en weird to have sex with someone I just met. ”

Liam on the other hand, didn think it was weird. He has had several hookups with different women before.

He wasn so much of a dating guy. Most of his life, he has always had to work hard and study and struggle to survive, so he never had an orientation to date.

”So, do you like her? ” Liam asked, raising a brow.

”Well… I don know her too well yet, but I like her company. ” Arthur said, shrugging.

”Bro, if you love being with her always, then it means you like her, so make your move before its too late. ” Liam advised.

”Since when did you become a relationship instructor? ” Arthur asked him mockingly.

”Last time I checked, you don even know what being in a relationship feels like. ”

Liam chuckled elegantly and said like he was a motivational speaker, ”The coach is not always a player. ”

They both burst out laughing at his attempt at being a relationship counselor.


The next day…

Aria arrived at Arthurs office for her interview, as they had scheduled.

Arthur opted to interview her himself.

The both of them were in his office together. He went through her CV for a few minutes before putting them on the table.

Throughout the time he was going through her papers, he was constantly nodding his head in approval of the contents of the documents.

Arias CV was magnificent. She was a smart girl just like Arthur, thus another reason he became fond of her.

Arthur was very smart and enjoyed communicating with people who had a high intellectual capacity.

Clearly, she was going to get the job, and not just that, she was qualified to get a prominent position in the accounting department of the company. Thanks to her impressive CV.

After Arthur finished scanning through her documents, he put them down on the table and raised up his head to the same level with hers.

Her beauty was astonishing. Her dark hair complimented her beige complexion. She had a straight nose and thick, pouty lips.

She wore a fitted Ash coloured gown that calls to attention her slender busty figure that seems to do a good job of turning Arthur on.

Of course, it wasn just her brains that made Arthur like her. Her beautiful, sexy body was part of the heart capturing process.

”This is very impressive. ” Arthur said, after reviewing her documents.

”Thank you very much. ” She replied with a warm smile.

e definitely going to get a wonderful position in accounting. ”

”Your CV is so impressive. Im scared that you may even take away my job from me. ” Arthur said, over complimenting her.

She grinned from ear to ear, as her face flushed with red in timidity.

”Oh stop. ” She giggled.

”Im not joking. ” he said.

”With such qualifications as this, I wonder why you were working in that restaurant in the first place. ”

A trace of sadness displayed on her face.

She sighed.

”Its complicated. ”

”Well, maybe you can find the time to uncomplicate it for me. ”

”Perhaps over lunch. ” he added.

”Sure. No problem. ”

”I would love to do that. ”

He stacked her documents together and bundled them up in a file. He took out the telephone and sent for his secretary.

She arrived in a few seconds.

”Here. ”

”Take these documents. ”

He handed over the file to her.

”Prepare her employment contract documents for the position of assistant accounting consultant. ”

”Have them ready as soon as possible. ” He added.

”Okay, sir. ” the secretary took the file and exited the office.

He stood up and said, ”Shall we? ”

”Where are we going to? ”

e going for lunch. ”

She smiled and stood up with him.

They both walked out together to the VIP dining hall where Arthur usually has lunch, made specially for senior staff of the company. The place was beautiful and lush.

The expensive chandeliers hanging below the ceiling gave the hall an aesthetically pleasing look. The furniture there was custom made and very luxurious.

The waiter immediately walked over to their table after they sat down to serve them. He took their order, and they started chatting.

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