Chapter Five

It was another Friday. Richard was already exhausted with the pretense. He always tried to act well but most times he faulted. He blamed himself for always faltering, but then, he deserved some respect from people since he was doing things that were opposite to what he believed in, especially when it came to humanity.

He wondered why she couldn keep her hands to herself. She loved finding excuses to enter his office no matter how little. He had almost lost his temper the day before when she had touched his cock.

Her audacity irked him. He had managed to move her out of his office. How would he continue like this? In just a few days, he was already tired of it. He hadn even thought hed last a whole week here but here he was sitting down flipping through the pages of another ”document ”

How many more documents did he have to go through? He turned to the stack of documents on the shelf. He hadn gone halfway through them and yet they were piling up for him.

How did Adam cope, working like this? It was so boring to him. He missed preparing food for people in the restaurant.

The restaurant even now lacked attention because he was trying to give his all to this work. He couldn afford to make more mistakes in the coming week and that was why he had to cool off at the club before going home.

During the weekend, he already had so much work lined up for him. He had to go through the documents and make sure he memorized the necessary before Monday. He could do it. He just had to encourage himself.

Richard had made so many mistakes since he resumed work on Monday. Even the staff had noticed it and were talking in whispers.

He overheard them. He almost walked in on them talking about him and his evident change. Someone had cleared her throat to alert the others and they had dispersed, some pretending to look for something.

He needed to do something about it before the rumors escalated into another thing. The media couldn be brought into this. He wouldn sell his family to the media cheaply so he had to work harder.

Richard hoped Adam would wake up soon. He would be free from these shackles and he was sure his brother would be happy to be back in his company, to his ogling secretary.

After a hard day of calling almost every employee by their names except some mistakes, Richard was finally ready to go to the club. He sent a message to Ledger to bring the car around.

Then he cleared his desk and arranged the most important documents into his bag. Then Richard strolled out of the office after switching off the light.

He also ensured he closed his office well.

He was actually relieved to go there. Cooling off the steam after such a day wasn so bad.

”Take me to the club directly. I don need to change, ” he said to Ledger who nodded and negotiated a bend immediately.

He wondered if this was how Adam felt whenever he rode to the club. In no time, they got to the club. Traffic was minimal.

Ledger held the door open for him as he alighted. There had been no need for him to change since his clothes were still ok.

He adjusted his tie,collar and checked his face. He was good to go.

”Enjoy sir, ” Ledger said with amusement in his tone.

”Thank you Ledger, ” Richard strode into the club immediately. He just needed to have some shots and leave immediately. He couldn gallivant around with all the ladies. Only if…

Richard turned his head to see her. He blinked to ensure he was seeing well. There she was like she had landed from heaven. She was here staring at him. Again.

Rita was back to the club. She was given another chance to get things right. The man had seemed so upset when she told him of what had happened.

He seemed in dire need of the document. She understood, that was why she was here. She just hoped that things went well. She sat there waiting for him to come. And that was if hed come.

What if he found her out? What if he chose that night to not visit the club? What if he had known who she was and vowed never to come here again?

So many thoughts were in her mind. She steadied her jittery hand as she waited for him after ordering alcohol to calm her tense nerves. It was like walking into the lions den. Again. Even when you knew youd get hurt, but you had to go because your bone was tucked under his tail.

You could either go or go. There was no choice about it.

If she could act well tonight, she would not have to tell a story at all. It would be a win-win situation for her and the man since shed collect her money.

In a night, shed be a millionaire. Suddenly the hairs on her back stood. Rita didn want to understand what was going on. Why was her body acting up when?

That was when she saw Richard come in. Rita released a gasp. He was here already. She was relieved and also troubled that he might not look her way.

It was rumored that Adam Smith never slept with the same girl twice. How would she find her way into his bed if he didn want her twice? This wasn a mask party.

She watched him take his seat while she tried calming her nerves. Rita looked back at him. She caught him staring at her.

Look away! she warned herself.

However she was lost in his eyes. He looked handsome and tired. She wanted to relieve him of his stress but that was impossible. She picked up her drink and waited a bit before turning back to look at him.

To her surprise and delight, he walked straight towards her.

”Hi, ”

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