xactly what I meant to say.”


 Really, Raphael would be perfect as a future aide if only he could fix his childish way of behaving.


“I’ll explore whatever Miss Ulysses has to offer if you’ll let me meet her…… Hmmm… I’m looking forward to it.”


“For God’s sake, you stay away from Elizabeth.”


“I know that too.
I’d love to meet Miss Elizabeth at least once, but it would have to be at your wedding celebration.
If we get that far, it would be as good as it gets, wouldn’t it?”


“Kek, marriage ……!”


 The unexpected word brings back Elizabeth’s smile from yesterday, and my cheeks heats up.
Rafael spotted the change in me and smiled with a hint of a misbehaveness, “Oh, well, something good happened.”


 Behind him, Harold is sighing loudly, not thinking of his master.

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“Do you have anything in mind? Nothing? Well, I’ll just try to find out who she is.”


    Shaking my head, I watched as Raphael turned and bowed in a distracted manner, and then I finally took a breath.


 Elizabeth’s bashful smile, which I must have replayed 10,000 times from last night, is still highly destructive for my heart.


 After seeing Raphael off, Harold returned with a glass in his hand.
I silently drank from the glass offered from him.


 The cooled water soaks into my hot body.
It is delicious.


“Yes, Harold.
I have a favor to ask of you too.”




“First, I need you to read through this…”


 I handed “Otoboshi” to Harold.
Harold accepted it with both hands and bowed.
Since this is a gift from the Crown Prince, he has to show he is grateful.


    And I realized yesterday, after reading it again, that the author is probably related to a nobleman.


 I read it again before giving it to Harold, and that’s what I found out.


 The book was received by the aristocracy because the characters who resembled me and Elizabeth were realistic, but there were many other details that only an aristocrat would know.

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 The scenes in the school and the coming-of-age party at which the heroine and the Crown Prince condemned their fiancée were described in detail, as if they had seen them firsthand.
It is impossible for a mere commoner to write this from imagination alone.
Unless he or someone close to him had actually lived in the Royal Academies.


“Try to figure out the identity of the author along those lines.
In case this was written by an aristocrat–“


“We cannot close our eyes to it.
It is a crime of impiety, and in some cases, a crime of state treason.”


 Originally, I had thought that the commoners must have added the outlandish setting to sell the novel.
But if it was written by an aristocrat with the intention of humiliating royalty, it could not be left out.


 And what if there were people who not only wanted to undermine but also intentionally made this novel popular and tried to tear apart the relationship between me and Elizabeth according to that scenario?


 I must make an example of them so that no one else will be so inclined.


“I know it will take a lot of work, but I’m counting on you.”


“As you command, Your Highness.”


 At that time, I was like a king.
I had the fire in my eyes, ruthlessly slaughtering the enemies who turned on the kingdom.


 Harold bowed as he received my command.


 –Who would have guessed?


 Who would have guessed that the author would be discovered by mere chance the following week, after having made such an ostentatious effort?

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