, ” Mahiru

replied matter-of-factly, taking stock of the contents of her basket. Her voice was cold,

like something had stolen away her warmth.

Amane flinched at Mahirus flat tone, but when she looked up from her groceries, her

expression had returned to normal. The gloomy eyes hed seen in that brief moment

were already gone.

”…Anyway, are you really buying that? ” Mahiru asked, as if to change the subject,

looking at the packs of instant rice and the container of potato salad that were in the

basket that Amane was holding.

The meals that Mahiru was sharing with him were, of course, delicious, but they

weren enough on their own. To compensate, Amane would pick up a staple food and

side salad like hed done today.

”I mean, its dinner, ” Amane explained.

”Its unhealthy, ” Mahiru shot back.

e so fussy. Im buying a salad, aren I? ”

”A potato salad… How is your body still functioning? ”

”Mind your own business. ”

Mahiru put wordless pressure on him, scrutinizing him with eyes that reproached him

and told him to eat more vegetables. Amane turned away and let Mahiru go ahead of


Chatting about this and that, the two bought their respective things. Amane had started

to pack his purchases into a plastic bag, but Mahiru produced a reusable bag shed

brought and quickly put everything into it.

She was truly an environmentally conscious angel.

Mahiru had only brought the one bag, however, and Amane was a little anxious that

the quantity of groceries was too much for it.

With the milk, soy sauce, and low-alcohol cooking mirin, that was four liters of liquid

altogether, and if they weighed anything like water, that meant four kilograms right

there. There was still the whole daikon radish and the other ingredients to consider,

too. The bag had to be really heavy. Everything was packed in quite neatly, but still, it

would surely be hard work carrying it all the way back to Amane and Mahirus building.

Shes been cooking for me, so she must be going through more seasonings and ingredients

than she normally does.

Shes gotta be making a lot in order to split the dishes with me. The amount she gives me

is always nearly a whole meals worth. Mahiru says its all just extra, but she must be

making a lot of food on purpose.

After Mahiru had gone through so much trouble to take care of Amane, itd wound his

pride if he didn do anything to help her out now.

As soon as Mahiru finished packing the reusable bag, Amane took hold of the handles

and lifted it. It wasn all that heavy to him, of course, but he could tell that it would

definitely be difficult for her to carry for very long.

Mahiru may have been really good at sports, but pure arm strength was an entirely

different matter. Surely, Amane thought, his eyes tracing her slim figure under her

clothing, surely there was no way that her slender arms could command the power

needed to lift these heavy groceries.

Caramel-colored eyes blinked rapidly. Mahiru looked surprised—or maybe a little


”…Im not stealing it or anything, ” Amane said in his defense.

”Im not worried about that, ” Mahiru replied. ”Its just… I can carry my own bags, you

know? ”

”Itd be more charming if youd be quiet and let me take care of you for a change, ”

quipped Amane.

”Thats basically saying Im not charming, ” Mahiru answered flatly.

”Well, think about how you act at school, then compare that to how you act toward

me. ”

Mahiru took a step back. Maybe Amane had unknowingly hit a nerve. The version of

herself that she showed at school—the kind, gentle, modest girl everyone was familiar

with—that was not the person Amane knew. Yes, Mahiru was always kind to him, but

she was also far more direct. She never sugarcoated anything or hid behind niceties.

Everything she said to him was brief and frank.

Amane took advantage of Mahirus stunned silence and briskly sauntered off toward

the supermarket exit, holding his schoolbag in one hand and the reusable shopping

bag stuffed with groceries in the other. He was leaving her behind, but he didn care.

Unconcerned, he continued on as the gap between them grew wider. He didn slow

down or give her a chance to catch up.

They had already been standing next to each other in the supermarket, after all. If they

walked side by side on the way home and somebody saw them, that could start rumors.

So really, this kind of distance was best for both of them.

Amane hurried on with his heavy burden while pretending not to be aware of Mahiru.

As he strode along, he thought he heard someone mutter ”Thanks ” behind him.

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