At the Johnsons Villa, things were gradually becoming different than as it used to be before.

Most of the servents and staff working at the mansion had been laid off. Nearly all of Mr Clark Johnsons vintage luxury cars had been impounded.

Just as Mrs Ann Johnson had said, they were slowly losing everything.

Meanwhile, Amelia was still miserable and depressed from her breakup— sorry, I mean, being dumped.

Coupled with the news of her familys current situation, she felt her whole world was crumbling over on itself.

She did not leave her room throughout yesterday.

The next morning, she woke up thinking. Her pillows were stained with tears.. She tried so hard to convince herself it was all a dream.

So she decided to go and see Arthur. Perhaps it was all in her head. Maybe he didn mean it.

She never expected Arthur to break up with her. She always thought they were the perfect couple.

The only time she had doubts about their relationship, was during college when he used excuses of studying to avoid her. But now, he wasn going to classes anymore, so she knew exactly where to find him, so he couldn avoid her even if he tried.

Whenever he had work to do and couldn see her, she would throw a tantrum and make sure he spends all his with her always.

She got up from her bed and went into the bathroom to wash up, and then put on some heavy make-up and a very sexy outfit, more than she usually wears. She wore a black off-shoulder top that showed her cleavage, and Jean bum shorts.

It was obvious that she enjoyed using her body to get whatever she wanted from him.

She was about to go to his office to see him, so she needed all the hot she could get.

She went downstairs, to the large garage inside her fathers mansion that was now almost empty. The garage used to be filled with many exotic cars, but now there were only few.

Amelia got into her white BMW X Power M and drove to the Brookland Corporations building.

At least she still has her car.

She got into the building, and on her way to Arthurs office she bumped into Liam, Arthurs best friend.

The both of them have never liked each other from the start. The only reason they tolerated each other was because of Arthur.

Amelia, due to her ego and condescending nature always hated the fact that Arthur was best friends with someone who was not in her status. She disliked anybody that was not in the same class with her. Liam was also black, and she had some level of racism in her, so that increased her hatred for him.

While Liam hated her for always being full of herself and picking on him because he didn come from a rich family. He always avoided any environment that she was present in.

Sometimes, he would even leave Arthurs house if she was also there.

That was why he was advocating intensively for Arthur to break up with her. And now that he finally did, he was thrilled.

”What are you doing here? ” Liam asked her condescendingly, as she tried to storm past him to get to elevator.

She didn know that Arthur had already told him that he had broken up with her. But since he had the guts to talk to her in that manner, she kinda figured it out.

Arthur texted him the very night it happened that he had finally done it, and he congratulated him on it.

”Are you crazy? ” She asked him, rotating her index finger over the side of her head, gesturing a crazy person.

She was annoyed at the fact that he had the guts to ask her that question.

Normally, Liam wouldn talk rudely to Amelia. He wouldn even engage with her when she insults him, out of respect for Arthur.

But now that they
e broken up, Arthur won give a damn what he says to her.

”How dare you ask me that question Liam? ” She added, furiously.

Liam chuckled lightly.

”Last time I checked, you don work here. And unless you have an appointment with someone, Im afraid you have no business here. ” Liam said fiercely, with a straight, intimidating face.

Liam has waited for this moment ever since he met Amelia. He could finally defend himself against her mocking and condescending comments to him.

Luckily for Amelia, the news about her fathers company had not spread widely to the general public yet.

Imagine what Liam would do to her if he found out that shes not as rich as she used to be, and can no longer brag about her familys fortune.

Woah! It would be brutal for her.

”Get out of my way. ”

Amelia tried to shove past him, but he blocked her.

”Do you want to lose your job? ”

”If you don get out of my way right now, Ill tell Arthur that you molested me. ”

Liam laughed hysterically.

”Do you mean the same Arthur that dumped you? ”

She gasped in shock. Her speculation was correct. He knew.

”If you must know, Arthur is not in the office yet. He didn come in yesterday too. ”

”Hes probably out celebrating your departure out of his life. ” Liam said.

Arthur have been at Arias house since yesterday. He couldn come to work because of his apology mission at Arias house that ended up turning into a sleepover.

e lying. ”

Amelia screamed at him and tried to push him away to get into the elevator.

”Security! Security! ”

Liam raised an alarm while trying to prevent her from going through.

Two security guards in uniforms arrived the spot hastily.

”Please get this woman out of here. ” Liam ordered, pointing at the door.

The two security guards stood still and exchanged glances at each other, confused.

The problem was, nobody else knew that Arthur and Amelia had broken up. It was still a recent development, and the three of them were the only ones who knew about it and also Amelias parents.

Even Arthurs parents didn know about their breakup yet.

So the security men were afraid when Liam ordered them to send her out.

They didn want to get fired for assaulting the bosss girlfriend, so they hesitated.

Amelia sensed what was happening, and knew that the guards wouldn touch her.

So she stared down at Liam with disdain, and pushed him out of the way and went into the elevator.

She got to the floor where Arthurs office was, and found out that his office was locked and nobody was there.

Liam who was racing behind her, got to the floor and out of the elevator.

”I told you that he was not here. Why are you so stubborn? ” Liam said, walking up to her.

”Then Ill just wait for him. ”

Amelia rolled her eyes in contempt and walked to a seat by the wall. She brought out her phone to keep herself busy.

She was determined to wait there until Arthur arrives.

Liam couldn do anything about her anymore. The guards were afraid of her. Because they thought she was still Arthurs girlfriend.

If he tried to force her out he would end up creating a scene, so he gave up and let her stay.

He let her win this round, but next time, he wouldn be so lenient with her.



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