The meeting went well.

Arthur is now an official member of the board of directors. His dad even handed over to him some shares in the company. Not just some I mean a lot. In fact, he now has more shares than some of the old board members, and that gives him significant control over the company.

Its been a long day for Arthur. All the meetings and handshakes, and paper signings, and speeches… made him very exhausted.

A 2019 Bentley Mulsanne pulled up slowly inside the compound. Arthur and Mr. Jacob stepped out of the car almost simultaneously.

”Congratulations. ” Mr. Jacob said as they walked up the steps leading to the main entrance of the exquisite mansion. ”I know youll make us proud, son. ” He smiled and patted Arthur on his back.

”Thanks dad. ” They walked into the house.

”Im going upstairs. ” Arthur said, and walked ahead towards the stairs.

”Alright son. ” Jacob said.

Arthur went up to his room and jumped straight on the bed. So tired. All he needed right now was a cold shower and dinner.

He pulled out his phone from his pocket and pressed the power button, making the screen light up brightly.

He just remembered that his phone had been on do not disturb mode since he left for the office. He has 14 missed calls and 3 text messages, all from Amelia.

She can be really needy at times. He tapped on the messages to view them.

Amelia: Arthur where the hell are you? I have been calling you since forever.

Amelia: What the fvck is wrong with you? You haven even called me today.

Amelia: Arthur, are you snubbing me? Why aren you answering me?

Frustrated Arthur. He layed on his back with his arms spread out and his phone in his right hand. Still contemplating on what to do or what reply to give her, he let out a heavy exhausted sigh.

He looked back at the phone screen and hesitated before dialling her number.

He knew what was coming, and was in no mood for an argument. Amelia can be real paranoid sometimes.

The phone rang for a few seconds, and then Amelia picked up the phone.

”What the fvck Arthur? ” Her voice came screaming in.

”Ive been calling you for hours– Why didn you pick up the phone? Or even respond to any of my texts? ”

”Fvck you Arthur. Don you know you
e supposed to call me everyday to check up on me…. Don you ever snub me again. ”

She continued rambling, and rambling….

Unknown to her, Arthur had already placed his phone on the bed a few inches away from him, to avoid hearing all her ramblings, as it would enrage him the more.

”I could just tell her its over right now and get this over with. Now the rage in still fresh in my mind. ” He thought to himself.

But he couldn . He wanted to do it to her face.

”Are you done? ” Arthur picked up the phone and talked, after sensing that she had stopped her nagging.

”Well, for your information, Ive been at the office since morning. ” He continued.

”And I didn even see your calls because my phone has been on do not disturb– So you see, theres no reason to be all worked up. ” He rolled his eyes.

”Oh– really?, ” she said in a calmer voice. This was one also one

”I just thought, you were avoiding me like you used to do in college. ” She said in a bid to defend herself. ”Its not my fault. ”

Oh, so she knew that he was truly avoiding her.

Arthur heaved another heavy sigh.

”You know what Amelia. Lets have dinner tomorrow. Theres something I want to tell you. ”

He had stopped calling her babe for some time now, but surprisingly she didn pick up on that.

”Better! so you can apologize for ghosting me. ” She said.

”Ill pick you up by 5. ” He said and hung up the phone.

Its funny how Arthur sets up meetings and dates just to break up with someone. Most people would just drop it on the person, without a single care.


The next day.

Arthur picked Amelia up at her house and lets her choose a place where they can have dinner. She picked a fancy restaurant where she usually eats, so they drove there.

She kissed him on the cheeks when she got into the car, but Arthur tried his best to surpress the urge to return the kiss.

It must be very difficult for him because she had a very sexy dress on. Black skinny jeans and a crop top. He didn want to fall for her charm, so he looked straight ahead throughout the entire ride.

They finally got there and found a vacant table close to the wall.

”What would you like to have? ” a pretty waiter came and stood by their table to take their order.

They picked up the menu and glanced through its contents. Amelia ordered chicken noodle soup, and Arthur ordered the cheesecake.

Amelia took out her phone and began to fiddle with it while waiting for their order. Meanwhile, Arthur was deep in thought, trying to compose the lines he would use for his breakup.

The waiter returned with a large tray in her hand, snapping Arthur out of his thoughts. She layed out the plate of cheesecake in front of Arthur, and the bowl of soup in front of Amelia.

”would you like champagne? ” She asked with a warm smile.

”Sure, get us a bottle. ” Arthur responded.

She left briefly and came back with the bottle of champagne and two champagne flutes.

She set the flutes in front of them and poured out the champagne in the glasses. As she poured out into Amelias glass, her hand slipped and she spilled some wine on Amelias laps.

”What the fvck? ” Amelia yelled at the top of her voice.

”Are you crazy? ” She said, as she landed a hot slap on the waiters face.

”Amelia! ” Arthur stood up trying to hold her put.

The waiters held her cheek in pain as she trembled.

”Im sorry ” she managed to mutter while sobbing.

”Sorry my ass– you did that on purpose ”

She tried to land another slap on her face, but Arthur caught her hands mid-air.

”Why did you do that? ” Arthur yelled at Amelia.

”She started it. This good for nothing waiter is so stupid. She spilled the wine all over my body. ”

She continued yelling, drawing the attention of everyone in the restaurant. The manager came out at the sound of her voice to find out what was going.

The waiter ran out sobbing profusely as Amelia continued to rant.

She threw a fit and yelled at the manager for employing such an irresponsible person.

”Im so sorry about that miss, well do something about it– please continue your meal. ” said the manager, apologetically.

”You better do something about it, or else Im not coming here anymore. ” Amelia said, as she sat down with an enraged look on her face.

The manager left. Arthur was still standing, looking dumbfounded at what just happened.

”Amelia, did you have to overreact? It was just a small spill. And besides it was an accident. ”

”Well, she deserved it. Next time, shell be more careful when serving important people ”

She rolled her eyes, crossed her arms and pursed her lips.

”You know what Amelia? I can do this anymore. ”

”Im breaking up with you. You
e so rude and arrogant. You feel everybody should worship you just because you parents are rich. You are bossy, obnoxious and annoying. I can continue to be bullied by you. Don ever call or talk to me anymore. You need to learn some manners. ”

Arthur picked up his phone and keys from the table and stormed off, leaving Amelia confused at what just happened.

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