After school, classes were over.
I was killing time in an empty classroom as usual, hoping to have a chance encounter with Elizabeth.

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 I used to spend most of my free time in an empty classroom at the end of the second floor, but since I met Edward and Miss Ulysses, I have been moving from one classroom to another.
I told her to feel free to tell Harold if he needed anything, but I don’t want to face her face-to-face.
I’m tired of not being able to keep up with the pecking order before I say there’s something going on behind the scenes.


 So today, Harold and I went our separate ways, and I went to the geography classroom where the third year students were using.


 As soon as I opened the door and took a step forward, I thought, “Oh no”.
There was a shadow in the classroom.


 A young lady was sitting on a seat by the wall, out of sight from the hallway.
Her straight bangs were dark and a little wild, covering her downcast face.


 The person suddenly looked up and saw me.


“Oh, –Higgyaaa!!!?”


 She uttered a strange cry and blasted the paper in her hand in a flurry.


 I didn’t recognize the face, which widened its eyes in astonishment.
However, judging from the panic in her eyes, she knows me, and probably because of something bad.


 I picked up a piece of paper that had flown to my feet and looked down at it.


 And then I look up at her again.


“What the hell is this?”


“Geez, —-! Please don’t look at it!”


 The mass-lined paper was filled with neat, meticulous letters, and the words “Vincent” and “Elizabeth” danced among them.


 This must refer to me and Elizabeth.


“…… you, tell me what this is all about?”


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 The stranger’s daughter began to rattle and tremble as she glared at me with dignity.
She fell out of her chair and sat down on the floor, unable to escape.


 I looked at the paper again to examine its contents.
Then I realized.
This is a novel.
The text was written in the style of a novel, and Vincent and Elizabeth in the novel seemed to be in the castle town.


 They shop amicably with minimal escort, eat market pastries, and walk hand in hand in a small park.
When the wind blows, Vincent offers his coat to Elizabeth and gives it to her.


 …… This is the kind of snuggle date I’ve been dreaming about for a long time.


“Before you tell me what’s going on, let’s get the rest of the story, shall we?”


“Hick! Yes.


 The lady, shrank at the hand that was suddenly extended to her, tilted her head up and I could tell her face is completely pale.
I wonder why.


 One hour later.


 After collecting all the manuscript papers scattered on the floor and checking their contents, I was at the mercy of two conflicting thoughts.


 She was writing a long story about Elizabeth and I’s lovey-dovey life, which never happened.
I’ve been reading it for an hour and she says she’s not even a quarter of the way through it.


 Should I tell her I’m going to punish her for disrespect?


 Should I tell her to work on the rest?


 My inclination is to go for the latter, but it’s not going to happen.


 Thanks to my most recent re-reading of “Otohoshi,” I knew immediately.


 Miss Serena is the author of “Otoboshi.

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 Several minor quirks indicate that the author is the same person.


 I folded my arms with a difficult look on my face and remained motionless, while Miss Serena’s face turned more pale and she stiffened as well.
Her frightened eyes and drawn lips are like those of a sinner awaiting execution.


 I don’t want to make a woman look like  as bad as Edward, but I don’t want to make a woman look like this either.
As is she is some kind of criminal.


“…… Let’s just hear what’s going on.”


“Oh, God.
Oh, have mercy.


 After relaxing her face and returning it to its normal gentle expression, Miss Serena spoke again in a strange voice, but in a halting manner.


 According to the story, Serena’s family was a Viscountess, but they lived in poverty, and she helped them by copying books from an early age.
She came across a variety of books and began to write her own.
She has sold several books so far, and they have became her daily bread.


 When she entered the Royal Academy, she witnessed the glittering lives of the aristocrats and came up with the idea for a full-length novel.


 This was “The Sacred Maiden Sends Down Stars in the Night Sky”.


“Also, I am sorry …… that I used the figures of His Royal Highness the Crown Prince and his fiancée, because they were in a position so far removed from me that I was merely admiring …… them.
But when I saw that the two of you were aloof when you were admitted, I thought I had done a terrible …… thing.”


   Miss Serena is struggling to speak, as if  she is about to have a stroke at any moment.
She was still struggling to speak, tears welling up in her eyes, but not spilling out.


 she is the daughter of an aristocrat, even if she is at the bottom of the pile.
She would never do something like that.
This is how a normal noble lady should behave.
Unlike someone else…..


“I can only write, so …… I wrote the novel while praying for the happiness of the two of you.
I never intended to sell this.”


 I barely stifle a sigh.


 The huge success of the novel was unexpected, even for Miss Serena.
She is fully aware of her sins and regrets them.
Not only her disrespect for the Royal family and his fiancé, but also the time she has stolen from his lover.


 I could not denounce the merits of the novel any further.

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“I understand the situation.
But I have to ask you, Miss Ulysses, she has nothing to do with ‘Otohoshi’, does she?”


“No! I am truly embarrassed to say that the main character’s appearance is modeled after me.


“……I see…now that you mention it…”


 Miss Serena also has flowing indigo hair and eyes, and is the daughter of a Viscountess, one position higher than a baron but close to the lower ranks of nobility.
However, with her age as a third-year student and her mannerisms, no one would associate her with the main character in the novel.
No one would even think that she is the author of the novel.


 I could tell that she did not intend to insult us.
Neither the situation at home nor the intense remorse.


“I am truly sorry for what I have done.
I don’t care what kind of punishment I receive.
Because it was my imprudence that made the two of you, who love each other so much, ……”


“Love each other?”


 When I raised my voice, Miss Serena looked at me with a puzzled look on her face.
The tears that had been forming a thin layer in her eyes were disappearing.


 I was pained by her gaze, as if to say, “Are you sure?”


 It’s my one-sided love.


“His Royal Highness has been watching the Duchess of La Monrivere very closely, hasn’t he?”


 I knew I was looking at Elizabeth too much.
Harold also told me that when Elizabeth is in the same space, I cast a hundred glances at her.
I should say that she is indeed a writer and a good observer of people.


 But you know, in the real world, such a convenient development as Elizabeth having a romantic interest in me just because I like Elizabeth doesn’t happen.


 I was in a melancholy mood when I heard Miss Serena’s hard-working voice poke in my ear.


“The Duchess of La Monrivere has been watching His Royal Highness very closely, too.
I believe that the two of you are in love with each other.”


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“…… Really?”


“It is true.
If Your Highness had looked at her a hundred times,……Miss Elizabeth has looked at Your Highness fifteen times……she also has looked at Your Highness with affection.”


 Not guilty decision.


 Okay, so I’m a hundred and Elizabeth is fifteen.
Realistic numbers are good for a sense of pulse.


 When I smiled at her, Miss Serena’s face turned bright red and her lips trembled.


“Thank you for sharing that important information with me.
I will keep your novel to myself.”


“Woo hoo! Thank you for the generosity ……”


 No, it seems that the smile with royalty power maxed out was too strong a stimulus for the Viscountess.
I hope it has about a tenth of this effect on Elizabeth as well, I think with a faraway look in my eyes.


 At any rate, I have found a reliable ally.


 If the need arises, I can have Miss Serena deny that Miss Ulysses is not the heroine.


 But that is a last resort.


“Well, I look forward to reading more of your novels about me and Elizabeth.”


“I’ll do my best!”


 Miss Serena clenches her fists with both hands and strikes a “Fight!” pose.


 Until she completes “The Story of Me and Elizabeth”, the “Story of What Could Have Been,” I can’t let her bother me with anything else.


 I’ll take care of the trouble.

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