”So this is Erisia? ”

Mizu looked around as there was a massive gate in-front of them. The trio looked around as there were countless ships awaiting near the small beach that they were on

”Theres so many boats… ” Amarico then looked around

”Strange… people mostly gather here to find some squads to venture into the upper parts… but.. ”

She was quite confused ”This is really strange ”

The queen, Ada, tried to sense something with her enhanced hearing but nothing was emitted from the silence

”Nothing… Well worry about that later, for now we need to get to the Duchesss Manor, we can waste time ”

Ada then started to walk inside as the 2 followed suit, there they saw what seems to be like Megaloudaunt carcasses and bodies around the area

”Jesus **ing christ! ” Amarico stumbled back

”What the ** happened here?! ” Amarico then looked around as she saw a male moving near a rock that has 2 slopes

”Hey are you alright!? ” Amarico and the crew rushed towards the slowly dying male.

”Friend of Etrea… Please… Save the people… and my Sister.. ” He said as he was clutching his stab wound tightly but it was no use, it was too deep

”What happened? Tell us! ” Amarico tried to grab a bandage inside her bag but it was no use, Ada stopped her as it was almost too late

”The bandits… came back in full force… Please… stop them… ” The male slowly closed his eyes as there was no more pulse

”The **ing bandits did this… ” Amarico gritted her teeth as she then started to walk to the stairs up to the upper parts

”Amarico wait, what are you gonna do? ” Ada asked as Amarico clutched her fist

”Beat them up thats for sure ”

”What are you gonna do if you get surrounded by them, we don know how many people they have ”

Amarico kept on clutching her fist as she then eases the anger as she looked at Ada and Mizu

”Then what the ** are we gonna do then huh? ”

Ada then started to walk up the stairs ”We go straight into Vipers Jaw, the Sharkos nest… Then we go to the ruined castle and scout the area from there ”

Mizu then looked around as he saw a loot bag.

The 2 started to walk up as Mizu was still looting

”Hey Mizu, lets go ”

Mizu then sent his prayers to the body the loot bag was from as he then started to follow the 2 of them.

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