Amarico picked up the dead bandits body as she threw it down the huge cliff they were on as it fell down to the bottom, a splat was heard after.

”P-Please don hurt me ” The young girl that had a blindfold on said while protecting her head. She was cowering in fear.

Ada then comforted the girl ”Do not fret, we are here to help… What is your name? ”

Ada said lightly as the girl started to have tears leak from her blindfold as she started bawling her eyes out ”Shh… Its alright, you
e safe now ”

Ada kept on patting the girl to make her calm down.

After a few more minutes, the girl stopped crying as she was wiping herself down with a handkerchief Ada gave her.

She then bowed ”My name is Kate… I-Im a future blindseer ” Amarico was then surprised

”You have been in the depths before? ” Amarico asked as Ada looked at her feline companion who asked the question

”What do you mean by that Amarico? ”

Amarico then thinks of it ”Ive read some books and some of them state the Blindseers must explore the depths first to obtain the truth of this world. Some say current blindseers say that it is wretched… Others say it was a beautiful paradise with monsters we can take on… ”

Ada nodded as she then looked back at Kate ”Have you? ”

Kate shook her head ”That part is mostly true Miss… But mostly you can learn it from current blindseers or training your own willpower… I however ” She slowly removed her blindfold.

She then showed her eyes, it was white with some hints of gray. It was mostly likely due to an infection

”An incurable infection strike my eyes resulting me to find ways to see once again… ” Kate had a sad type of smile

”Thats why I had my brother help me travel to the upper parts… I have heard that there was a rune there for future blindseers.. ” Kate suddenly remembered something.

”W-Wait! My brother! Where is he?! ” She asked in a panicked voice… Ada and Amarico looks away as Mizu saw them looking away…

He took a step towards Kate as she then held her hand ”Please, hold my hand… We will guide you the way… ” Kate nodded as she then started to hold Mizus arm tightly.

After walking through the path they took, they slowly arrived at the entrance. Ada and Amarico stopped midway as Mizu and Kate kept moving.

They soon arrived at the male they met at his last breath when they first arrived ”Brother…? ”

Kate was looking directly at the body but she couldn see it.

She then kneeled on both of her legs as she then held her brothers cold hands… his warm embrace wasn there anymore..

”Please… Wake up… ” Kate said lightly.

She then held the hands tighter than before as she then puts it on her forehead. She started to cry.. It wasn like before, she just kept it light. She wasn bawling her eyes out, it was just a cry that regrets not being with someone in their final moments

”Im sorry… Im so sorry… ” She kept on crying.

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