don’t want her to fall under the spell of Miss Ulysses like Edward and Luke, although I didn’t see them often neither am I fond of them.


When I asked him about it, Raphael gently averted his eyes.


He had a reserved look on his face, which was unusual for this man.




“Of course, it would work on a woman who liked “Star maiden,” even though she didn’t have much to do with her.”




I thought he knew what I wanted to ask, but Rafael scratched his cheek in frustration.




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“I’m not sure if Ulysses is well liked by your fiancée’s friends.


“If they don’t like her, they won’t be affected by the blessing?”


“I mean, it works a little bit, but it’s counterproductive, it’s makes them feel repulsive and hate the person even more.”


“I see.”




I looked at Harold, who was standing behind me, thinking that I remembered his repulsive reaction after accidentally touching her.
Harold is staring at the front of the room with a look on his face that says he has nothing to do with it.
Apparently, he had gotten over the trauma.
He did report that he had ruined one of his pillows, though.


“You should ask Raphael to cast “The Return of the Demon” on you too, Harold.
It’s not very powerful, but it might help you against Miss Ulysses.”


“I wonder if I could cast a spell with a special charm that would only charm her.” Raphael mumbles with a curious look on his face.




Without waiting for Harold’s reply, Raphael begins to cast the spell.
His expression says “I’m not sure how to do it, but I’m sure you’ll be able to find a way to make it work for you”.


While muttering a long incantation as if he were singing, Raphael clasped his palms together.
Light leaks out from the space between them and envelops Harold.
I, who am regularly having to reapply the “return of magic,” and Harold, who is accompanying me, both remember this scene.


Harold stepps forward and nods toward Raphael.
He holds his hand above Harold’s head, and whispers in a low voice.




“–Break the power of the Devil to this one.




Raphael’s face relaxes as soon as the light disappears.
Harold didn’t look any different, but the magic was properly activated, so it must have taken.


Harold breathed a sigh of relief and stood back behind me again.


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“I’m sorry for your trouble,” I said.
“I’ll ask for Lord Domenic’s help in identifying the source of the stone and the processor.
Let me know if there is anything else.”




I rearranged the information again and thanked him, thinking that things were getting complicated.


Marquis Domenic Marshall is Raphael’s father.
He is my mentor and the head of magic-related affairs in the royal palace.
If there is any suspicious movement of magic stones, I must be in the loop.


I will have to explain the situation to my father as well.
…… To be honest, I don’t really want to explain him or my mother if I can help it.


As I raised my eyebrows in anticipation of the ordeal that was sure to come, Raphael cocked his head.




“We’re not done talking yet, okay?”




“I wasn’t the only one who went to Ulysses’ house.
Edward was there too.”




“She even said she would invite Master Luke next time.
It’s a very bad idea to gather all the men together and have them compete against each other.” Raphael clicks his tongue and shakes his head.


“Haaaaaaahhhh ????”


“Edward was like, ‘Why the hell are you here? ‘”




Neither I nor Harold had time to reply to Rafael, who chuckled, “We’re both in this together, aren’t we?”


I thought that there might have been such a scene in “Otohoshi,” and fragments of a string of words vaguely flashed through my mind as I refused to think about it.

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