The Billionaire’s Future Ex

I can\'t do this anymore

The next morning.

Arthurs room was brightly lit by the penetrating beams of light through the curtains, from the early mornings rising sun.

Arthur woke up from sleep on his white king sized bed with the thick white duvet rumpled around over his lower body. A flash of last nights events rippled through his head, causing him to squirm and contort his face in rage. He put the pillow over his face and groaned loudly into it.

Last night was another failed attempt at breaking up with Amelia. He was supposed to do it when they got into the car, but ended up kissing her instead.

On the other hand, he just realized that it was a terrible plan from the start. He sighed. ”Im such an idiot. How could I plan to break up with someone right after seeing a romantic movie thats entirely about love? ” He gritted his teeth.

The last time he tried to break up with her was right there in his room. But before he could say anything, she threw herself at him and they landed on the bed and ended up sucking each others face off, and in no time, clothes were off. He was already pumping in and out of her pleasure hole.

He didn like Amelias attitude or her personality, but whenever he looks at her pretty face, her amazing jawline, her perfect body, he just couldn seem to control himself. Something about her just gets his libido humming.

Breaking up with her was going to be tougher than he imagined. Of course it would mean no more sex for him, but he just has to do it. Her personality is too toxic for his liking.

Arthur is a nice and humble guy. Despite his fathers wealth, he still remains down to earth. He doesn care for all the luxury and power.

Amelia on the other hand is sometimes very haughty and overbearing.

In highschool, she was a typical bully. Because she was in the high society in highschool, she constantly bullied other poor kids, discriminating and tagging them as worthless and beneath her league.

It wasn surprising though. She was the head of the cheerleading team, her family was one of the richest in the school, she was dating the star of the basketball team (Arthur), and she had bodyguards following her everywhere and a whole lot of other luxuries at her disposal. So what would you expect?

It was clear that all that power went straight into head and she became mean to almost everyone. Arthur didn like it though. He was so calm and caring. Its possible that he got it from his mother, Patricia Miller.

Moreover, Amelia just didn challenge him on an intellectual level, so it was such a drag for him. Arthur was a smart guy, and had a really strong affinity for smart people.

He couldn break up with her in highschool because everyone always thought they were the perfect couple, including his friends. They even won the Prom King and Queen title.

In college, he avoided her a lot. He always told her that he was too busy, and that was why he couldn spend time with her, that was usually his excuse.

Truth be told though, he was always very busy studying. He took his academics very seriously. That was why he graduated summa cum laude.

Right now, he has to think of a way to breakup with her easy. Inasmuch as he wanted to let her go, he didn want to hurt her feelings too bad.

The beep and vibration snaps him out of his reverie. The phone on top of the table, beside his bed lights up signaling a text message.

Its Liam, Arthurs friend. They became friends in college, and it turned out that Liam also lived in California where Arthur lives. They both graduated together and they were really close friends, so Arthur got him a job in his fathers company.

Arthur picked up the phone and tapped the screen to open the message.

Liam: Hey dude, whats up?

He read the message, and clasped his two hands behind his phone with his thumbs hovering over the wide screen to type in a reply.

Arthur: Im good man. Just woke up.

Liam: Thats cool man. So how did you break up date go? 😉

Arthur: Bro… It didn go well 🙁 I couldn do it. We ended up making out.

Liam: Man, you gotta get this over with, once and for all. The longer you wait, the more difficult itll be to actually do it. Anyways, today is saturday, you coming to the basketball court?

Arthur: Thanks man. No I can come in for training today. Dad is having a meeting with the board of directors today, and he wants me to tag along. I think he wants to officially make me a member of the board. He has been on my neck since forever.

Liam: Wow, congrats man. Thats good news.

Arthur: No, its not. I Don know why my old man is in such a hurry to put me in charge of the company so much. Hes gotta chill.

Liam: Whatever you say man. I gotta go, Take care.

Arthur: Bye.

He placed the phone on the table and got out of bed. He has to prepare to leave for work with his dad. Arthur has been under pressure by his dad to start overseeing the companys activities, but Arthur feel its not the right time yet.

However, Mr. Jacob Miller thinks its better for Arthur to start early so he won be caught off guard. After all, he is going to be taking over from him in the near future. Besides, he may be retiring soon.

Arthur has tried protesting in the past about not wanting to head the company. At least not now or anytime soon. His argument being, he is still young and has a whole life ahead of him and doesn want to waste his youth wearing suits and signing papers for the rest of his life.

Unfortunately, none of his protests has ever worked. His father always plays the You have to take responsibility and be a man card, and that works everytime. It leaves Arthur feeling guilty and ungrateful for his comfortable life.

So he decided to just give in. ”Well, I think Dad has a point. ” He would say, comforting himself. ”I have to be able to take care of my younger brother and my parents in the future. And I wouldn want all of dads life work to suffer all because of me. ”

He had his shower, put on a black armany suit, and headed downstairs to the living room to find his dad.

”Arthur. Arthur ” his younger brother came running towards him and grabbed his legs.

”Hey big boy ”

He ruffled Ashers golden blonde hair playfully. They both have the same hair color.

In fact, if not for the obvious age difference, youd think they were twins. They look so much alike. Asher is 7 years old.

The two brothers stood there chatting, and then a few minutes later Mr. Jacob walked in. He is wearing a navy blue suit. He has a full beard but not too bushy. His tall and bulky physique gives him a confident and intimidating look.

”Hello boys ”

He said while adjusting his tie around his neck.

”Are you ready? Arthur. ”

”Yes Dad ” Arthur responded.

He helps his dad with his brief case and they both head out together. Damn… the two of them walking side by side in suits makes them look so elegant and sexy.

Arthur with his wavy, golden blonde hair and smooth skin. His clean, wrinkleless suit and spotless shoe. Damn. So sexy. He could pass for a model.

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