to the kingdom and a pawn of the kingdom, but they were very protective of their daughter-in-law, Elizabeth.


 Of course, I was the cause.


 Their only son, who had repeatedly rebelled against his governess and had stuck out his tongue saying he would never inherit the royal family, changed his mind as soon as he met her, so their impression of Elizabeth was very good from the beginning.
Whenever I was scheduled to meet with her, I bragged to my father about it.
And each time, I told him how good of a girl Elizabeth was.
It’s a very embarrassing story.

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 Through my missionary activities, the King and Queen grew up to be admirable fans of Elizabeth, although they did not show it.
I wonder if this parent of mine is actually trying to be Elizabeth’s parent.


 Anyway, although I deserved it, my love and respect for my parents is beyond that of most adolescent males.


 After realizing my mistake, I took advantage of my parents’ busy schedule, and even when one of them was in the palace, I didn’t see them much because of my studies.


“I thought that if we spent more time together at …… Academia, we might be able to develop our relationship.”


“Vincent, did you send a letter to Miss Elizabeth? Did you send her flowers? And the perfume?”




 I didn’t say anything, but the conversation proceeded on its own.
The waiter, with a dead fish’s eye view, offered me a piece of bread.


 Soup is soon served.
The King and Queen handled their spoons gracefully without seeming to mind the ivory-colored silk fabric.
They also didn’t forget to shoot their mouths off to their son in between their meal…….


“If you don’t win her heart soon, you may lose her affection.
Think of a private date.
There seems to be a circus in the castle town.
If the situation permitted, I would even invite the Queen.”


“Oh, that’s a very good idea, my dear.
And now, you must give me a gift.
I want you to put this in my room as a substitute for me.”

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 I have just read Miss Serena’s novel and was excited to have a secret date with her, but now I am not so sure.


 I breathed a sigh of relief as I looked at my parents, who had left their son behind and were absorbed in devising a date plan – and not even a drop of gravy splashed on the floor.


 The fact that they did not talk about it suggests that the “Otohoshi” fiasco at the Royal Academia has not reached their ears.


 It would not be surprising if they would get into the academy if they knew of any suspicious activities around Elizabeth.
She(Queen) is a person with that kind of mysterious energy.
Some time ago, the family orderly said with a distant look in his eyes, “To avoid trouble, you must keep her busy so that she doesn’t think about unnecessary things.”


 The two of them look calm and composed from the outside, but in fact they are talking with great enthusiasm about the castle town spots that their son’s future wife would be pleased to visit.


 They also say that the King is the one who can order assassinations with an easygoing chess game and a nonchalant look on his face.
So my father’s relaxed attitude can’t be read as he is laid-back.


“Then I will do so.
Father, after this, I would like to ask your permission to go to the castle and discuss the schedule with you.”




 I wondered if my nerves were really showing in my voice.


 I moved my hands to eat, pretending not to notice that my heart was beating a little faster than it should.

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