In the morning.

Arthur woke up and quickly remembered his plan for today. It was like his brain had been waiting eagerly for the break of day.

For some reason, he was keen on meeting up with the waiter from last night to check up on her.

However, it may be as a result of the fact that he felt subconsciously guilty for what Amelia had done to her. He felt he could have done something to prevent Amelia from assaulting the innocent human being without reasonable cause.

He hurriedly sprang out of bed and went into the bathroom to brush his teeth and have his bath.

He finished quickly and rushed to the closet to pick out an outfit for the day.

This was supposed to be an apology mission, so he didn need to put on something too formal, expensive or rather intimidating. So he thought.

He grabbed a black jacket,a white t-shirt with a flowery pattern, and a pair of black jeans.

So much for looking casual. Everything he wore were all expensive designer brands. Who exactly are you fooling Arthur?

He finished dressing up and dashed out of the house. He got into the car and zoomed off, headed for the restaurant where they had dinner.

He arrived at the restaurant in a flash, and walked in. He walked up to one of the waiters around. She was carrying a tray in her hand, so he called her attention and spoke to her.

”Good morning Miss. Im looking for… ” He stretched the last word for a few seconds before coming to his realization.

He didn know the name of the waiter that served them the previous day or who she was. The only flaw in his otherwise perfect plan.

His face contorted in confusion, as he thought hard to remember details of last night so he could try and give a description instead.

e looking for who…? Sir? ” The staff responded.

”Well you see, I was here last night with my girlfr– my EX-girlfriend. ”

”And Im trying to find the waiter that served us. ” He continued his explanations, gesticulating with his hands as he did so.

”We sat over there. ” He pointed.

”She had dark hair and brown eyes. About five foot six. ” He stared at her intensely, waiting for an immediate response.

”We have a lot of waiters hair with that description, sir. As you can see, Im also dark haired and brown eyed. So if you can be a little bit more specific by telling me her name, thatll be helpful. ” She said politely.

Arthur stood there with a distressed look on his face. There was no other information he knew about her. That was all he had.

”Okay, do you have a picture book or something? You know with photos of all your staff. ” Arthur asked.

You could hear the distress in his voice as he spoke.

The lady sighed. ”Im sorry sir, but I really have to get back to work. I can be seen standing here chatting with you. I may lose my job. ” She said trying to push her way through him, and turning her head from left to right, on the lookout for her boss.

”Okay wait. ”

He pulled out his wallet and brought out a hundred dollar bill raised it at chest level so she could see it.

”Just help me out. Its really important. ”

The waiter looked around again, shook her leg and grunted nervously before letting out a tired sigh.

”Fine, but just five minutes. ”

She grabbed the hundred dollar bill, dropped the tray on the empty table nearest to them and said, ”Just sit down and wait here. ”

She walked towards the counter, and went through a door behind it.

Still on the lookout, she went to the door of the managers office. Beside the door was a framed notice board with little pictures of all the staff of the restaurant on it, along with their names.

The picture of the manager was at the top with photographs of other higher staff members in order of hierarchy.

The waiter grabbed her phone from her back pocket and took a picture of the board discreetly, and put it back into her pocket. Then she went back out to the dinning hall to meet Arthur.

She brought out her phone and sat close to him.

”This is a picture of everyone that works here, so who are you looking for? ” She said, unlocking her phone and placing it in his hands.

Arthur pinched on the phone screen to zoom in and view the pictures more clearly. He scanned through the faces on the picture carefully.

”Shes not here. ” Arthur said shrugging.

”Well, theres nothing I can do. Thats every single soul who works here. ”

”Why are you so interested in finding this person anyway? ” She asked curiously, raising a brow.

He sighed. With the disappointed look on his face he replied ”I just needed to apologise to her. ”

”She accidentally spilled some wine on my girlfrie– I mean my ex-girlfriends laps yesterday, and she slapped her. ”

The disappoinment in Arthurs face grew bigger as he spoke.

”She wasn supposed to do that. It was an accident, and besides it was just a little wine. It wasn a big deal as she made it look. ” Arthur said.

”Oh! Do you mean Aria? ”

The waiter exclaimed with her eyes wide open.

”Was it at your table all that commotion happened yesterday? ” She asked.

”Yes, you know her? ” Arthur replied, as a glimpse of hope reappeared on his face.

”Yes. She was fired last night by the manager after everything. ”

The little hope that was already resurfacing in Arthur was shattered to the ground.

It turned out that Amelia was a frequent customer at the restaurant, so the manager would rather fire Aria than to lose one of his best and richest customers.

Also, the scene Amelia created couldn be overlooked by the management, so they had to let her go.

”What? ” Arthur exclaimed in shock.

The guilt he was feeling before was now doubled.

The innocent girl was fired because of him.

”Please how can I reach her? ”

The waiter collected her phone from Arthurs hand and unlocked it. She swiped on the screen a few times and placed the phone on the table.

She tore out a piece of paper from the small jotter that she tucked in her pants waist band, placed it on the table, and scribbled some things on it that she copied from the phone.

”Thats her phone number, and thats her address. ” she said, pointing at the scribblings on the piece of paper.

”Thank you very much. ” Arthur smiled at her and took the piece of paper.

He folded it into his jackets front pocket and stood up to leave.

He was determined to apologise to the waiter for everything and probably make things right no matter the cost.

”She received a slap and also lost her job and it was my fault, ” he pondered.

”But I must find her first. ”

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