On the long-awaited weekend, Elizabeth came to the royal palace in secret.

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Although it was a sneak visit, it was only to come in a carriage without the family crest on it, so it was obvious to anyone who saw it, but, well, it was just not displaying the house in a big way.

“It has been a long time, Your Highness Vincent.
I am honored that you called on me.”

Picking up the hem of her dress, Elizabeth bows gracefully.

It is an abbreviated bow, with her knees folded deeply to show reverence, but she immediately raises her head.
The dress is a trendy, pretty design, not formal.

Elizabeth is showing us that this visit is a private, intimate meeting.

“Thank you for coming.
I just had to see you.”

“I was hoping to see you at the school, but it’s not often that I get the chance.”

Yes! That’s right.

I wonder if Elizabeth missed me as much as I missed her.
My mood soared and roses began to dance in front of my eyes.
I’m sure that if it weren’t for that novel, I and Elizabeth would have been much closer by now.

But if I bring up the subject of “Otohoshi” here, I’m afraid I won’t be able to stop myself, so I hold back and decide to change the subject.

“I’m getting a better response from academics than I expected,” I said.
“When I heard that Elizabeth was holding a study group, I thought I would like to learn from her.”

“I have nothing to teach His Highness Vincent,” said Elizabeth, “but yes.
I’m sure the two of us will have more fun working on this than one person.”

We are two of the best students in the world.
Elizabeth probably knows that this is only half an excuse.

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As Elizabeth said, I want us to have a good time today, and if possible, I want her to like me and be conscious of me.

I escorted Elizabeth out to the garden.
It was a beautiful day, as I had hoped, and there was no wind.
I didn’t have to worry about my notebook flying away.

I brought a desk and snacks to the pavilion by the pond and planned to study there.

All around us were colorful flowers that the gardeners had painstakingly put into bloom.
Elizabeth looked at each one with a smile, sometimes gently taking one in her hand to smell it.

Ah, an angel.

We reached the pavilion across the garden and immediately opened our notebooks.
But we didn’t make any progress in our studies.

Elizabeth’s eyes were glued to the sweets on the cake stand.

I laughed and told the maid to prepare tea.
Elizabeth has a sweet tooth.
That’s what’s so cute about her, just like other young ladies of her generation.
So when Elizabeth comes over, I always have a variety of sweet treats on hand, such as cakes, cookies, macaroons, and so on.

“I never expected her to come to the palace and suddenly offer a snack.

Elizabeth looks down at me shyly but doesn’t refuse.

It’s fine, studying is the name of the game.
And it’s sweet and sour to say that we got together to study but didn’t make any progress, which is also very pleasant.

We talked about our life at the school while eating sweets.

“I wondered if Edward had said anything to you.”

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“Master Edward, is it? The son of the Earl of Norden? No, nothing, but ……”

I casually ask my friends what they are up to and what they have been wondering about.

Edward did not seem to be approaching Elizabeth.
I thought he might say something to Elizabeth about her friends’ accusations against Miss Ulysses.
He seemed to understand that it was none of his business if he got that involved.

“I have never spoken to him directly before.”

He saw your portrait in my pocket watch and said he’d love to meet you.”

I tried to casually suggest that I had her portrait on my personal watch, but as expected, nothing struck a chord with Elizabeth.

“Well, I will ask to meet him next time,” she said.

“No, that won’t be necessary.”

Oh, no.
I denied it without a pause.

Elizabeth stared at me with a surprised look on her face at my harsh words.
The macaroon in her hand fell to the plate as she was about to bite into it.
Ah, she’s so cute …….

I tried to cover it up as quickly as I could, but I couldn’t think of a good excuse, so I honestly told her how I really felt, which she wouldn’t understand anyway.

“I don’t want you talking to other guys too much.”

“I’m sorry.
I am sorry that I was so indiscreet.
It is not right that I should be interested in another man when I am engaged to His Highness.”

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I knew it! I knew it! Elizabeth naturally was the best at defense and for me the strongest attack.

I didn’t want to be bad myself, but I saw a future where she wouldn’t understand me at all, even if I tried sweet-talking her, so I changed the subject again.

“I thought I had gotten used to life at the school, but it’s already been three months.
Time flies.”

“Yes, very fast.”

“We’ll be grown up soon, …… and married when we graduate.”

“Yes, we’ll have to spend every minute of the rest of our lives training to be King and Queen.”

I tried to tell her in a roundabout way that I was thinking about our future, but Elizabeth just nodded her head as if it were natural, without any hint of self-consciousness.

No, well, of course, we’ve been engaged for eight years now, so marriage is a given, right?

I’m glad you’re training to be a Queen, too, if you think it’s for my sake.
I’d like you to be a little more aware of your fiancée …… and not the engagement itself.

“Yes, and I think we should make the distance between us…..a little less.”

“Should ……lessen our distance between us?”

Elizabeth, who just can’t keep her voice down to match mine, is cute.

I looked into her amethyst eyes and made a serious face.
It’s time to show the results of last night’s “100 training sessions”.

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Here we go.

“From today on, …… when we’re alone, can I call you Riza?”

I looked into Elizabeth’s face and nodded my head, trying to look as elegant as possible.
I’ve been very particular about the width of the table for this occasion.
If it were too wide, she would not be able to see my expression well.

The carefully prepared mood setting, however, failed to break through Elizabeth’s natural defenses.

“Of course! May I call His Highness Vincent Vince as well?”


I felt my cheeks heat up as I received her radiant smile.
Elizabeth didn’t seem to understand my intention to shorten the distance between us, or my desire to have a name to call each other only when we are alone together, but my heart, which had been parched from the lack of Elizabeth for the past few months, began to come back to life.
I began to come back to life.

“And, of course, …… Riza.”

I stood up and called her name, and Elizabeth, or rather Riza, looked up at me and smiled.

“Yes, Your Highness Vince.”

Oh, ~~~~~~ marry me! Oh, we were going to.

Harold’s pitying gaze pierces my back, but I don’t mind it at all just now.
I think I am the happiest man in the world.

I vowed to protect this happiness and eliminate anyone who stood in my way.

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