Chapter 06: Approaching and in front of Miss Ulysses

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Edward Noden is one year older than us.
He is the eldest son of the Earl of Noden, a family with a history comparable to that of the royal family, and is so skilled in martial arts that he has already qualified as a knight.

It is only natural, the Noden family is a martial-arts family that has been of Commanders of Knights for generations.
The style of the family is based on the principle of – justice – and – charity – , both in education and military life.
His father and relatives are both serious and open-minded.
And of course, that has been passed down to Edward.

In short, he's a stone-brain who's very dedicated to his knight role and full of a sense of “justice”.

are the followers of the Duchess of Montrieville , aren't you? What have you been up to?”

The ladies remained silent at Edward's crude but accurate point.

Well, I think they don't want to use the power of their family name.
Some of they are from houses higher in rank than Edward's, though.

If I were you, I'd say — Edward, Elizabeth is the duchess of La Montrievre and the prince's fiancée.
Formally, you need to add a “Her Highness” to her name.

“You are aristocrats who only think on “reputation”, but acting like this? Attacking in group to a person alone! I guess if you don't know what to say it's because there's something to be ashamed of.
Then don't do it in the first place!”

In the end, he cannot do anything…
is only taking advantage of your silence, at the same moment you open your mouth, he'll leave.
Yes, he is probably waiting for the right time to leave.

Edward looked back at Miss Ulysses.

A gasp can be heard.

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“Umm, I'm …
My father is a baron of a small estate located in the South Windsor.
My name is Ulysses Merryfield.”

Miss Ulyssie, who had been “bullied” by high-ranking noblewomen, smoothly introduced herself.

Her voice is sweet, probably from the joy of being rescued.
She was crying until a moment ago, but seems to have recovered pretty fast…

“If that's the case, it's better not to cry from the beginning,”
I couldn't help but say that, thankfully it didn't escape from my mind.
– Edwardian style –

However, he didn't seem to think the same.

“I see, it's you!”


A voice sweeter and more bouncy than Miss Ulysses', that even make her twist her neck.

“I had heard that the famous Star Maiden had been admitted.”

Edward, son of the Earl of Noden? 
How could you, who values loyalty to the royal family above all else, be an avid fan of that novel that insults the royal fiancée in such a grand way?!!
She's much prettier than she looks in those illustrations!!

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“My name is Edward Noden.”

“Lord” Noden, if you're the son of that illustrious county at least…

“Please call me Edward.
Ulysses, you're really lovely~~.”

Edward said with a childish tone in his voice that was clearly caused by stretching his nose.
You don't know the difference between reality and fiction…
Are you sane?

There was the sound that indicated that all the ladies behind him have escaped, but Edward didn't care.
You can hear Miss Ulysses giving a carefree sigh of relief at the praise that has fallen upon her.

“In fact, I've already read and reread “Otoshi” many times.”

“Well, I love that story too!”

I'm not sure what to do about this anymore…


The following week, Edward and Miss Ulysses finally caught the prince, who was on the run, hiding in an empty classroom….
I'm not sure if it's going to work out, but it's a good idea!

A soft smile that shows the imposing and embracing nature of royalty.

Oh, I trained it for Elizabeth, not for you!

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“Your Highness, it's been a long time.”

“It's been a long time, Mr.

I nodded to Edward, who sets his heels at right angles and strikes a salute pose.
He's older, but he's the son of a nobleman who has a direct relationship with the Prince, so his position is clear.

Edward gave a brief greeting and then indicated Miss Ulysses standing behind him with the palm of his hand.

“This is Miss Ulysses Merryfield.
I'm sure Your Highness knows this, you two are the main character of – Otoshi – !”

No, you still don't know the difference between reality and fiction, do you, Edward?
Or rather, it's getting worse?

I let out a squeal in my mind as Edward stared at Miss Ulysses with a “smooth smile”…wow…

“It's a pleasure to meet you, Your Royal Highness.”

Mistress Ulysses, unaware of this, bows her head to me.

It was a bow that could not be compared to Elizabeth's! It was lacking in many angles.

“Nice to meet you, Miss Ulysses.
But I'm sorry, I haven't read that book.”

If you don't know, we still have to punish the author!
I'm sure Elizabeth would answer the same too.

But my thoughtful answer made Edward look blatantly disappointed.
“Oh, no! That book is a masterpiece that teaches us what true love is all about.
I encourage you to read it.”

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“Hahahaha, it's hard to find free time.”

I want to nurture that true love with Elizabeth!
Making a laugh sound to break the atmosphere with humor…ok, now turn it down.

Now Miss Ulysses would know that I have no interest in novels.
I hope she doesn't come near me anymore.

The fact that I didn't introduce myself to her earlier showed in a clear way that I wasn't interested in Miss Ulysses either.

I don't read fantasy books.
I don't want to get closer with the “Maiden of the Stars”.

Just as I was about to turn on my heel, I was stopped by Edward.

“Please wait, Your Highness.
This damsel is going through a hard time.
Just listen to her.”

I lifted my shoulders and pasted a smile on the verge of falling over.
Can't I just say that and leave!

Let's calm down, maybe we can use this situation to get more information of what's happening here.

“The thing is…
my textbooks and notebooks are disappearing, I don't know why…”


I couldn't help but squeal at the thought.
This is a bit different to the novel story.

Looks like, she's trying to move the narrative along.

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