Chapter 03: Reality is not so sweet

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Looking around, the lousy hall was an eerie sight.
No one moves except His Highness Vincent and me, they all stiffen up as if the moment has been frozen.
It's the magic activated by His Highness Vincent earlier, it seems that the entire place was affected by it.
It's no wonder…
he's so good at everything he does, to be able to cast a spell over so many people.
But it's kind of, um…scary because it's like wandering into a horror's house.
I sent him a glance, hoping that he would be able to break the spell quickly, and he seemed to be able to guess right away.

“Now, I'll return your freedom but first, let's see how you look.”

His Highness Vincent sent a glance at Miss Ulysses, whose lips were distorted and a contemptuous smile was still staked on her face,
and then glanced around at the people surrounding us.

“He who doesn't show any emotion, approved as a nobleman. 

There, the one over there, who frowns and rejects the Prince's actions, he is also a person with a righteous heart. 

…but, those of you in the front row, whose faces are shining–“


It's true that in this hall there are three patterns of response to what the Prince has done.

There are three emotions showing: expectation, disappointment, and nothingness.

And surprisingly, Miss Ulysses wasn't the only showing expectation, there were a lot of sons and daughters of noble houses. 

They're probably the Mob Haters Legion that got united under the command of Miss Ulysses.

Sir Edward Noden is in the middle, looking like he's about to pose for a victory commemoration picture. 

I'm surprised that such a person was even rooting for Miss Ulysses.


“You all cannot distinguish from your desires and reality, so thoughtless….

Or are everybody here ignorant of the harm that may come over those who disrupts the order of the kingdom just for their own petty desires. 

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Well, you don't have your parents here, you won't be reprimanded by anyone but you'll have to reflect deeply on your own actions because it won't be allowed a second time”


Implicitly nailing the quarrel between the students, His Highness Vincent's fingers snapped with a snap. 

A moment of pausing began to move, and the hall was filled with a murmur.

After all, some people didn't move their expressions, some breathed with a sigh of relief, and some hurriedly disappeared from the front row…

Each of them must have had their own thoughts. 

I can't help but bow to His Highness Vincent for winning their hearts with a minimum of words.


Miss Ulysses, who is in front of us, also collapsed without strength as the magic was broken and sat down.

However, there was an unconcealed indignation on her face.


“Miss Ulysses.
You laughed when you saw Elizabeth turn blue.”


His Highness Vincent lowered his gaze and said quietly while Miss Ulysses bites her lip and don't answer anything.

His Highness let out a single sigh at her stubborn attitude.


What was I thinking at the time?”


I didn't see it coming, but he asked me.

“His Highness Vincent knows the answer.” 

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“I think they want to hear it from the victim's lips” 

“I understood what His Highness meant by choosing this spot as per the scenario ….
Neither I nor Your Highness could ever think of a better opportunity to find the Kingdom enemies so easily”


Miss Ulysses looked at me curiously.

“You probably thought I shocked because I was defeated and lost my post as Prince's betrothed to you. 

But the reality doesn't work like that.

What I realized at that moment and shocked me was …

If it is true that His Majesty's permission was granted, it would end in the downfall of my Dukedom AND the downfall of His Highness Vicent…”




Miss Ulysses' indigo eyes opened wide, the expression on her face said that she had never thought of such a thing.

The innocent beauty, which had once bloomed like a rose, has lost its color…
pale cheeks and lips show her mental state now.


“You just didn't get it.”

So it wasn't Vincent's love what she wanted – she wanted the Crown Princess position…


“Your ''collaborator'' said you could be a Queen if he chose you, but that's not true. 

How can be a King, a man who forgets his position and his subjects welfare only caring about a woman?

That's why eloping is as good, as banishment. 

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I mean, you were never going to be a Queen no matter how it turned out.”


“…no, no, no…!!”


“The reality is not as sweet as the stories.”


Her voice, that before was like the sound of a bell, started rumbling and gasping. 

Today, for the first time, it was her real voice but His Highness Vincent's looked unconcerned about that.

The breathtaking sounds here and there in the hall, became more clear and loud. 

The childish lady, who had been deeply immersed in her “love story”, finally understood the responsibilities associated with status and position.

Her scream rips through the now silent hall


“From the beginning, no…! How dare you…”


“Your Highness Vincent, all the eyes of the public are looking at us, please let's continue this in private….”


I felt pity at the sight of Miss Ulysses, whose shoulders were shaking, and she was beginning to cry.

Tears spilled from her large eyes, perhaps she was just being taken advantage of. 

She was persuaded that she could win the Crown Prince's heart over like in the novels and live happily ever after.


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As soon as she glanced toward the door to see that the soldiers were deployed outside the hall, His Highness Vincent immediately called his assistant. 

Behind them, as expected, a few soldiers and attendants follow, and they reverently take out Miss Ulysses, who can no longer stand.

Miss Ulysses, whose heart was broken to the point of losing her fight will, would not defend her accomplice. 

Nor can any of them escape from this hall of scrutiny.


What they made her believe that was a light small sin, now she understood that it was a serious crime, it's treason against the crown prince.

Even if her accomplice could blame Miss Ulysses and get away with it, he would not have the courage to accuse His Highness Vincent of wrongdoing in the future.


His Highness used Miss Ulysses to win the awe and respect of all the future influential nobles in this place.

Including me.


She looked back at Miss Ulysses' back, her eyes were unshakable, and she breathed a sigh of admiration in her heart, saying she was proud of being His Highness's vessel.


“Can you come to talk with me later? I'll give you whatever you want as an apology, Elizabeth.”


“Such…what a waste of words.
I, too, am ashamed of my own lack of training.
She made me understand what I was lacking in a roundabout way.”

When I bowed my head, His Highness Vincent smiled slightly and dropped his lips on the back of my hand that was still in his grip.

Thus, the incident surrounding the novel “The Holy Maiden's Stars” comes to an end.

— but there is one thing I do wonder about.

Why did His Highness look so sorry when he held me up at the ball?

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