Meanwhile, back at Arias apartment.

Arthur and Aria were cuddled up together on the bed, in each others arms. Their faces were only a few inches from each other, with their warm breaths fanning on each others faces.

For some reason, they woke up at exactly the same time.

They slowly opened their eyes. Still sleepy and unaware of their surroundings, they remained still for some seconds.

Aria became fully conscious first and let out a muffled gasp as her brain took some time to figure out why there was a strange man was on her bed and in her face.

Arthur became conscious of his environment a few seconds later, and they both impulsively jerked away from each other to establish the boundaries that were initially present when they went to bed.

There was some tension in the air.

”Good morning! ” Aria said as she sat up and placed her foot on the floor.

She yawned with heavy eyes.

”Good morning! ” Arthur responded.

Little sunlight from outside that made its way through the milk coloured curtains on the windows cancelled out the hue of blue coming from the coloured bulbs hanging near the ceiling.

Arthur sat up and turned towards her. She had turned around, so he could only see her back.

Her skin was smooth and spotless, except for the tattoo of a date (20-02) and a broken-heart shape above it drawn on her right shoulder plate. He could see it because she was wearing a tank top she had put on the previous night.

”What does your tattoo mean? ” Arthur asked with curiosity.

Her mood suddenly turned darker.

He noticed that her demeanor had changed after his question and then added, ”If you don mind telling me. ”

She shrugged and turned to face him. Forcing a smile, she said, ”The tattoo represents the day my dad died. February 20th ”

”He died in an accident when I was 15. ”

”Ive had to live with an uncle since then until I got into college… then he abandoned me. ”

”Ive had to look after myself since college. ”

Arthur stared deep into her eyes. Her beauty was stunningly captivating. Especially under the morning sunlight that graced her facial features.

Her full pink lips moved so elegantly as she spoke.

There was an awkward and abrupt silence in the room when she finished speaking.

Her proximity to Arthur, and the emotional story about herself, coupled with the natural early morning boner that comes with being a guy, created the perfect combination for an intense lustful and erotic atmosphere.

He had completely forgotten to respond when she finished talking. He was too busy analyzing the pretty face of the hot and sexy damsel sitting in front of him.

In order to conquer the lurking temptation of kissing her, he dislodged his gaze from her face rather nervously.

”Why are you looking at me like that? ”

She casts a suspicious look at him while trying to repress the smile that was about forming at the corner of her lips.

She seemed to have a clue of what he was thinking.

”Nothing. ” Arthur said, shrugging defensively.

He chuckled softly.

”What is it? Why are you laughing? ” Aria asked him.

He heaved a deep sigh.

”W- well… Its just that… ” He stuttered.

”Im in a strangers bed, Im in an unfamiliar part of town, I didn go to work yesterday, nobody knows where I am, I ate junk food for dinner, and Ive been drinking tap water since I got here. ”

”I think this will make the top 10 wildest things Ive ever done. ”

Arthur was trying to lighten the mood and get rid of the erotic awkwardness in the air before he does something stupid.

Aria laughed hard, flinging her head backwards.

”You rich kids are all the same. You mean to tell me that youve never drank tap water all your life? ”

Arthur shook his head.

”No, not really ”

”Well, theres always a first. ” Aria said, bringing her laughter to its cadence.

”Would you like some breakfast before you leave? I can make you coffee. ” She said as she got up.

Arthur was about standing up but he hesitated.

It turned out that his hard-on was having a hard time deflating. This time, it wasn natural. It was a result of staring at Arias curvy ass as she stood.

”Yeah, coffee would be good. ” Arthur said, still sitting.

He didn want to have another awkward moment with her, probably noticing and staring at his crotch.

Then she might be offended, thinking he was having dirty thoughts about her or wanted to take advantage of her current emotional situation.

She went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for him.

At several intervals throughout his stay in Arias house, he kept pondering on what he was still doing there up till that time.

But he often just shrugged it off, telling himself she was just a friend and there was nothing wrong with sleeping over at a friends place.

After what seemed like forever, his junk finally cooperated with him and shrunk down. So he went over to the kitchen to help her out.

They made the breakfast together while chatting and then went to the living room to eat.

When they finished eating, he stayed a while before declaring his intentions of leaving.

He enjoyed her company so much and didn want to end. He was missing her already and wanted to spend more time with her.

”Alright, I gotta go. I have to get to work. ”

He finally got up from the couch and opened the door before stepping out. She followed suit.

Thankfully, his car, which he had parked outside all night, was still intact. Judging by the rumors he had heard about this neighborhood, it wouldn have surprised him if they had burgled the car during the night.

Arthur proceeded to his car and then turned around to Aria. ”Don forget to come over to the office tomorrow with your credentials, so we can find you a job. ” he said.

Aria nodded softly.

”Thank you, sir. ” she said.

Arthur got into the car and zoomed off.

He went to his house to have his bath and freshen up before going over to the office. It was almost noon, so he was already very late. But then his dad owns the company, sooo….


He got to the building, the gigantic twenty five storey building that belonged to Brookland Corporations.

He took the elevator up to the floor where his office was, and in the lobby leading to his office, he saw Amelia in her seductive outfit, sitting on the waiting bench.

She looked up, away from her phone that was in-between both of her hands, and they locked eyes.

She stood up and walked towards him. Arthur halted and sneered at her.

”What are you doing here? ” He roared angrily.

She paused her motion towards him after noticing his countenance.

”I came to see you. ” She said, forcing a remorseful tone.

”I told you its over between us. What don you understand about that? ” Arthur retorted.

”Come on, babe, lets talk about this. ”

She tried to proceed forward again, but Arthur matched her motion and retreated backwards.

”I told you I never want to see you again. ”

”Its over. ”

”Ive been thinking about this for a long, long time, and Ive made my decision. ”

”I don need you in my life. ”

Amelia continued trying to get closer to him, but he kept avoiding her touch.

”Come on Arthur. Weve been together for a long time. Don do this to me now that I need you. ” She whimpered.

”Please leave now or Ill call the security. ”

Amelia thought he was bluffing, so she still stayed, and continued to make advances towards him.

At this point, Liam came in and saw the drama.

”Please get the security. ” Arthur asked Liam.

”With pleasure. ” Liam clasped and rubbed his hands together excitedly and went to get them.

The security guards came in hastily.

”Please get her out of here. ”

The order was coming directly from Arthur this time, so they proceeded without hesitation.

”Don touch me. Im leaving. ” She snapped.

Amelia saw that she was about to be escorted out, so she struggle past the guards and made her way out of the building herself.

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