The Arechi

2. Ghost town

This damned wasteland, is beyond saving, even by the hands of God himself, not even the divine protection of Gods hands could provide leverage or sanctuary.Viewing the burning rubble of the building in front of me with pure indifference, the smell of charred rust and metal overtook the previous ashy smell emitting from the air, no better nonetheless either way you viewed it.

Moonlight shimmered, but not beautifully, more in an unnerving manner. The night may be the best time to trudge along on foot, alas, it also involves disadvantages just at the same magnitude as its advantages, if not perhaps even more drawbacks than the advantageous primacies.

The debris became wind struck and slathered the air, out of pure instinct my body jolted from the stationary position in front of the decaying building, backward towards one of what appeared to be a secluded intact rooftop, well, compared to its surrounding counterparts within the area at least.

The jolt was able to put me a good couple hundred yards away from the building, this may seem excessive, however, theres nothing wrong with being cautious, especially if it could be a hostile ambush.

Once I had landed on the rooftop the weathered debris all had crashed down onto where I was previously standing, although my speed was nothing to snarl at, it rather concerned me that I had been so careless. Checking out that building was more than simply a ”possible threat ”. Furthermore, it had flown completely over my head that the appearance I dawned, even enveloped in all black made no relevance to my likelihood of being a sitting duck or not.

Surveying the area diligently to make a proper analysis of the current situation, ensuring while doing so everything was taken into account, my negligence would not get the better of me again. There didn appear to be anything extraordinary about the current surroundings, there was not a single sighting of even a presence of the slightest portion of life, including no evidence of mammals.

The wind consisted of minor gusts, north and northeast approximately carrying twenty-six miles an hour of wind; its south and southeast counterparts were within the same range but were two miles per hour more than the north and northeast estimates. All other factors of cordial direction were all in their assimilated respective average of fourteen miles per hour. In short, I had two options, when the timing was to perfection, option one would be presented and the ability to move head north, northeast, south, or southwest which would, in turn, make any ranged attempts of a possible adversary inflicting any damage on me to the odds ever so decreasing to only a sliver of danger or at least being the representation of the most sliver of luck would have to be prevalent once departing from this place, however, nothing is ever only just good, theres always a catch. In this case, the catch would be the odds of having a confrontation with someone would be heightened to around a sixty-five percent ratio, not only is that the only thing within consideration either, but the numerical chances that the confrontation could be with someone who is at least decently trained in a category where it should be of concern was also a fair variable to ponder.

On the other hand, going any other direction would put me in a situation with zero territorial dominance or even one expedient advantage as well, within said other directions, theres one distinguishable factor that is blatant, within a geographical sense, these directions compared to the other options counterparts contained flat landscapes, which was not ideal for an unprecedented battle, the last thing that I contemplated and took note on was that realistically the odds of me getting ambushed by a group was higher when compared to the other option.

For a mere five minutes, engrossing myself in a thinking state to make sure that indefinitely every possible detail vividly would play out in the thought process manifesting, to reassure a sufficient result.At last, the deliberation had been made, it would be better to head southeast if an encounter with somebody who wanted to get in the way, then they would have to be disposed of, simple as that. Plus, it would be better to fight one average or seasoned veteran rather than an insolent group of bandits anyways. It would also conserve supplies, even if it only took a single action to wipe out a group.

In addition, eviscerating a group wasn ideal anyway, the way I see it is if I did such a thing, and that group had bondage with an organization or had a reputation, a huge red target would be on my back, no thanks I don want any more trouble than I currently have. Settling a matter with one person is way more efficient in just about every category. Reviewing supplies was vital for the next venture onward.

The equipment in my possession is rather intricate compared to how most individuals who roam around are suited themselves. A dark shaded black Winchester .270 strapped to my back, a dark forest green SIG-Sauer P226 within a custom holster in my right inner breast pocket, a simplistic swiss army knife tucked into a left pant pocket that wasn visible to the naked eye, basic medication that was useful anywhere from patching a papercut to a four-inch deep cut or even a puncture within an organ the medical supplies being sealed in one bag layer sterilized follow by a second layer in a form of a small rectangular box with the basic red cross on it, and lastly a jet black ring that I wore upon my right ring finger.

As for myself, well, my stature roughly at about six foot one, weigh about two hundred and eighty-three pounds of muscle, with short red spiky hair, sharp blue-green eyes, and dressed in all black head to toe except for a slight portion of the red hair that stuck out from the black cloth around my head and eyes.

Picking up my weaponry to re-evaluate them all individually once more. It may sound juvenile but they all have very specific meanings and names for their composition. The Winchester .270 was an old military marksman rifle used previously in the hands of an active-duty officer.

The rifle is fitted with certain modifications that were made by myself to increase its performance, such as CFC springs added to alleviate pressure and clogging of the gun with also giving it a fast rate of dispersion for the bullets, a GF4 grip to further the capabilities of the rifles accessibility and mobility usage, and a laser sight to utilize in case of a warning bluff in different situations where I don intend to neutralize any target rather so I can instill fear.

There are various other things that go along with the rifle, including, a flashlight under the grip, bipod, a 4x military-grade holo sight for mid-range, a silencer specially designed and integrated naturally within the rifle, and an LT4 16x scope for longer range, the nickname for this rifle that I branded is Chinmoku.

As for the other instruments they aren anything special, the Sauer just has a specially integrated suppression system too slightly varying from the Chinmoku and a flashlight-laser sight hybrid that deploys in a specialized manner as well the Sauers nickname is the Hitonuki Shou or in short the Hito.

The knife being simple, its name is just fang.

Lastly, the medical kit is just simplistically Tenshi. Completing the inventory of the supplies I began to depart.

Jumping down from the rooftop that had served the purpose of utilization of surveillance, my body began to accelerate its pace to incorporate the signature technique of mine that was developed and perfected at a young age, this technique being known as the Kizuha step, this is done by taking physical exertion from ones body and transmitting it into oneself, if done correctly it will cause your whole body to disintegrate its own atoms and reconstruct them.

However, this technique is dangerous, the reason being if you misuse the exertion process and output the force incorrectly your atoms will not return and you will cease to exist entirely.

No one knows that this form of combat speed even exists if there could even be an oral depiction of this technique, it could be described simply as, an inhumane system that no one but myself should have a hold of, it would cause a catastrophe if anyone found out it existed, let alone formed mastery of this skill.

As I galloped across the shriveled field the idea of someone possibly taking me was an uneasy thought. Although it was unlikely that this was even happening, let alone a possibility without it being perceivable, it should have provided ease, not further trepidation.

Within an hour the distance between the destination closed by about 193 kilometers, with twenty more to go. My body was more than capable to continue the last sliver of the journey that remained, however, it would be unprecedented to show up within the night.

It would make me unnecessarily appear conspicuously, drawing unwanted traction towards me.

Thats why the time that had passed was all leisure and not in haste, the kizuha step couldve gotten me there faster than finite time allowed, but if even a trace of the technique lingered or created some type of disturbance, once again, unwanted attention would envelop me.

Not being able to find a suitable spot to ensure decent¨rest¨I traveled one more kilometer, making the distance only nineteen, instead of the original twenty.

A forest now consumed the surroundings, the forest was dark with no luminescence present, the trees towering over anybody who stood within the forest and, once again, no presence of life, the best bet for a ¨resting¨ place was within a tree.

Taking in the space that was surrounding the area I had an examination of all the trees around me, after about fifteen seconds give or take at last an adequate tree entered my line of vision. It had six branches, three on the left, and three on the right.

These branches were the most ideal for consistent movement if relocation within a finite time was necessary furthermore, it was sturdy and capable of tanking at least one or two attacks, but, there was no need to complain, it would get the job done. At daybreak,

I jumped down from the tree and headed towards the nearby town. This time, there was no need to not utilize the kizuha step, thus, the time to reach town was none.

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