The Arrival Of The Reincarnated Hero

Chapter 3, Amarico & The Isle of Vigils:

As Mizu and Trenti were walking, they walked by a Statue of someone. Mizu stopped as he then looked at the statue as there were… Definite features of the statue

”Hey uh… Trenti whos this statue about? ” Trenti then stopped walking as he walks back a couple of steps ”Oh, its the Queen of Etris ”

Mizu then looked at the writings engraved onto the stone ”Took hold of the place after the Lord eventually died for unknown reasons. The people don mind at all nowadays, the queen is actually making peace treaties with the other factions unlike the Lord ”

Mizu then looked around as he noticed something unusual ”Wait what? Why did everyone move to the sides ”

”The queen has arrived! ” A person shouted as everyone scurried to the sides as well.

”Come on Kid, lets not get in the way ya know ” Trenti said in a hint of panic in his voice as Mizu just followed Trenti.

Soon a carriage of some sort was passing through but instead of horses, it was knights with a black palette armor ”Make way for the queen! ”

A knight shouted as the carriage continued being carried through the road. The two males looked at the carriage being carried as a window, that wasn covered by a curtain, was facing the two.

”Shit! ”

Trenti made Mizu duck his head as he ducked his head as well.

The carriage stopped as the door opened, revealing the queen in her glory ”Don move Mizu ” Trenti said quietly as Mizu stood still, not moving an inch.

”Interesting… ” The queen said lightly as she eyed at the bystanders.

”Trenti, you know it won work right? ” The bystanders looked at the tall burly man as Trenti just rose his head.

”Hello… Your Majesty ” He then sighed. The queen then entered the carriage once more ”Come in ” Trenti then stepped inside as Mizu stood there

”You too, child.. ” The woman said as the boy went inside as well. A guard then closed the door as the carriage was then carried once again and made its way to the palace.

”So, whos that child with you? ” Mizu bowed while he was sitting down ”Im Umi Mizu maam ”

The queen waved her hand as she put out a small smile.

”Do not fret, you can just call me Ada ”

Trenti was looking at the two but he saw a slight change on the queens posture Did she notice..? Trenti thought of it but then he just shook it off.

”So what do you want from us, Ada? ” Ada then cleared her throat as she then looked at the two ”I was gonna ask something from you once again ”

Trenti then raised one of his eyebrows ”And that is? ” Ada then took a sip from her tea as she took a deep breath and released it.

”The Duchess in the Upper Parts of Erisia hasn responded to our crow messengers… even to the point where the crows don return at all ” Trenti was then confused.

”Wait wasn she cooperative before getting to Erisia? ” Ada nodded ”Yes but then when our last reply from her was received she just plainly said THE FORGE, I HAVE DONE IT and thats where she stopped ”

Trenti then soon fully digested the information ”So you
e just basically telling me to just knock some sense into her? ” Ada hummed in response.

”Sorry Ada but I can do it… But I know someone who could ” Trenti then looked at Mizu.

”Huh? Me? ” The male in questions was quite confused.

He even went as far as to pointing himself as Trenti nodded.

”I suppose it will work ” The queen then looked outside the window as the carriage finally stopped, they were outside the palace.

”Trenti, mind talking with me a bit more inside? Ill let the carriage get to the docks while Mizu is inside ” Trenti just sighed as he pats the back off Mizu.

”Alright kid, I have someone waiting for you there, her name is Amarico got it? ” Mizu nodded ”Alright good luck kid, Ill see ya later ” Trenti and the queen hopped off as the carriage started to move again.

”Now, mind telling me how hes back? ” questioned the queen.

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